A Twilight Fanfic

By Sylamesio123

Full Summary: Edward Cullen has always been very popular. He is captain of the basketball team, president of student council, and most importantly he is amazingly good looking. Girls fall at his feet like he is a god. What no one knows is that he is in love with Bella Swan and wants to be with her, but Edward and Bella both already have significant others. And…Bella is the biggest punk and unpopular girl in school. Bella just happens to have just broken up with Edward's punk and nerdy brother Jasper. Edward just happens to be going out with Bella's popular—yet mean and stupid—sister Rosalie. But in this school, you stay with your own clique… or else. But Edward really doesn't want to give up op on what his heart feels. Can they find love in a world where their paths aren't aloud to cross? ALL HUMAN

Based loosely on 10 things I hate about u-- LOOSELY

Chapter 1: An ordinary school day


I didn't really care about how they looked at me. I didn't really care about how they talked about me. And, I really didn't care about how everyone thought I was a freak.
Or at least I pretended not to care.

At least I had Jasper. Jasper was probably the most understanding and amazing person I had ever me. When I talked, he listened. When I cried, he dried my tears. He was my savior.

I wouldn't exactly fit into the category of normal. I didn't really plan turning out like this. Actually it started a long time ago, right before high school. But the past was the past and that was four years ago. I still hadn't told anyone about it…

I didn't have a lot of friends since all I wore were baggy jeans, and all I listened to was rock. It wasn't like that was wrong. But it was in their eyes. Alice Janson was my best friend, and Jasper was my boyfriend. I had a couple of other friends, but none of them were near to how close Alice, Jasper, and I were.

Siblings. We all had siblings. Jasper had Edward. Edward Cullen. He was the most popular guy in school, and all he did—or so it seemed—was pick on me. If I did anything in his eyesight he would find away to make fun of me for it. This led me to my sister, Rosalie, who also joined in on the insulting. She was probably the worst sister a girl could ever have. All she did was lie about things I did. Once she spread a rumor that I had gone of to Juvenile Hall for a month. Yeah, right. I hadn't broken the law once in my life.

I looked over, breaking my train of thought, to see Jasper examining a skateboard. I didn't pay much attention to what the skateboard looked like, though this was his favorite thing to do. We were down at Andrew's Skateboard Shoppe down on 45th street. I was more of a car person, but Jasper loved to board to school. Sometimes we race—me in my Chevy and him on one of his many skateboards. Most of the time I won, but on occasion he did too.

I laughed when I saw that he was so deep in thought he didn't even see me look over at him, and he was exceptionally observant. I took his concentration to my advantage. I snuck up behind him, my hands in claw shapes like a monster.

"Boo!" I whispered as I put my hands on his shoulder. He jumped and dropped the skateboard. Any other person would have been extremely mad, but Jasper just laughed. He was so happy-go-lucky, but his did care what people said about him. He didn't act like it—just like I did—but I could see it in his eyes that it hurt when they called him things.

I smiled, as did he, as he picked up the skateboard, put it back on the rack, and turned around to face me. I smiled as he crushed his lips softly to mine. I kissed him right there in the store and I could see the eyes of everyone around us boring into my back. I laughed onto his lips as we broke apart and stared into each other's eyes.

I looked down at my watch and gasped. We were going to be late to school. The bell would be ringing in just five minutes and we were at least ten away. My eyes looked up to see Jasper's carefree face staring at my watch, still smiling. I sighed, knowing that he didn't care if we were going to be late. As long as we were together, we were fine.


Not that I cared, we got to school fifteen minutes late, courtesy of Jasper's deep blue eyes. They kept me so distracted I kept tripping when we walked to school. I hated that I was such a klutz. Edward knew I hated it too. It was one of the many things he made fun of me for.

I grabbed Jasper's hand and walked into our English classroom, interrupting our teacher mid-sentence. He scowled and pursed his lips. He pointed to a seat in back and one right in front of him, indicating that he was separating Jasper and me. I sighed angrily and headed for my seat, which coincidentally to be next to Edward Cullen.

I put my shoulder bag down next to my seat and plopped down into my chair. I looked over to see Edward smirking at me, his mouth open ready to insult me. Luckily the teacher, Mr. Bentley, started class before he could say anything.

I didn't pay attention to the lesson that day; I just looked ahead to the front of the class where Jasper was sitting next to Alice, my best friend. I also couldn't help but notice the bit of lust in her eyes and his.

Edward leaned over to whisper something into my ear, his warm breath slithering down my neck. I was really glad my sister wasn't in this class. "I walked into the boy's bathroom yesterday and found them making out in the bathroom. Just thought I would let you know."

And for once I couldn't help but believe what Edward said to me. I could see it in their Jasper's eyes that this was true. I would have confronted him, but I was much too sneaky for that. I would have to catch them in the act, that would be better.

Oh, well. I was just going to have to sit through class knowing that my boyfriend's mind was on another girl's mouth, not mine. I would also have to endure Edward's comments for the rest of the hour.


The class went by very quickly to my surprise. Jasper ran up to me when it was over. Edward was already gone—to make out with my sister was my guess. "Bella," He almost stuttered, "I have to umm…talk to…a ummm…teacher. So I can't walk to class with you, okay." I simply nodded, making myself believe him.

As he walked out the classroom, as did I, I couldn't help but feel that I really had to use the facilities.

For some reason my gut told me to go to the upstairs bathroom, which I did. I walked up the stairs slowly, ignoring my protesting bladder. My legs could barely move. For some reason my muscles were stiff as if something was very wrong.

Finally I reached the bathroom door and readied my hand to push it open. I took a breath, reassuring myself that I could possibly see something horrible in a bathroom. Wasn't I right?

No, boy was I wrong.

Ages and last names:

Alice Janson: 17

Jasper Cullen: 18

Edward Cullen:18

Bella Swan:17

Rosalie Swan:17

Emmett Cullen (TB introduced): 17

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