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Behind Fake Smiles

Chapter One:

"Camera Stand By!"

"Lighting and Background Effect Okay!"

"Actors Ready!"

"D. Gray Man Episode Twenty Three: Vampire's Isolated Castle, Act Ten and... Action!"


"I… love you, my sweet Alasdair." A blonde woman whispered, her eyelids slightly closed. Her body was frozen and she couldn't move. She smiled at the man beside her and slowly closed her eyes. "I'll love you always... as my vampire…" Her body fell lifelessly to the floor, the man known as Alasdair watched her as rain poured over them.

"Sir Alasdair…." A white-haired boy approached the sobbing man and knelt beside him. "Sir Alasdair… are you alright?" He asked trying to find out if the older man was in any pain.

"I… destroyed Elisa… Nell! I don't… I don't have anymore strength to live." Alasdair clutched his hand. His sobs and gasps grew even louder. Tears streamed from his eyes like the rain falling around them. Nell's eyes fell on the lifeless woman beside the sobbing Alasdair, her expression was visible, it conveyed happiness and contentment.

"Your right arm is injured." The white-haired boy spoke turning once again to Alasdair who held the woman Akuma near him.

"This… If I drink Akuma's blood again it would heal," He laughed nervously. "I've become such an unbelievable monster. I've been involved in the death of someone close to me… I want to die!" The white-haired teen's eyes widened, silence fell over the two. Nell bit his lip and grabbed Alasdair by his collar.

"If it hurts you that much, then become an Exorcist. We Exorcists destroy Akuma, you destroyed the one you called Elisa. And if you continue, that will be the reason why you destroyed her… as long as you have a reason you can live. You are an apostle of God, that is enough proof for you to go on!"

"N-Nell," Alasdair cried even more and threw his head down. "I'm afraid…."

"I can't deny that I am not afraid," Nell gave a weak smile. " I know it's sad and painful to be an Exorcist but I am happy with my life, I am happy with the path I chose because I know my own reason and I'm going to stick with it up until my last breath I won't regret that I became an Exorcist."

"W-what is your reason then?" Alasdair asks.

"My reason?" Nell smiled. "I want to save both Humans and Akumas, I want to become a destroyer who can save anybody."


"And Cut!"

"Great job everyone!"

'Phew!' Allen sighed in relief as he stood, smiling at his two co-actors. They were all proud that it was finally done. Some of the crew handed them towels and congratulated them for finishing yet another episode. The director, a blond Chinese man named Bak Chan and his assistant, another Chinese man named Samo Han Wong approached immediately, wide smiles evident on their faces.

"Walker, Crowley, Eliade, Nicely done!" The director patted Allen on the back and stretched out his hand to both Eliade and Crowley.

"Thank you!" Was Allen's automatic reply.

"We've finally finished episode twenty three. I thought it would take us a week to finish this because of those plant props." Bak scratched his head, sighing in relief from a problem that was solved. "Good thing the graphic department was there."

"Yes." Wong agreed.

"Mr. Bak, is this our last take for today?" Allen asked, he felt exhausted from all the work he did. Acting was tiring in Allen's opinion, much more tiring than singing. He felt like taking a refreshing hot bath, probably because of the rain effect they put up and because it was starting to get cold. Bak nodded and excused himself, along with his assistant, from the three. Crowley and Eliade did the same, leaving the white-haired teen alone. Allen then reached for his mobile phone from his pocket and smiled. 'Maybe I should call Tyki.' He thought to himself as he dialed Tyki's number.

Allen, although he was cold, waited patiently for the phone to be answered. He sat at one of the seats reserved for staff and actors, one hand holding his phone to his left ear and another on the towel wiping his wet hair. Allen couldn't be more excited to tell Tyki that he has finished another episode.

Tyki and Allen have been dating for two years now. Though Tyki could be cold and rude, Allen still loved him. Occasional love spats were quite normal for them. Allen, despite the fact that Tyki was the one who causes problems, never ceases on forgiving him. Allen's friends pitied the young star and wished that Tyki would just go away from Allen Walker's life. They tried convincing the young teen to break up with that man but Allen simply refused. He told them that he loved Tyki Mikk much more than he loved himself and if he would lose him then its better off for him to die. Allen's friends could just pray that Tyki Mikk would stop hurting Allen and he could love him the way Allen does.

After seven consecutive tries of calling his phone, Allen gave up and decided to call Tyki's home. Somehow he knew what was to happen next.

"Uhm Hello? Tyki I—"

"Hey its Tyki, I'm currently out right now, sorry you can't get through. Leave your name and your number and I'll get to you. BEEP!"

Allen fell silent. His smile quickly faded, he paused for a moment and spoke.

"Uhm… Hi Tyki. I tried calling you several times on your phone but you didn't answer so I decided to call you here. Well… I-uhm, we just finished shooting another episode!" He laughed nervously, trying to sound happy. "I miss you, Tyki… I haven't seen you for so long now… I really miss you." He whispered, only Allen and the answering machine could hear.

"I love you… Bye." Allen quickly pulled away from his phone, biting his lip and wondered if Tyki was… avoiding him. Allen shook his head, almost dropping his phone in the process. Allen thought that if he did something bad this time, he didn't want to anger Tyki and lead them to another fight. Allen shook his head again and shut his eyes, convincing himself not to think that way.

"Allen-kun?" A familiar dark green-haired girl drew near him. Allen's eyes widened, recognizing the voice that was calling him.

"L-Lenalee…." He forced a smile.

"Hi Allen-kun, what are you doing?" She asked, and sat next to him looking curious.

"I— uh was calling Tyki." He replied, wiping his face with the towel. Lenalee frowned at the sound of the man's name.

"Oh… aren't you cold?"

"No, I'm not." Allen sneezed and sweat dropped knowing that he lied. Lenalee chuckled in the process.

"Come on, you should change. I'll walk you to your dressing room." She stood, smiling at Allen.

"No! No! It's okay I won't get lost." He nervously laughed. "And besides I know you're busy too."

"Seriously, Allen-kun I know you too much! I'm also done for today so don't worry about it, Come on!" She stood and pulled Allen to the door.


The two trailed off to Allen's dressing room. Lenalee patiently waited outside for the white-haired teen to finish changing into his dry clothes. The girl knew Allen very well, she knew about his problem with his boyfriend, she secretly hated Tyki and pitied Allen, so she did everything she could to make him happy. She also knew that Allen was burying himself with work so that he could ignore his thoughts that Tyki was avoiding him. Lenalee Lee was the sister of the President of Dark Organization Productions, Komui Lee. A sweet and caring nineteen-year-old girl who treated everyone like family. Since Allen was younger than her by a year, she treated him like a younger brother and was always there for him.

Allen couldn't wait to go home and rest, he was exhausted after all. Allen grabbed his bag and opened it, revealing his change of clothes. He then disappeared into the bathroom door and came out several minutes later in a stylish black jacket and pants that matched with his cap and sunglasses, he also wore a pair of leather knee high boots. The white-haired teen packed his things, getting ready to head home. He hung up his costume in the closet and opened the door, noticing Lenalee was still there.

"Lenalee, I thought you were leaving." Allen blinked.

"Well… I was thinking, could I ask a favor from you, please?" Lenalee sweetly smiled. Allen raised an eyebrow and scratched his head.

"Sure, what is it?" He gave out an exhausted sigh and smiled. Lenalee immediately grabbed Allen's two hands and stared at the younger teen's eyes.

"Could you accompany me? I wanted to get Komui-niisan something nice and I don't really know what would look good on him, so I thought if you would come with me then at least I can get an idea!" She giggled making Allen sweat drop again. "Oh please say yes!" 'Well so much for getting home early to rest, I was thinking of calling Tyki once more but— then again he might not answer me. Oh well at least I won't be alone again.' Allen told himself.

"Sure." He nodded, the dark green-haired girl then pulled Allen to the nearest exit and they made their way to the building's car park.


A male figure walked along the dirty alleyways of downtown Green Meadows. He appeared to be a young man in his early twenties. His messy red hair was held by a black and green bandana. He yawned and scratched at the sides of his green eyes as he walked past shops. He held a paper bag filled with groceries and hanging from his back was his blue knapsack. He hummed a famous tune as he walked by a television store. Stopping in his tracks and watching the person being featured, he grinned.

"Allen Walker, it would be better if your smile wasn't a fake." He spoke so that only he could hear. He smiled once again and stretched out a hand to touch the glass covering of the store display.

"Hey! Lavi." A man's cheery voice called him. The redhead turned to see who was calling and scratched the back of his head.

"Yo! Mr. Johnson." He said eyeing the almost bald man who had called his name.

"On your way back home, I see." He says, pulling a bag of garbage out from his shop.

"Yeah" Lavi grinned and turned his attention on the television in front of him. The almost bald man beamed, observing the younger man's attention had shifted.

"You… like Allen Walker, eh Lavi?" He stated, trying not to laugh. The younger man's eyes widened, a faint blush in his cheeks appeared upon hearing the name.

"Uh, it's Mei Ling who likes him." Lavi coughed as he regained his composure.

"Ha! I see! I see! Little Mei Ling likes him." Mr. Johnson patted Lavi on the back and joins his laughter. "Oh by the way, how is she doing?"

"She's doing fine, Mr. Johnson." Lavi answered, trying to calm himself. "Well I should be getting back… it's going to be dark soon." He stated.

"Okay, say hi for me to Little Mei Ling!" The almost bald man waved as Lavi walked in another direction.

The street lights were lit one by one, it was near sunset. Lavi sighed as he advanced further into Evergreen Street. Stopping in an old building, he quickly turned the metal knob of the wooden door. He inhaled deeply before saying…

"I'm home!"

"Lavi-niichan welcome home!" A little dark brown-haired girl suddenly appeared and ran towards Lavi, her arms widely opened and a smile on her face. The older man knelt and hugged his little sister.

"Hi Mei-chan!" He patted the little girl's head.

"Lavi-niichan, can I carry your bag?" She asks, making Lavi blink.

"Nah! I can carry it, don't worry."

"But I want to help Lavi-niichan!" Mei Ling pouted.

Lavi and Mei Ling, although they weren't really related by blood, treat each other as siblings. Five years ago on a cold snowy winter night, as Lavi came back from work, he saw the little girl unconscious and freezing to death. Without hesitation, he carried her to his apartment and took care of her. From that day on they were together. Lavi really had no family of his own, probably that's why he ended up in downtown Green Meadows, one of the slums of the city. He worked multiple jobs but never found a stable one. He was able to live in an old apartment complex in downtown Green Meadows, thanks to an old Chinese man, named Pahn Dah Jiji. He stays there along with other boarders that seem like his own family now.

"Sure, but that is if you could carry it." Lavi handed the bag to his little sister only for her to be squashed by it. Lavi couldn't help but laugh at his little sister. Mei Ling gave up sometime later and decided to carry the bag of groceries instead.

"So what did you do today?" Lavi asked, climbing up the staircase of the apartment building along with Mei Ling.

"Awhile ago I did some fortune telling and… uhm…OH! I watched D. Gray Man with Grandpa Jiji!" Mei Ling squealed acting like she just saw a person whom she really liked. 'I knew it…' Lavi sweat dropped.

"What happened this time?" Lavi popped another question and made his sister's eyes sparkle. D. Gray Man has been Mei Ling's current interest for the past month. Actually it's been on the hot seats for the whole year now. According to Mei Ling, it was first popularized by a Japanese comic and has since been adapted into an animation. After being such a huge hit, not only in Japan but also in other countries, an international production company, D.O. Productions decided to make a live-action movie series of said comic, which was now on going. This had made Mei Ling's liking into an addiction and she had dragged her older brother with her.

"Oh you should have seen it! Keisei-sama protected Nell-sama from that goofy Akuma!" She replied, her eyes sparkling even more.

"Keisei Ryou?" Lavi scratched his head and received a glare from the little girl.

"Yeah, the one who called Nell-sama a bean sprout." She giggled, stepping onto the next step.

"Hmm… can't remember who he is." Lavi sighed. He somehow regretted that he had not watched it with Mei Ling. At the start, Lavi did not really enjoy watching it because it was too simple for him. Usually he would prefer something involving suspense and action or a comical film, but something in that movie had caught his eye.

"Lavi-niichan, are you okay?" Mei Ling asked, and Lavi quickly regained himself.

"Y-Yeah." He replied.

"Are you really sure?" The little girl pouted again.

"Yes" He nodded.

"Are you really, really sure?"

"Yes I am."

"Really, really, really, a hundred percent sure?"


"Are you day dreaming about Allen Walker again?" A voice from behind him asked.

"Yeah I am," Lavi paused, he blinked in stupor before he understood what he had just said. A blush quickly crept onto his face and he almost lost his balance, luckily, he got hold of the wooden ledge of the staircase. Mei Ling started to laugh loudly.

"Lavi, you really do like Allen Walker, come on, admit it." He heard the voice again. This time it seemed quite amused. Lavi popped a vein and quickly turned to see where the voice came. The voice appeared to have come from one of the boarders, a small woman with slightly orange hair, she wore a purple Chinese hat that matched her silk garment.

"No Fou I don't!" He sneered, Fou and Mei Ling laughed at the redhead's expression.

"Oh did I hear right? Lavi has a crush on Allen Walker."

"Yes, I think I heard it too."

A pair of voices joined them. They were the other boarders, two Chinese men by the names of Likei and Chaoji, Lavi popped another vein as he caught sight of another pair teasing him.

"Not you too, Likei, Chaoji!" Lavi groaned.

"Yup! You heard right. Lavi-niichan is thinking about Allen Walker again." She stuck her tongue out at her older brother. Lavi gave her a 'you're-so-dead-later' glare.

"Told ya! Lavi, admit it." Fou said, a smirk visible on her face.

"It's not like tha—"

"You three give the kid a break…." Jiji appeared, puffing a smoking pipe. The old man was smirking at him.

Lavi was secretly thanking the old man that had come to save him from those three. He was about to crack and yell but it was good that he came just in time.

"Aw! It was fun teasing him. We almost got our revenge." Fou said.

"Yeah, you're such a spoil sport, Jiji-san." Likei frowned and walked to his apartment door.

"Lavi, I'm not done with you! You hear me!" Fou ran to her apartment, leaving Mei Ling and Lavi sweat-dropping at her drama. Jiji only sighed, thinking of the idiocy of his boarders.

"Jiji-san, thanks!" He grinned. The old man nodded in reply and trailed off to his apartment. Lavi and Mei Ling did the same, and trailed off to their home.

It was almost seven thirty in the evening when Lavi started to cook. Mei Ling softly sang one of Allen's songs while waiting for her brother to finish cooking their dinner. Lavi, although he was cooking, was listening to his sister.

I understand them,

I understand your feelings
I'm telling you this from my heart
Rather than with these kind words
I want to send you this song

I like you to see the cherry petals as they fall

They are dancing under the spring sun

Look! Look at them!
All I can do right now is...
To send this song to you...

Lavi could not help but smile, hearing the song that his sister was singing. He believed that every single word of every song had a meaning that the singer wanted to express. In this case, Allen wanted to express this gratitude to the people who supported him.

"Lavi-niichan… can I ask you something?" Mei Ling asked as she finished the singing the current song.

"Hmm?" Lavi replied while chopping some vegetables.

"I just noticed, Nii-chan. Allen's songs used to be so happy before and now…they're kind of sad. Do you think he's okay?"

Lavi's eyes widened and he paused. Mei Ling blinked as she noticed her brother's movement stopping, only to hear a sigh from him.

"Well, I don't know," He quickly said and resumed his cooking. Lavi knew that Allen Walker was trying to say something but was unable to say it directly. Lavi could only pity him, he knew that whenever he would smile, it was always a lie. Lavi knew that Allen was wearing a mask to hide what he really felt. He was not sure though how he saw it but no matter how he looked at him, he could only see a boy that lied to himself and his feelings.

"Mei-chan," Lavi turned to his sister. "Let's just hope he's okay."


"Allen-kun, are you hungry?" Lenalee asked, turning to her companion who was holding a lot of paper bags.

"Huh? No…." Allen's stomach grumbled. 'Is my own body against me?' He thought to himself. Lenalee could only laugh at Allen's expression, though it was hidden because of his sunglasses and cap. She could see right through the younger teen. She knew if he was happy or sad, whether he was hungry or not. She knew Allen too well.

"Well let's eat then, don't worry, it's my treat." Allen nodded and followed Lenalee.

The dark-haired girl led him to an Italian restaurant in a corner of the shopping mall. Allen felt himself become even more exhausted and tired, but somehow he forgot some of his problems. He had to secretly thank Lenalee for asking this favor from him. He was able to forget his problems with Tyki and enjoy life once again.

Moments later, a waiter approached and handed them menu cards. While waiting for their order to arrive, Allen took out his phone, wondering if Tyki had received his messages. 'Tyki… are you really avoiding me? Please… don't.' Allen stared at his phone.

"Allen-kun?" Lenalee shook the younger teen's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Oh sorry!" He forced another smile as he slipped his phone to his pocket. "I kind of spaced out." He said. Lenalee smiled weakly.

"Allen-kun there's something I've been wanting to ask you." The dark-haired girl looked at him straight in the eye. Allen felt somewhat uncomfortable, he was used to seeing a cheerful Lenalee, not at all like the one who was being so serious right now. Still, Allen remained calm.

"What is it?" Lenalee paused for a moment, thinking of her question carefully before speaking. She really wanted to ask him if their relationship was going well but she already knew the answer. Oh how much she wanted to tell the boy again to leave that man, a person like him does not deserve Allen. His pure heart and innocent soul deserved much more than that, he has suffered already and that was enough.

"Allen-kun… how does it feel to be Nell Quipster?" Lenalee grinned as she eyed the white-haired teen. She could not do it in the end, she could not tell him that. Allen was surprised, he had expected Lenalee to ask something about him and Tyki, but she asked about something else instead. Nell Quipster, the protagonist of D. Gray Man? Allen wanted to laugh but he chose to remain calm.

"Uhm… tiring, I guess. It's more tiring than singing." He gave a weak laugh and fixed his sunglasses to prevent them from falling off. The green-haired girl giggled.

"I watched you guys from the set last week. You guys were awesome!"

"Oh thanks." Allen smiled. "You were too, when you broke that Kamurin with the dark boots."

"It's only because the special effects department made it cooler but I like Rina's character." Lenalee smiled. "It was so dramatic when Keisei protected you from that Akuma, he was already injured and he still blocked that attack!" Allen sweat-dropped. "Keisei Ryou really matches up with Kanda-kun. He's really good." Allen nodded.

"I don't really like Keisei Ryou's character…" Allen spoke.


"He called Nell a bean sprout and a gutless worm, plus he's arrogant, rude and he always threatens Levi with his Mugen." Allen snorted. 'He's like you and Kanda-kun.' Lenalee thought to herself and giggled.

"Oh you've read the new script?" Lenalee asked.

"Yeah but I heard they have a problem with Levi's actor so we're going to move on to further episodes."

"What kind of problem?" Lenalee asked, noticing that their food had already been served.

"The one who was supposed to play Levi's character doesn't want to dye his hair red, his manager also said that there's going to be a conflict in his schedule if he plays the bookman apprentice, Levi." Allen got a cup of tea and sipped a little.

"Oh, so that's why Brother and Bak-san are troubled." Lenalee and Allen sighed.

"But I guess the show is still going to push through." Allen smiled as he sipped again.

"Yeah, speaking of conflicts in schedule, I heard you're having a concert again."

"Well yes." Allen replied as he started to eat his food.

"Gosh, when I asked brother if you were busy, he really meant it." Lenalee frowned.

"I am busy but I have to thank Anne-san for fixing my schedule."

As the two ate, Lenalee tried her best to make Allen forget about his problems for the moment. She wanted Allen to be able to smile like he used to. She wanted to see it again, that radiant smile of his. Even just a glimpse of it was enough for her; just to know that the Allen she knew was still there.

The white-haired teen knew about Lenalee's plan, he knew that she lied about her favor just to make him forget about his problems. Lenalee always acted as his older sister, and for that he could not be more thankful to her.

After finishing their meals, the two decided to call it a day. Allen drove the dark-green haired girl back to her house. It was almost ten o'clock in the evening when they arrived. Somehow Allen wanted to thank Lenalee for inviting him to do this 'favor' for her brother, it served as a break from his busy life.

"Lenalee, thanks…." Allen spoke as he stopped by the gate of her house.

"For what Allen-kun?" She blinked in confusion.

"For inviting me to take a break from my busy life." He gave a faint smile. The girl's eyes widened, 'How did he know?' Lenalee asked herself but she did not mind as long as he was happy.

"It was nothing, Allen-kun." She replied with a smile. "And besides, I think you needed it." The girl opened the door of Allen's car and got off. Allen decided to help her with her shopping bags as she got them out from the back trunk.

"Before we part, can I ask you something?" Lenalee spoke.

"Of course." He shut the back of the car's trunk. Lenalee hesitated before she spoke but decided it was best for Allen to think about these things. No matter how painful it would be, he really needed to think things over.

"I know it's kind of awkward, but please think about what I'll say." Allen looked surprised. "Are you… are you really happy with Tyki, are you really happy to spend your life with him?" Lenalee spoke bitterly. She had been avoiding this topic all day and now she was the one who brought it up. Lenalee could not help it anymore, she really hated Tyki Mikk for doing this. She wanted Allen to realize that Tyki was only playing with him. She wanted to tell him these words, and yet…

"I am." Allen replied simply. Lenalee could not be more stunned, Allen was willing to sacrifice everything for that man. Lenalee wanted to cry but she could not, would not, she needed to be strong. She was worried for Allen but she could not do anything more since love was her enemy in this battle.

"Don't answer this so simply! I know that you've been suffering all this time—"

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine!" Allen yelled, the girl gasped in surprise, holding herself from crying. "I love him and that 's not going to change…" Allen clenched his fist. He had known this would come, Allen knew that Lenalee cared for him. He liked her as a sister but when it came to Tyki Mikk, she was plain annoying. She meddled in his life, and Allen found that very irritating. "Look, I appreciate what you're doing… but please don't interfere with us anymore. I know you're worried about me, and I know that you know what's happening to us, but I'm begging you, stop involving yourself." Allen quickly strode to his car.

"Allen-kun! He's… He's just toying with you! Can't you see that?!" Lenalee covered her mouth, she had not meant to blurt it out. She just said the very thing that she was trying not to say directly. Lenalee could no longer hold back her tears. They were flowing with sadness and pity for Allen. There was an awkward silence between them, Allen stopped in his tracks and looked straight at her. Lenalee gasped once more, all of the teen's rage just moments ago had gone. There was no trace of the person who had yelled at her. Only that smile… that pure smile was seen on his face.

"If that is what Tyki thinks of me then… I won't mind, I will still continue to love him." And with that, the white-haired teen drove away, leaving a sobbing girl under the dark night sky.


When Allen returned home, he was very troubled. Lenalee's words kept haunting him, as if his conscience was telling him that he lied when he said he did not mind. He wanted to bang his head on the wall and pass out. His thoughts were driving him crazy, he wanted it to go away… he wanted to scream and break things. His head ached as if it was about to split open from frustration. He wanted to get away from it. He wanted it to stop…

"Hello… Allen." Allen's body stiffened, he knew that voice and he knew who that was.


End of chapter

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