Summary : Ayame tries to bond with Yuki but what happens when Akito comes to Shigure's house? How will Yuki react?


Brotherly Bonding?

It was quite in Shigure Sohma's house until…

"Oh, Yuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkiiiiiiiii!!" Ayame's voice ran through the house.

"Oh hello Ayame!" Tohru beamed.

"Hello princess can you tell me where I can find Yuki?"

"He should be in his room. It might not be a good idea to go in there though." It was too late because Ayame was already up the stairs and to Yuki's room he opened it and said "Hello Yuki."

'I should have locked my door' Yuki thought.

"How are you today Yuki?"

"Tired, leave me alone." Yuki said as he pulled the covers above his head trying to block Ayame's voice.

"I can't do that Yuki."

"Why not?"

"Because we are going out for the day." Yuki pulled the covers off of his head and looked at Ayame.


"Aaya I didn't know you were here." Shigure said.

"Hello Shigure. It's been far too long hasn't it?"

"Yes it has Aaya. Well Yuki aren't you going to get out of bed?" Yuki suddenly realized something.

"You called him here didn't you Shigure?"

"Now what gave you that idea?"

"No one else would have called him here other then you Shigure."

"That might be true but don't you want to do something with Ayame today?"

"What are you hiding?"

"Oh nothing."


"Ok, I'll tell you just please keep my house in one piece once I tell you ok?"

"I will keep no promise now tell me."

"Ok, Akito is coming over later today." Yuki had a look of shock and fear mixed in his eyes.


"We don' t know. Just hope its not to erase Tohru's memory."

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