Ello, Ello! Yo! Top of the morning to ya! What it is? Word up! Kay…I'm do- RAISE THE ROOF! Okay. NOW I'm done. So… well OBVIOUSLY there are little Kung Fu Panda stories, and even more obviously, there is an even smaller amount of Po and Tigress stories so… Warning, slight Viper and Mantis cause…Well cause.

A Dangerous Disease

"How do you feel?" Viper asked.

"My head hurts, my stomach is going Monkey style, and my hurt feels like it's trying to EXPLODE!" Po yelled, wiping some sweat from his head.

"Okay Po, what happened?" Mantis asked. He then jumped on to the panda's back and then to his shoulder as the Dragon Warrior played with his fingers, nervously. "Well…uh…Ya see…"

"Po, you can tell us anything," Viper smiled. "We won't laugh; make fun of you, or anything like that."

"Atleast she won't," Mantis whispered, only to get a tail whacking his head. "I mean, yeah pal!"

"Okay…Ya see Tigress-"

"Attacked you?" Mantis asked.

"No. She-"

"Yelled at you?" Viper asked.

"No. She-"

"Insulted you?"

"Humiliated you?"

"Attacked, yelled, insulted, and humiliated you?"

"Attacked, yelled, insulted, humiliated, a-?"

"NO! She…she said nothing."


"It was weird! Ya see it all started this morning, just a few hours ago!" Po began as his flashback took place.

That Morning

"And here's the spot where the Furious Five sleep and relax!" Po explained as he guided a small group down the hall.

"PO! Why are these people in here?" a loud voice yelled. Master Shifu walked over and glared at his larger friend and the party with him.

"Uh…well…Ya see Master Shifu-!"

"Po was giving this tour around the temple! It…Is…AWESOME!" a child cried out, jumping up and down and letting his arms fly about.

"Po! These people. Out. Now," the red panda ordered, squinting his eyes.

"Sigh. Yes Master Shifu," Po bowed. "Okay, head on out guys. I'll see you at the door to give you your refund."

"Can we still keep our souvenirs?" one boy asked as he pulled out Master Monkey's pants, while another pulled out Master Crane's hat, and another took out the Invisible Spear… or not, it was hard to tell with the last one.


"Don't worry! The Five won't notice!"

"Hey! Where's my hat?!"


"Then again…"

"Sigh…Return the items on your way out," Shifu groaned, leading the group out. As the group walked out, Po reached into his pockets to reveal two handfuls of gold coins.

He then let out an upset sigh and put the money back into his pockets, but one of the coins slipped out.

It hit the ground, and Po's foot landed on it, causing the Dragon Warrior to slip and fall back, breaking the paper wall.



"Tigress? AHHHH! TIGRESS!!" Po screamed as he realized the position he was in. He was laying on his back, with an upside down view of an almost naked Tigress. The Master of the Tiger style must have just come back from training, because you could still see sweat on her body, and her top was off and a copy of her clothes lay on her bed to replace her sweaty ones.

Tigress quickly covered her chest with one arm, while using the other to hold her pants. Her mouth hung open and her eyes became dinner plates, as Po's did the same. After a few seconds though, everything clicked.

"TIGRESS! OH GOD! I'm sorry!" Po yelled, covering his eyes with his hands. "I didn't see anything! Uh… not that your not hot! I mean, I would love to look at you! NO! Not in a sick, perverted way! I mean, you are incredibly sexy! NO! I meant that you're beautiful! NO! I mean, you're not horrible! No, that's not right either! I mean… you are very beautiful, and I'm sure you can get plenty of guys' heads turning! I-I-I mean…what I meant to say was-"


"Yes?" the panda asked, opening one eye to see Tigress was now fully dressed.

"Out. Now."

"Y-yeah, okay. I'm out!" Po yelled as he quickly fought to get up. "Uh…Tigress? Help?" Po asked. He then felt a hand grab his own and he was pulled, making the tiger and panda meet face to face. "Um…thanks."

"You're welcome," Tigress replied, tooken back from the sudden closeness between her and the Dragon Warrior. She then looked down to see their hands were still intertwined. She quickly pulled back and bowed. "Excuse me, Dragon Warrior."

"Uh…yeah…" Po whispered, as Tigress walked off.


"What do you think?" Viper asked.

"It's obvious. He's got'It!'" Mantis loudly whispered.

"'It?' What's 'It?!'" Po asked, suddenly worried.

"Po… you have an extremely dangerous disease," the small green insect explained. "It will endanger you, and everyone you know."

"Mantis-" Viper began, but was cut off.

"Viper, I gotta tell this to him straight… Po…"








"Okay! You're in love… with Tigress it seems…"


"Po?" Viper questioned. "Are you okay?"

"Morning Monkey," Crane said.

"Morning," Monkey greeted.

"Have you see Po and the oth-"


"What was that!?" Monkey asked.

"I don't know! But it came from the palace! Come on!" Crane ordered as the two raced back to the palace.


I just realized… who's taller? Po or Tigress? Oh well. R n R!