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Chapter One - Disturbia

Am I scaring you tonight
Your mind is in disturbia
Ain't used to what you like

Tap, tap, tap.

Her heels clicked against the floor like an old typewriter. It was in a rhythmic and staccato manner. Walking on the smooth marbled flooring was a rite of passage. She was a 'secretary' to the CEO of Uchiwa Inc. It was a private firm that dealt mostly with private military contracts, but had a front as a private investigation firm.

Long blonde hair was a sign of her rank. Field agents often had short or bound hair while her long flowing ponytail was a sign of her authority.

She pressed the power button and instantly her computer monitor started up. A confident smile adorned her face, "good old hibernation." Logging into the mainframe she paused to switch networks. Moving the cursor with a finger she logged into the international server.

It took her a moment to access the right files, but she grinned, navigating around the current pending downloads. Her boss was still using the 10 gigabyte per second link to download operas from the Met and straight from La Scala. Clicking 'ok' for two of the three she rejected the third and then found her documents.

Hot off the press from Germany, she downloaded them onto her terabyte drive and then proceeded to print them with her boss' printer. After wiping her external hard drive clean of the document, she put her reading glasses and proceeded to scan them for the important facts. Her boss would expect a full run down of the thirty page report to be concise and ready to be presented when he arrived.

Alright, Ino was not really a secretary, but it was her official job title. In actuality she was the Operational Director of the Interrogation and Torture sector. Her chief 'underling' as she liked to call him was Hyuuga Neji and he was the Head of the Interrogation and Torture sector. Ino knew he thought he was the chief poo-bah.

She labeled the opera files and then dragged them into the correct folder called 'Computer Wallpapers'. High quality operatic solos in the morning were not her idea of thrilling at 6A.M. Ino opened her external hard drive and tossed in the password. Her password was the second final algorithm in solving a Rubik's cube. She put on some club pounding beat and sat back.

"Good morning, Ino-chan," greeted her co-worker and best friend, Hyuuga Hinata. The soft-spoken young woman was easily one of the most formidable people in the area. She was the younger cousin of Hyuuga Neji, Ino's best 'underling'. Hinata was the head PR person and was very good at her job. Her head of department was Haruno Sakura.

Ino smiled, "good morning, Hinata-chan, why are you here so early?"

The purple haired woman placed her jacket on the back of her chair, "Uchiha-san asked me to come in and have a stern lecture with this newspaper who's getting too involved."

Hinata's own long purple-ish hair was a sign of her Hyuuga roots along with her pale eyes. Both were traits that identified them as being from the Hyuuga family. Hinata's father was on the Advisory Board and had been for many years. It was only natural for his daughter and nephew to follow in his foot steps.

Ino continued her typing and pulled up her favourite gossip rag in the tabs of her browser. While still scanning the report she jotted down the last bits of information and flipped to the back.

"Thirty pages of legal and technicalities," she muttered, "bullshit."

Hinata grinned, "yeah, yeah, apparently Uchiha-san's younger br-brother is still getting into trouble."

Ino's ears perked up, even as a seasoned veteran of war at twenty-five, she still had an ear for gossip. "How so, Hinata? Sakura dumped him already; she wasn't ready to give up her job yet. I heard Itachi's thinking of sending her to Tsunade out at Tri-Hospitals."

Haruno Sakura had been dating their boss' younger brother for a while until it came out in the tabloids that 'Uchiha Sasuke, famous for being in Hebi is dating his older brother's employee.' Hebi was the name of the production company they were in. Sakura had been brought up to Itachi's office the afternoon after the story broke out and in a week the couple was broken up.

"He was out with another Hebi member, K-Karin. Apparently he left her at the table in five minutes," Hinata said quietly.

Long hair eyed the elevator as she could hear it whirr to life and drop back down to the thirtieth floor, "he needs better people."

Ino quietly finished her report and stood when the elevator doors opened, "Good morning Uchiha-san." Both women stood and Ino stepped in line behind her boss.

"The report from Germany came back. I think we should not be involved directly. Their information comes from uncertain sources and most of it is just opinion. It is unlikely for us to be sure of our mission if we choose to deploy troops onto their borders," Ino said, her blonde hair now down flowing around her shoulders. Her ponytail was gone because Uchiha Itachi had once made a comment on how she looked better with her hair down.

Itachi nodded as she handed him the actual report, but with her own additions and edits in the margins. There was also a page typed up of basic facts and other problems that she elaborated on based upon what she had read in the report.

Hinata and her took seats opposite his desk and waited patiently. Their boss was one of the original Akatsuki who were led by Pein and Konan of Amegakure Facilities which was owned by the government of the United Rain Country. Akatsuki Ltd. had fallen out of operation a long time ago when the members had split and formed their own companies.

"Ino, Hinata," he looked both girls in the eye, "there is a…Akatsuki meeting. I need you two to come with me." Itachi gave them both a look.

Ino tried to back track, "um, maybe Neji should go with you, Itachi-sama."

"No, Hyuuga Neji is more than capable by himself, Ino. Now, settle things in the office because we're leaving tomorrow. Any questions?" his voice was dangerously low.

Both women nodded and filed out. After a couple moments Ino tied her hair back up and unclipped her bangs so they fell into her eye. She wrote e-mails and made reservations and plans under Uchiwa Inc.'s name. Ino looked over at Hinata who was changing her voicemail and sending out a mass e-mail to her subordinates.

The black Louboutin's on her feet clicked as Ino walked back down the hallway to the elevator. She had to go down to the sub-zero levels to get to her squad. They were stationed there because of their type of work. Being employed by the government meant that when it came to taxes and what not, the government often looked the other way and Ino didn't mind one little bit.

"Neji, I'm coming down now, get everyone important together," Ino said into the mouthpiece of her phone. She stepped into the elevator and swiped her VIP card. The elevator went straight down to B10 and did not stop once.

Neji greeted her at the elevator with the weapon's master and his second, Tenten. Their top interrogator also greeted them.

"Good morning, Yamanaka-san, what's with the morning call?" groused Morino Ibiki.

Ino smirked, "now that I do paperwork for Uchiha-sama, I have to come in before seven o'clock, thank you very much, Ibiki-sensei."

The older man shrugged and gave her a bear hug, "good, I knew you'd be better at paperwork than I am." Ino returned it whole-heartedly and grinned at him.

Ino then turned to Neji and made them all sit around the conference table. "I am leaving for three days on business leave with Hinata-san and Uchiha-sama, but I need my disappearance to be as unnoticeable as possible." Her gaze was leveled at Neji.

"Yes, Yamanaka-san, I will boost security measures and put more agents on solo," nodded Neji.

"Ibiki-sensei, can you cover for me? I need you to be a hard-ass on the other side until I get back," Ino directed.

All she got was a simple nod.

"Tenten, give them a new toy to play with, perhaps have a seminar on the increased internet capabilities, yeah?" she said, then looking each one of them in the eye.

"Yes, Yamanaka-san," they all stood when she stood and she left. Yamanaka Ino had some light packing to do. Her toiletries and necessities were already sitting in a suitcase for emergency missions. Anything else she could buy on the run was her reasoning.

Ino stepped out into the streaming sunlight that Uchiwa Inc.'s lobby provided. She nodded to one of the receptionists and smiled politely at the security at the door.

"Good morning Yamanaka-san," he greeted her.

"Good morning," she responded, before walking out to the side walk and into the Maybach her boss preferred. The plush leather seats she sat in were comfortable. Itachi was a fair and equal boss, but sometimes she thought he was frightening.

Sitting behind her chauffeur, Ino took a nap. There was no need to run her mind into the ground; it was only about seven thirty. Her chauffeur alerted her when they arrived and got no response when he saw his charge, Yamanaka Ino, sleeping silently in the back of his car.

"Yamanaka-san?" he called, unsure of his job.

"I guess I'll have to carry her up," he muttered. Genma slipped opened his copy of her keys and walked into her beautiful estate. The house was set up like a lodge from the early 20th century. The plush rug on the wood floors was highlighted with soft lighting.

"Welcome home, Yamanaka-san," he murmured. Easily, Genma maneuvered her into what looked like her bedroom as it was covered in pictures of her and several other people. He placed her on her bed and pulled the blanket over her white shirt and suit skirt.

Genma crept down the stairs and into the guest house which was now his rooms because he was assigned to be her chauffeur and keeper. He took off his shoes and fell into a light slumber.

Watch me livin' it up
You totally got me stuck in a rut

Itachi prowled his office. Uchiwa Inc. was his pride, he had several successful business ventures, but this was his favourite. His subordinates were skilled in their jobs and he was free to do his own thing. The Akatsuki meeting had taken him by surprise this year. Usually it was earlier, but in the busiest time of year he was securing projects and now this.

Hyuuga Hinata was the most effective PR person he had employed in a long time. Her no bullshit mannerisms and soft spoken ways made her a powerhouse. Her team was small and well managed; they were reserved and good at what they do. One mistake from that team was Haruno Sakura.

Itachi did not understand why she would date the other Uchiha while still working for one. One stern talking to had fixed up that mess, but he was still contemplating letting her go. Her expertise as a medic was unprecedented as he looked through her file. Perhaps he would transfer her to the Tri-Country Hospital run by that bitch Tsunade.

He grabbed his briefcase and checked his e-mail one last time. The plane was leaving in three hours. He wondered how Ino had managed to secure a flight on the G5 while still clearing their travel permits. Itachi took out his phone and called her. She was most likely still at home.

Ring. Ring.

"Uchiha-sama," Ino picked up the phone.

"Yamanaka-san," he said into the slim phone, "I need you to be out on the tarmac with Shiranui before I get there. Hinata should have e-mailed you the itinerary for the trip."

"Yes, I saw it Uchiha-sama," she said evenly.

"See you there, Yamanaka," he said and hung up.

Ino tore around her bed and thanked her lucky stars that Genma was her 'keeper'. Picking up the LV carry-on with her toiletries and various undergarments with one jersey dress, Ino disappeared from her bedroom.

"Genma! Genma!" she called over the intercom, "we have to leave soon, get your bags and let's go!"

She hurriedly turned off the intercom and slipped into her heels. They were sexy and comfortable, that was all that mattered. Ino made a print-out of the itinerary and then slid it into her Hermes briefcase.

Genma was outside, leaning on the side of the Mercedes S-Class, "whoa, whoa, slow down there Yamanaka-san! I'll get you there in no time." Ino slid into the back and let Genma do the rest. He was good at his job and she knew it.

Take a bow
'cause the scene is coming to an end

Uchiha Sasuke was waiting at an airport for his older brother with ex-Akatsuki member Orochimaru. Ex-members were allowed to come, but usually did not. However, when SD Global Solutions had been pinned with the manufacturing of all Kuma no Kuni explosives Orochimaru realized how beneficial it was to be on good terms with these criminals.

"Your brother arrives on the next flight into Amegakure no Sato from Kazahana Airport in Yuki no Kuni," drawled Orochimaru.

Sasuke turned his cheek and let out an 'hn.' His ex-girlfriend, Haruno Sakura worked with Itachi. She had not been willing to give up her job with Itachi to be with him. Sasuke growled and barked orders to Suigetsu and Juugo. Both bodyguards grumbled and did as they were told. The pale haired Suigetsu rolled his eyes as soon as they were out of sight.

An hour later a regal looking Uchiha Itachi arrived with five other individuals. Sasuke had met all but the older male. The purple haired Hyuuga Hinata was the cousin to his rival in high school, Neji. The young pilot was Haku, rumoured genius ace pilot. The vixen blonde was almost total opposite to his brother. If his brother were demonic in colouring, the blonde was angelic. Yamanaka Ino was a friend from university. She was friends with his friend Nara Shikamaru.

Her unwrinkled grey tweed pencil skirt and jacket were sultry. The jacket had a sweetheart neckline and hugged her curves. Sparkling blue eyes were bright with something akin to mischief, but as well, danger.

Ino stood quietly, observing the men in the room and the reactions everyone had to each other. Her own soft demeanor was to seem non-threatening, even though she was a highly skilled officer. Her movement was languid and she noted that Hinata was being the dominant and assertive one this time. It also was not helping that she was Itachi's 'date'.

"Uchiha Itachi, I have heard plenty of good about you," Orochimaru smiled thinly.

Itachi wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her in, "Orochimaru, this is my date, Yamanaka Ino. I would like to know where we are staying tonight."

Genma went to get the car with Hinata and Haku went to go check into the pilot's lounge. Yamanaka Ino was alone; playing house with her boss in front of a really creepy man and someone she had not seen since university. Awkward!

Ino simply smiled at her 'date' and whispered, "I will go wait in the car," into his ear.

"Go wait in the car, Ino-chan, I'll only be a minute," Itachi smiled at her and she trotted off. Genma was waiting in the car with Hinata. Her echoing heels weren't the only sound after a few minutes and in the polished floor she could see Uchiha Sasuke and Hozuki Suigetsu behind her.

Sasuke waited until she was almost outside to call, "Yamanaka."

Ino was supposed to be polite, so she stopped and turned. Her posture was one of a hurried person, but her eyes said she had time. "Uchiha Sasuke, it is nice to see you again," she greeted pleasantly.

He studied her, gone was the loud, boisterous girl from university who used to fight with Shikamaru and get the top grades in their classes. Her marks in history and economics were top and she was the head of her grade in psychology. The girl was also a partier, often making rounds at parties and complaining about hangovers during first period.

"What are you doing with my brother?" It was short and concise.

Her cornflower blue eyes clouded into something darker, "excuse me? What do you mean?"

"You heard the man," Suigetsu said from behind him.

Ino was getting cranky, first the stupid mission orders and now this shit. Uchiha Sasuke wouldn't stand a chance against her, "I don't have to answer to you. Good bye, Uchiha." She turned on her heel and walked to the car waiting for her.

"Yamanaka-san, were they giving you trouble?" asked Genma once she was seated in the car.

Her ice-like eyes pierced his warm brown ones, "nothing I can't handle. Hinata, can I see the minutes from the meeting?"

Ino scanned through the notes from the short meeting on the plane.

It felt so right
Don't mean its love tonight

Ino boarded the company G5 and waited patiently for take-off. Haku was an ace in the military and her favourite pilot.

"Yamanaka, Hyuuga, Shiranui, I need a word about the mission," Itachi said, his scarlet eyes dancing.

Both women shot a questioning stare to the other. It was strange, as Ino rarely worked in the field and there was not one mission that did not pass by her nose. Hinata, too, was valuable as the Hyuuga heiress and no longer worked directly in the field.

Once assembled around the circular table Itachi dropped his usage of formalities and stared at each and every one of them.

"Ino, I need you to help me do reconnaissance for this weekend. Your idea for having a spy as a decoy is brilliant and I commend you for helping Shikamaru for that. Being that you are a low profile member of the company, I would like you to pose as this decoy. You also come on good recommendations from Shikamaru," Itachi groused.

Ino was sure she was going to beat Shikamaru's head in when she got back.

"Hai, Itachi-san, but why me?" Ino asked.

Hinata listened intently, this was a strange mission and she was weary.

"Nara Shikamaru chose you because we already know each other, you are a seasoned agent, you are not committed to prior projects, and you are previously known to have dated Uchiha Sasuke," Itachi's red eyes, again, glowed eerily.

Ino rolled her eyes, "Uchiha Sasuke took me on a date once because he felt bad about Shikamaru standing me up for Temari. God, I can't believe I'm still saying this."

Hinata's mouth quirked up, "s-still so defensive about it, Ino-chan?"

"You can say that again," Genma said, chewing on a senbon.

"Hinata is our coordinator, she does mission specs and Genma is the brawn. He will be your back-up," Itachi elaborated further. It annoyed Ino to no end.

"Wait, what do I do as a decoy?" her eyebrows furrowed and she tried not to glare at her boss. Shikamaru had suggested one…

Itachi smirked, "you are to pose as my current girlfriend."

Hinata's eyes grew alarmingly wide. Ino was sure that was Genma's senbon clattering onto the table top and she was also sure that her own jaw was touching the floor. Regaining their composure in a split second, they all looked nervously at each other.

"Ah, I think Sakura would have been a better choice?" Ino replied snarkily.

After a serious reprimand for their lack of seriousness Ino and Hinata went to the other lounge where they talked about girl things. Three hours later at touch down Ino was feeling more relaxed about her job. Being relaxed was good for her, it meant she made less mistakes and she was, after all, trying to gather as much information as possible. Her target was Orochimaru and Sasuke. The rest of Akatsuki had given her this mission; she was not going to screw this up.

Am I scaring you now?

"Ino," Itachi said as he entered the car, "Tsunade of Sannin Inc. is coming down soon. I need you to do recon on a few specialists she has working for her."

Ino's blue eyes scanned the file, "of course. It is Hatake Kakashi, Hagane Kotetsu, and Kamizuki Izumo?"

Itachi nodded and she looked up their files. She had to know what she was dealing with. Being beautiful only got you so far around analysts and specialists, although she could always fluster Shikamaru.

"Hagane Kotetsu is their b-brawn and a womanizer," Hinata said as she did a quick search.

Ino nodded and mentally stored away this information, "Hatake Kakashi…is from the same Hatake Clan as the infamous Hatake Sakumo?"

The soft typing gave Hinata and instant answer, "yes, Hatake Sakumo was his father." Hinata's pale eyes were glossed over as they left for the hotel.

"Good, Hinata, I've already met Izumo and Kotetsu. They will be easy," Ino mumbled, slouching in her seat. The leather was comforting, but there were other things she would rather do.

All I really need to know
Is that you came to the party to enjoy yourself

Sasuke watched as Yamanaka Ino sat in a car with Shiranui Genma and Hyuuga Hinata. In their heydays it was rumoured that each of the three were spies and assassins. He did not put it past them either.

He wondered what his brother was doing with someone as infamous as Yamanaka Ino.

"Sasuke, your brother's woman is exquisite," Suigetsu grinned dangerously.

A short glare wiped the smirk off his face. Orochimaru approached them and he too had something to say about Ino.

"Yamanaka Ino was a spy. It looks as if she has retired," he said, looking thoughtfully out the doors. Their silhouettes were shrouded in the late evening sun.

Sasuke shrugged and motioned to Suigetsu, "Do you think she is still a threat?"

A chuckle came from deep in Suigetsu's throat. When Sasuke's face started to turn sour Suigetsu shook his head, "she's a spy, she is always looking out for things and will always report to her master. In this case, it's her boyfriend. A spy never stops listening."

Orochimaru nodded thoughtfully, "and Yamanaka Ino will never stop being a spy."

With the lies the you start to shine
Tell me how does it feel to know right now
That I won't be around

It had been a long time since Ino had eaten out at a fancy restaurant without being on a date, although, she technically did have a date that night. She sighed and stepped out of the bathtub. Drying herself on a fluffy cream towel, she donned a black silk robe and headed to Itachi's door.

"Itachi-san?" she knocked twice.

The door swung open and Itachi was wearing a plain, black tux. His bow tie was red, but undone. His eyebrows rose at her scantily clad form.

"I came to ask if we should colour coordinate our outfits?" she raised an arm and leaned against the door frame.

Itachi gave her a smirk, "I already bought your dress. It should be hanging in your closet."

Scowling, Ino retorted, "I know, but I have a better dress in mind." Turning tail, she walked into her closet and disregarded the dress he bought and poured herself into the other dress. The deep v-necked Cavalli was bright red and she wore a pair of black d'orsay heels to go with it. Picking up her black clutch Ino called Genma.

He appeared moments later, "Ino-chan, you look wonderful." Genma gave her a kiss on her forehead and escorted her to the awaiting S-Class. Itachi was waiting in the lobby and handed her a black, fur trimmed trench with two tails and a bow on the back. The ride there had Ino's stomach in knots.

"Shall we go, my dear?" Itachi put his hand on the small of her back as they ascended the steps to the restaurant.

She shot one last look at Genma and fingered her GPS tracking dots. Ino took his hand and he led her into the dining room. The first thing she noticed was that Pein and Konan were already there and were sitting with Jiraiya in one corner. Also sitting with them were Zetsu, Kakuzu, and Tsunade.

He led her over to their table and introduced her, "Pein-san, Konan-san, this is my girlfriend, Yamanaka Ino." They shook hands and she could feel Pein try and probe her mind. Her walls dissipated and she filled her mind with useless trivia about Itachi and how wonderful he was.

"She's exquisite, Itachi," Jiraiya remarked. Tsunade bopped him on the head at his leer.

"Don't mind the lecher, I'm Tsunade," she offered a hand which Ino took. Itachi sat her next to Tsunade and he sat next to Zetsu. The round tables were seated fairly close together so they could talk to other tables. Sitting directly behind her was a blonde who looked kind of like her.

"Itachi-san, tell us how you came to meet such a lovely creature," Jiraiya asked from across the table.

Itachi took it in stride, "Ino and I met quite a while ago, but I only got to knowing her recently." Ino could work with that.

Soon after, Itachi was drawn in to talk with Zetsu and Pein about Akatsuki business affairs. Ino made small talk with Tsunade.

"I know someone aspiring to be a nurse. She's actually quite good with her medical jutsu," Ino said thinking of Sakura.

Tsunade frowned, "but I thought you were a secretary?"

"I am actually an Operational Director at the P.I. firm I work at," Ino replied, "my friend works in PR part-time."

"Well, send her my way and maybe I could offer her a position," Tsunade smiled and then took a sip of her water.

"I'm sure she would love that," Ino offered in return. Her blonde hair was tied into a bun, but she still resembled one of the Akatsuki members at the other table. It was not until after the first course that anyone commented.

The other blonde haired person clapped her shoulder with a firm hand, "Miss? I believe you look quite ravishing tonight."

Kakuzu sighed, "Deidara, she's Itachi's date."

Deidara simply smiled back smugly, "so? We could be siblings, look at us! We're gorgeous!"

"Yes, but I would rather not think of her being related to you, Deidara," Itachi cut in smoothly. His hand went on the small of her back possessively.

Ino shot Deidara and smirk, "perhaps, we are long lost relatives? I do happen to have an aunt on my mother's side that moved abroad and married a local."

Deidara grinned, knowing that she was just joking, "yes, my mum did immigrate…"

Catching each others eyes they burst out laughing and several tables around them turned to look at the two blondes. Itachi slung his arm around her shoulder as Deidara went back to his table and the second course arrived.

Light talk littered the evening as Ino was introduced to many people. Finally, towards the end of the night she decided to make something happen. Spotting Hatake Kakashi standing against the wall beside the open balcony she nodded to Itachi.

"Honey, I'm going to step outside for a moment," her eyes were sharp as Itachi nodded at her.

His red eyes were already eyeing the silver-haired man, "off you go. Do what you do best."

Ino walked past Hatake Kakashi quietly and with purpose. She let her dress brush his extended knee before she stepped out onto the balcony. It was dangerous, this game, but Ino was focused now. She waited patiently for him to follow and make his move. As the breeze drifted Ino shivered in delight.

The rustling of material and a rush of warmth covered her bare shoulders, "Miss, I'm sure that Itachi would not want you to be out here alone and cold."

Ino turned, in false surprise, "ah, I have my own coat inside, Mr…?"

"Kakashi, call me just Kakashi," he smiled, an eye patch covering one eye. There was a pause as she formulated words in her head and pretended to enjoy the lovely weather.

Ino nodded politely and wrapped her fingers around jacket material, "Well then, Kakashi-san, how do you do?"

She bit her lip and then soothed it with her tongue. He was immediately drawn in, "I am good, Miss…?"

"Ino, Yamanaka Ino," her blonde hair caught sunlight and she shot him a wistful smile, "perhaps I should go back in."

There was another long pause before she removed his jacket and pressed it into his hand. She let him feel her body as she leaned into him slightly. And she turned on her heel and left to look for Itachi who was talking to Hoshigaki Kisame.

"Itachi," Ino smiled brilliantly and he wrapped an arm around her waist.

He gestured towards the blue-skinned man, "this is Hoshigaki Kisame of the Mist Seven." Ino adjusted her posture and offered a hand.

"Ah, she's stunning Itachi," a smile formed on his dark blue lips, "I will leave you two alone now."

Ino fingered her clutch and mumbled quietly, "Kakashi's got his GPS on. We should go." Her blue eyes flashed with something unintelligible, but Itachi called Genma and handed her a jacket.

"Go home, I will meet you later tonight, Akatsuki has business to get to," Itachi ushered her into the car and she giggled flirtatiously.

"Good night, Ita-koi!" another round of giggles and she and Genma were gone in the late night.

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