AN: A first draft of the scene in Chapter 7 how it could go, but I couldn't make it work with the rest.

Can't Be Good

She tossed it at him and smirked. Itachi's blood seemed to ignite as he read the letter. A hand snatched Ino's wrist and pulled her close. Glaring at the discarded letter he looked at her baby blue eyes.

Ino was scared. Last time he'd hauled off and tried to kill her. Seriously, she was scared because right now he had the advantage. Keeping still and trying to 'play dead' she stared unflinchingly back at him. His scarlet orbs had the Sharingan activated and it was whirling wildly. Those eyes were drawing her in and she licked her lips.

"If you do any of those things with him I will personally kill you," he snapped, "understood?"

The red eyes stared intently at her face and she gulped slightly. He kissed her roughly and Ino let out a soft mewl. Her hands quickly became entangled in his jacket while his one hand freed her blond hair.

A guttural sound emerged from his throat, although Ino felt it more than she heard it. He pulled away and whispered softly. "It is not your job to seduce men anymore. Do not lower yourself to that, especially with my pathetic younger brother." After many years of being with an emotional-stunted Neji she took translated that to mean 'be careful'. Relaxing herself into him, Ino looked up at his eyes.

"Can I do those things with you?" she hissed out, crystal clear blue eyes lit up with passion.

He drew her in again, "of course,"

He was more careful this time. Itachi's kiss was passionate and controlling, but it was gentle. His hand slid from around her wrist to the small of her back before roughly kneading her ass. Ino leaned into him and challenged him with her smoldering eyes. She pushed him onto the couch and his grip tightened and she fell with him.

"I'm on top," Ino whispered and smirked.

"Not for long," Itachi growled back and ground his hips into hers and flipped her over so he was on top. His deft fingers made quick work of the buttons on her shirt and suddenly it was open, her lace bra exposed for the world to see. There was a mumble and both Itachi and Ino froze.

Ino looked up at the offender and sighed, "go away, Shikamaru."

He just smirked and walked out.

"Did he kill it?" Itachi nuzzled into her soft neck.

"Hell yeah," Ino muttered, "I think he was going out to meet Temari again…"

Itachi regarded Ino as she buttoned up her top and pushed her towards her room, "go clean up. I have some more work to do."

His black eyes were cloudy as they looked at her thin, lithe form. "We can continue later?" Ino asked. Itachi smirked.


Bemused, she muttered, "If you didn't want to all you had to do was say no." Ino wiggled her ass a little as she headed towards her room.

"Don't tempt me, Ino," he growled back. She laughed and rolled her eyes before heading into her room He might have to pay more attention to her… Ino was proving to be a valuable asset and good leader.

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