Troy suddenly starts to pull away from his friends, becoming isolated. He stops coming to basketball lessons, and then suddenly he ends up in hospital. Gabriella is determined to find out what's up, even if that means risking her life in the process.

Troy sat on the couch in the front room, staring at the TV; there was nothing interesting on. There was a sudden scream from upstairs, catching Troy so off-guard that he dropped the remote and fell off the couch. He groaned. Then he sprinted up the stairs to his parents' room.

'What's the matter, dad?' Troy said, looking intently at his father sitting on the edge of his and his mother's bed. He was holding a small piece of paper.

'It's your mother…she's left. She's left us!' Jack ran down the stairs and threw open the door, watching Lucille's car pull off, leaving thick tyre tracks.

Troy had followed, dreading the consequences of her leaving. He contemplated running from his father as he turned to face his son menacingly. Troy licked his dry lips, swallowing slightly. 'Dad. Dad, don't.'

Troy's father had been abusive when Troy had first been born. Every time he got angry, he would take his rage out on his wife, hitting her constantly. And if Lucille wasn't there, Troy would get the force, but it had never been too bad.

Jack walked forward slowly. Troy stepped backwards, but he tripped and landed on his back. Jack grabbed the corners of his shirt and threw him into another room, closing the door behind him.

'Dad, stop! Get off me! Dad! Dad!'

I'd just like to say: if anyone is looking for a sexual abuse story, this is not the story you want to read. Personally, I think abuse is sick but sexual abuse by a parent to their child is just wrong to write about…

Also, I know it's short, but please review anyway!