A scary night the museum!

"Mum can we go to the museum today?" Rachel asked her mum.

Rachel had charming golden locks and coffee eyes.

"Course we can, but aren't you going to be bored?" mum replied.

"Yeah, how about I invite Sarah! Then I won't be bored, we could have ice creams, play hide and seek, please mum, can I?"

Mum considered it for a bit.

"Oh I don't know, something's telling me it's a bit of a bad idea" mum thought.

"But, hey I'll just ignore that, go and ring her! Before I change my mind" Mum said anxiously.

Rachel rushed to the phone and dialled the number, she waited until Sarah picked up the phone.

"Hello, who is it," Sarah answered.

"Hi! Sarah its Rachel" Rachel retorted.

Sarah brushed her delicious tanned hair behind her modest ears.

"Do you fancy going to the museum today?" Rachel asked apprehensively.

"What time, now!" Sarah replied.

"Well yeah!" Rachel replied.

"OK then see you in tick" said Sarah blissfully.

Rachel stood at the old iron, museum gates waiting for Sarah to arrive. Sarah came skipping down the road with her hair billowing out behind her.

"what you waiting for shall we go in then!" Sarah exclaimed

The two girls entered the museum showing their tickets on their way!

"what shall we see first, the woolly mammoths?" joked Sarah

"yeah OK then!" Rachel replied

The girls went to many exhibits including: the crown jewels, the cave men, the royal car and the ice cream parlour.

" more ice cream?" They both said

They ate and ate until they felt seriously queasy!

"shall we sit down for a minute i feel sick!" begged Sarah

They found a small, quiet spot and sat down to rest. Minutes went by, hours went by they had fallen asleep!

"whats going on!" exclaimed the girls. As the sound of an iron gate being squeaked into locking position hit their ears!

They had been locked in for the night! No way of getting out they had been locked in no doubt about it.

"what are we going to do now!" exclaimed Rachel with mercy.

"I do not no this is like a ..." "what was that" shouted Sarah. As the sound of a window being smashed was heard!

"ssh there are burglars over there!" whispered Rachel

Two men with black bandannas and black suits on grabbed the sparkling, precious crown jewels!

"Ring the police quick, before they get away!" exclaimed Sarah!

Within seconds the police where there arresting the two drunken men!

"what a hectic 24 hours that has been, next time there wont be as much ice cream!" exclaimed the girls.