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Author's note: Sup? This is my first Predator fic (I included Alien in the disclaimer just in case I decide to incorporate some Xenomorphs into the story, and they're gonna be mentioned in this chapter anyway)! Anywho, I'll do my best, but I've got slight lack of knowledge of Predator culture, as I've not gotten the chance to read many of the comics. But, I'll do what I can with the info I've got, so please bare with me. If you should happen to notice any serious flaws, please let me know so I can fix it! Thank you. Enjoy!


The young warrior stood there, looking up at the Council. The look was somewhat defiant, almost a glare. He stood still, his arms placed in front of him. They were shackled together, his right arm crossed over his left. Many had gathered to watch the tribunal. Never before, or certainly in none of their lifetimes, had anything like this happened.

"Do you know why you are here, young one?" asked one of the Elders on the Council. The young Yautja in question nodded. "Then what do you have to say in your defense?"

"Only this, sir," said the young one. "I do not believe in hunting humans."

"Oh really?" asked the Elder, somewhat amused. "And why is it that you don't want to hunt them?"

"I don't agree with hunting any sentient being," said the young one. "Especially humans."

"We have hunted them for many centuries," said another Elder. "It was of little concern to anyone then. Why should it be any different now?"

"There is no need to hunt them," said the young one. "We have other, stronger creatures to hunt. The Kainde Amedha are challenge enough. They are used as our rite of passage. Why can't we be content hunting them?"

"Two reasons," said a third Elder. "One, we still need oomans to supply the Kainde Amedha, and two, the Kainde Amedha lack the thing that oomans can provide." The young one looked curiously at the Elder. "They lack the capacity to really think and plan for themselves. That is why oomans, although physically weak, still make good prey. Their intelligence makes them some of the most dangerous game."

"That is not a good reason to hunt a sentient being!" exclaimed the young Yautja. "In a nonlethal challenge of skill, it might be acceptable, but to kill a sentient thing for sport-"

"Silence!" exclaimed the first Elder loudly. "Silence young pacifist. This tribunal was not called because of your feelings about the oomans. It was called because of what you did. You attacked another hunter, your superior. You attacked him for nothing."

"That is not true!" exclaimed the young Yautja. "I had a reason! He-"

"You attacked him because he said he wanted to go ooman hunting. That is not a good reason, and cannot excuse your actions. Attacking your superiors is a serious offense. And it was over a trivial matter. The Council has been called to decide your fate." The Elders looked at each other. They held a short, whispered conference. The young one looked from them, to the

Yautja that had gathered. They were all looking at him, curious as to what his fate would be. The young one saw a particularly smug looking Yautja in the crowd. It was him. The one he'd fought with.

The young Yautja glared at him. It was his fault. That one had known how the young Yautja felt about hunting humans. He'd been goading him for a long time. The young one had finally snapped, and attacked. Now he was here, in front of the Council of Elders, awaiting punishment for his supposed "crime". The Council turned back to him.

"We have come to a decision," said the first Elder. "Since you love the oomans so much, you can go live with them." The young Yautja's eyes widened. "You are hereby banished to Earth. You shall be referred to as 'Exile' for the remainder of your time here. You will be sent to Earth tomorrow. That is all."

The young one was led away by two guards, completely dumbfounded. Banished? It was such a minor offense. Or, rather, it shouldn't have been bad enough to get him banished from the Yautja home-world. He passed the Yautja whom he had attacked.

"Have fun on Earth, pup," he said, smirking. "I'll say a Kantra for you, Hulij-bpe."

"Ell-osde' pauk," muttered the exiled youth. The older one glared at him. However, the exile's guards kept moving, taking him with them. The young one kept his eyes forward. He knew he was right. He knew he'd done what was right. So what if he had to live on Earth? He'd do it, and he'd be proud.

He kept marching forward, having no idea what it was the future had in store for him.


On a certain blue planet, a young girl was lying on the ground, staring up at the stars. She was about sixteen or seventeen. She often gazed up at the stars. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a shooting star. She followed the star until it disappeared from sight. She smiled. The sky was so clear out here. She got up and stretched. She started heading home. She would come out to stargaze again tomorrow night.

The night sky was clear. Suddenly, another streak of light made it's way across the sky. However, it wasn't a star. High above the Earth's atmosphere, a ship had appeared. It was preparing to unload a certain, disobedient cargo. A cargo marked "Exile".


And, there it is. Chapter 1. This has been running around in my head for weeks now, and I decided to just start writing the darn thing. So tell me what you think, let me know if there were any serious flaws in the Yautja Council scene, etc.

Some quick notes: Because the scene only had Yautja, I decided to have them speak English with just a few Yautja words. Translations, for those that don't know, are as follows:

Kainde Amedha: Xenomorphs (literally translates to "Hard" and "Meat", but i don't think they actually call them "Hard Meats"

Oomans: slang for "humans"(notice the young one beingexiled was the only one to call them "human" and not "ooman")

Kantra: prayer

Hulij-bpe: crazy

Ell-osde' pauk: F&#k you (I kept it Yautja for fun)