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Warning: This chapter contains ZUTARA MATURE CONTENT

Worlds Collide
Chapter 11: Love shall last (END)

By: BiShoujoMiharu

Rollin' over the ground, his body on hers, pressed against her tightly. They rolled until he sat on top of her once again. He bended over her and his lips inched in on hers. She stared him in the eyes, wanting, craving for his lips. Her leg gently caressed his. His lips were mere inches from her own and she nearly couldn't stop herself from locking lips with him. Then she quickly rolled over once again, her on top of him now. She kissed his cheek, her own bright red. "I'm going for a walk," She barely brought out. "I'll go with you." "No, Zuko, I.. need to be alone for a little while. You 'distract' me too much.." He smirked widely. "Oh, do I?" He asked tauntingly, turning them over again. He sat on her pelvis, looking at her quite playfully. He bended over, his lips closer to hers than they ever were. "We can't!" She suddenly brought out when his lips were nearly touching hers. He looked at her, a bit surprised by the sudden words. "But-.. I know.." He smiled and got off her, holding out his hand to help her get to her feet. She took his hand and he quickly hugged her. Being able to feel every curve of her body against his, he quickly let go. "We'll wait." With those words Katara turned away and walked towards the door. "I love you." She whispered while leaving the room. She nearly ran out of the building, staring up at the full moon. Making sure no one was around she quickly found a pond and started bending to remove all the tension she'd build up. 'I can't betray Aang, I can't.' She sighed, resuming her bending. She made ice and then turned it back to water. An idea suddenly found its way into her head. She started bending and freezing rapidly. When she was done she moved closer to the sculpture. She stood on her tows and gently kissed ice Zuko's lips. Then she let him turn back into water. 'But it's so hard not to..' Suddenly the ground beneath her seemed to shake. 'An earthquake?' She nearly fell off her feet, but managed to keep her balance. She was surrounded by purple sky, no ground beneath her feet anymore. Suddenly someone appeared before her. Her eyes widened. "You-.."

Amu slowly opened her eyes, trying to find out where she was. She could feel Ikuto's warn breath against her neck. She blushed, but smiled also. "Morning," She whispered and kissed his cheek. Turning completely towards him, she realized that she was not in her bed anymore. 'Grass?' A little bug walked over her arm, which seemed huge from her point of view. She got up, yelling, running around. "AAAA!! A BUG!!" She yelled out, causing Ikuto to wake from his slumber. He stood up and grabbed her arm, with one finger he pushed the bug off her. "That's what you woke me for?" He asked irritated. "I-I'm sorry." "Now that you've woken me anyway, we might as well have some fun," He replied tempting, yet teasingly. "No! Pervert!" Amu yelled out, backing off. Ikuto laughed loudly. "What?!" She asked irritated. "Oh, honey, didn't you just think like a pervert? I never said anything about any pervy things," He told her, still laughing slightly. He hugged her, but as Amu was still frustrated and angry, she started hitting his chest. He continued on chuckling slightly, as he gently caressed her hair. "I love you, Amu-chan," He said sweetly and she immediately stopped hitting him. She looked up at him, smiling as happily as he did. "I love you too, Ikuto," She replied happily, blushing slightly. She kissed his lips passionately, her arms around his neck. "Amu-chan?" Tadase asked surprised as he entered the scene. Amu looked at him, her arms still around Ikuto's neck, Ikuto's arms around her waist. "What are you doing with that-.. that-.. Black cat of misfortune?" He asked, nearly furious. Ikuto looked at Amu and saw her expression as a sign of defeat. She let go of him. "I put a spell on her of course," Ikuto replied teasingly. The mask had returned, his emotions hidden from her and Tadase. He let go of her and walked away. "No!" Amu yelled out and grabbed Ikuto's hand. "We're.. We're together now.. I love Ikuto," She said passionately, as she stared at Tadase. Tadase's eyes filled with tears and he walked away. Amu hugged Ikuto tightly. "Don't ever try to leave me," She whispered to him, her tears slipping down her cheeks. Ikuto smiled faintly at her and caressed her hair. "It's alright, I'll stay here with you," He replied lovingly.

"Yuki!" Zero yelled as he watched Kaname suck her blood. He ran towards them, but then Yuki's body floated up, her body transformed. Her hair grew longer and her eyes glowed red. When she stood on the floor again she was completely different from everything Zero used to know. Kaname backed away and left, disappearing into the night. Yuki looked at Zero, tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry," She whispered. Zero walked towards her. "This is.. who you are?" "Yes, I'm.. Kaname's sister." "His.. sister.." Zero whispered softly, staring at his girlfriend. Yuki turned around, crying softly. "I'll leave now.." Zero hugged her, her back still towards him. "I love you, Yuki, no one, nothing, will come between that," He said softly. She turned around. "But, I'm a vampire, the very being you hate most," She replied, still crying. "I don't hate you, I couldn't hate you," He responded lovingly. "I love you, Yuki." She smiled at him, happily, and kissed his lips, tongues entangled. "I love you too!"

"Aang.. I.." Katara brought out, staring at the blue boy in the fountain. "Katara, listen.. I was angry, REAL angry when I found out.. But Mai made me realize.. All I want for you is to be happy. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether it's with me, or with.. him," Aang spoke. "You sound like a true adult, young avatar," She replied, smiling faintly. Even though she knew he was in his avatar state and only his spirit was there she moved towards him and kissed his forehead. "Thank you, Aang," She replied. It was silent for a moment, until Aang spoke again. "I've found comfort with Toph.. She says she's always loved me and I think I loved her too.. I was just confused," He told. Katara smiled warmly. "I hope you two find happiness in one another, like Zuko and I have found in each other." She bowed politely and he did likewise, before his spirit disappeared again. She ran away, towards her and Zuko's room, bumping into him on the way there. "Zuko!" Her lips pressed against his as she attempted to jump into his arms. Luckily the door was open and they fell into their room, Katara on top of the young firelord. "You just kissed me.." Zuko replied, stunned. "Get used to it!" She replied, teasingly.

She got off him and let him get up, then she closed and locked the door. She pushed him onto the bed and quickly removed his shirt and pants. He did likewise with her clothes, leaving her only in her underwear. She hooked a finger under the elastic of his boxer, slowly and most teasingly removing it. She caressed his manhood softly as she kissed his lips, her tongue massaging his. He, in return, slowly unhooked her bra. When she removed her hand from his manhood and wrapped her arms around his neck, he slowly started tugging at her panties. Removing them ever so slowly. When she was completely naked he gently caressed her pubic hair and then slowly moved down to her most sensitive parts. "You're quite wet already," He commented teasingly. She blushed and forced his hand away. She struggled to get on top of him, but he was stronger after all. He leaned over her, his manhood positioned above her womanhood. She looked up at him. He smiled reassuringly and kissed her lips. He softly entered her and then increased his speed. Both of them moaned softly, though Zuko's was more intense. It didn't take him too long to climax inside of her and collapse on top of her. While still inside of her he softly caressed her sensitive parts until she did too. "I love you, Katara." "I love you too, firelord Zuko," She replied, warmly.


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