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"Congrats Isabella!" A familiar voice shouted out behind me.

It was none other than my dad. I mean who else will dare to call me Isabella. Well, I'll tell you who. The chief executive of the Arizona Police Department. Yup, that's my dad. He wakes up every morning, gathers his paper works, and then sets off to a little building where bad guys go bye-bye. Taking your job seriously is something that runs along our family line. Especially when this particular blood line includes working under the secrecy of the government or waking up with the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and setting off to a little deserted police department.

"You finally did it Kiddo!" Smiling widely as he can, he grabbed me by his enormous arms and carried me like a little five years old. "I can't believe you're a real life adult now"

Ah great! Here he goes again with his you're-growing-up-too-fast speech that every parents decides to give after a remarkably life event. Except with my dad, it isn't after my first date or my high school diploma or my college graduation. Nope. He gives it 300 times a year and the other 65 days are for him to chat about the "good old times" when I was a little kid. So I decided to cut him off before he starts on it.

"Dad, I've been a real life adult ever since I moved out of the house."

"Well, you've always been my little angel." He said softly. "Besides venturing out after college and taking on the real world is different. I mean, you know, being a professional architect and all, you've got lots of things ahead of you."

He grabbed me again one last time, and then finally decided that I've had enough hugs that can last me a year or so. I sure do hope that one day I'll open up everything to him. Everything about me, I mean.

"I guess you better go ahead. I think Renee and Phillip are waiting for you outside." He smiled weakly. I knew him too well and one thing for sure, he still didn't like the idea of Phillip hanging on to my mother, but what can he do? I can't blame him for not actually liking the guy after countless times my mother told he was a good guy.

"Dad, you know you can come with us." I didn't want him to feel left out of course. But for the last couple of months, he's been a little distant as if this Phillip-guy (A/N: Yeah I know. Guys actual name is Phil not Phillip. Sue me.) is taking his place. "Come on. What do you say? It's after all my graduation."

"No you go have fun. You deserve it. Besides, you haven't been spending enough quality time with your mother and her new h-husband." His voice croaked at the last word so I did what other girls would do after having 24 years of your life with her old man.

"Okay fine Dad. I'll see you home tonight." Then there I was strolling farther away from him after taking one last look at his wiry smile. It's one thing that I can't convince my father that my new step dad has every perfect characteristic a woman can ever dream of, but it's another to convince him that you're not a little girl anymore. I mean, can he still call me a little girl when he finds out about my hidden agenda? I think not.

Spending the evening with my mom and her new husband can, well, get a little awkward. Don't get me wrong, I like Phillip, but sometimes I think he's a little too young for my forty years old mother. Phillip, in his suave looking suit, treated us into this expensive only-for-snobby-rich-people restaurant. Not that I want to show off or anything of that matters, but Phillip, as famous baseball player, happens to earn money that the combination of Renee and Charlie earns for a year.

"Oh honey. I'm so proud of you!" Renee shrieked as she took a spoonful of fish eggs aka caviars. What's up with those things anyway? You spend hundreds of dollars to eat what-fish eggs?!I tell you, rich people are crazy and I can't believe my own mother is turning into one of them. Seriously.

"Thanks mom, but it's nothing at all"

"Bella" Phillip said in his masculine voice. "You've got to give a little more credit for yourself. Architect is a real big thing and you should be proud of it."

Yeah tell me about it, I told myself. After hours of hard work, long nights, and cranky professors, I finally managed to graduate. Especially, when you're secretly taking of two majors instead of one. But of course, my parents nor did Phillip know anything about that.

"I understand, Phillip. Thanks for the encouragement." I said as I tried as hard as I can to hide weak smile. What was I supposed to say? "Oh thanks Phillip, but I think I've got bigger things to worry about than giving myself extra credit for my utterly hard work." I should get an award for all the things I've gone through to reach this.

So, as I've told you before, a dinner with my mom and her new husband gets a little weird. One, because when Renee can't make up anything to say then its complete silence. And I'm telling you, that silence is terrorizing. And the other reason is because of Phillip's masculine voice can be a little overwhelming at times. As much as I hate to admit this, but I think mom chose the right man when it gets to a level factor of hotness. His baseball-body finally pays off.

After putting up with a formal dinner with Renee and Phillip, I finally had the chance to rest at my own rented room and celebrate my night to myself. Not. A dark-shadowed car pulled up before me and I knew too well who it belonged to.

"Secret Agent Isabella Swan?"

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