Well, here goes nothing, the second chapter of Mission Impossible (Creative, huh?) And yes, I made a mistake in Chapter 1. Let me make this clear, Bella has her own rented room. She doesn't live in Charlie's house. I was confused between the two when I was writing and couldn't make up my mind. So just to clear up possible confusions.

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"Secret Agent Isabella Swan?" The man asked behind the wheel. I swear, if not for the reason that I can see him through the light that was coming from the restaurant; I could have killed him right then for coming up in front of me at 9 pm.

"No need to be formal, David." I whispered through the window, hoping no one would hear us. He opened the door, signaling me to come in fast. I slid next to him and breathed in the smell of familiar cologne. David's Cologne. I've known David for a while now and I knew from long distance that it was him. I mean, he was the only one I know who brags about his unique cologne. Cologne that he said came from Ukravia; where ever that is or if it even existed.

"Oh but I do since you are now an official one." David commented as he drove away from the restaurant.

May I add that besides his unique cologne, David tends to overwhelm me whenever he's around? Besides Phillip and his baseball body, David is one of those guys who I consider…well hot. Not that I often show my affections when he's around. It's just that he has that unique physical quality that strikes me. And of course, I try my best to hide my flirtatious other self whenever I'm around him. I'm still a girl for pit sake!; a girl who can still fall head over heels despite her black belt in every corner of martial arts.

"A what? An architect?" I laughed.

"Haha funny" David said sarcastically. " But you do know that Carter requires you to finish Architect before he can assign you to another assignment."

"I know" I said as we turned a curve heading into a more dense forest. " But I just don't get why I needed to spend five years of my life when I'm really, well, you know."

It's true. I don't really get why Carter, my boss, ordered me to finish architecture when we all know my real occupation. And that for sure has nothing to do with drawing crappy buildings. When I said crappy, yeah I mean crappy since you can say I have no artistic ability whatsoever. You can even say that my physical abilities are even worse. It wasn't until this "program" took me in and decreased the chances of me falling over air.

"I bet Carter has reasons. I mean, you are special Bella. You're the only one who actually got admitted to, you know, without even signing for it. Well, not actually signing for it, but you know what I mean." David explained.

I remember that day. Of course, everything was normal then. Nothing out of the ordinary; none at all. Let's just say, I'm plainly a boring person. Not until Carter took me in and offered me something special. And that special something changed everything; a whole lot of everything.

Before I knew it, David opened the passenger door for me as we reached our destination. And let me tell you something, this destination is only part one of my extra ordinary life.

"What are we doing here anyways?" I asked David as we entered through steel doors that led to a bright white room. " And, wait, how did you find me in the first place?"

David sent me a small laugh and I could tell how dumb I sounded asking those questions. Suddenly, I was trying my red cheeks from bursting into a bigger embarrassment.

"Are you seriously asking me that, Bella?"

"Yeah forgot." I rolled my eyes to hide my red cheeks and sweaty palms. "Secret Agent."

Aw! why do hot guy have special effects on me?! Am I that pathetic? Seriously, the number one thing I need to learn is to control myself from falling for any guys whose chances of asking me to a date are, well, zero. Not that I don't have that body guys look for, it's just that there are so many other girls who has more likely chance to be asked out by a top secret agent who saved President Bush countless times from murderous attempts. Well, as they say, life moves on.

David escorted me to the biggest office in the building. The office I could probably walk into my sleep as an account of the number times I've been there. "Let Carter fill you into that." David said as he closed the door behind me and left me to deal with what's going to happen next by myself. So much for a hottie.

After dozens of times I've been in that office, it still gives me the odd feeling. Not only can it hold the space twice my bedroom or even my living room, but the person who owns it himself gives me the creeps. But just to let you know, I love this person like my own father despite his striking personality. And who might this room belong to? Well, of course, none other than General Carter.

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