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Month 5

"Man my skin is stretched so tight. Hurts like HELL!" Dean complained AGAIN. With his shirt off, and sweat pants stretched down exposing his growing five month pregnant self; Dean laid on the couch in the modest first floor apartment he and Sam had settled in. It had one bedroom, and a good size bathroom with an oval tub/shower combo. Normally, they would not have been so lucky to have a fireplace either; but being as they had settled in Montana...where it got very cold and snowed regularly; they had a fireplace too. There was a large curtain covered bay window behind the couch in the living room; that Dean would often pear out of; but hardly ever allow to be opened. Dean was very self conscious about his appearance. Sam was busy making breakfast for the two of them in the kitchen. "That's something to bring up with Gloria today when she comes for your check-up." Sam replied from the kitchen.

"Maybe she has some suggestions on what to do about it. I mean you are kinda large for 5 months." Sam said, partly in fact; mostly to poke fun. It had been a very long five months for both of them and the stress was often so thick that Sam had developed a rather sardonic sense of humor to deal with it.

"I wish she would hurry up and get here." Dean said impatiently, as he lifted up off of the couch to reposition himself for the HUNDREDTH time.

Sam walked into the living room carrying two bowls of prepared cereal. Seeing Dean so uncomfortable made him uncomfortable. At this moment, Sam wished he could trade places with Dean so he didn't have to go through this - but he couldn't. Occasionally when Dean pissed him off, Sam felt that this was exactly what Dean deserved.

After all, Dean was the one that strayed and cheated! Alright, so he had no way of knowing that the guy was a witch from a powerful coven that had a 'mad on' (so to speak) for men who cheated. Of course this particular witch's brand of revenge before he was vanquished by the boys; was to cast a spell on Dean so Sam would make him pregnant; thereby ensuring that they would be connected in every way...forever!

'Drastic much?' Sam thought, and nearly said, catching himself beforehand and quickly stuffing a spoonful of cereal into his mouth to prevent bringing up the topic again. Basically though, Sam forgave Dean pretty much right away - even before the spell was cast. Dean was his brother, yes but he loved him. Sam was certain that at this point; Dean would never cheat again.

Prior to the pregnancy their 'relationship' had not been completely figured out yet. They were still in that "We shouldn't do this...but I want you, I can't keep my hands off of you..." stage. One day they just sort of looked at each other and it hit them. They tried not to think about the fact that they were related too much.

"Eeww', Sam grimaced as that thought made it's way into his consciousness. However, he couldn't help the fact that he did love Dean with every bit of him. They were always there for each other; usually working side by side without much contact from the few people that they considered family now that their father was gone. Dean loved him completely as well; but in the beginning he had a hard time. He felt a great sense of guilt and responsibility; feeling that he was corrupting his brother. Sam assured him that they were both adults; and that he could decide in his own mind and heart what and whom he wanted.

"If Bobby or Ellen have a problem with us - well, they can just stuff it." Sam had stated confidently as they lay in bed in post coital glow about ten months ago.

"Sam, I don't think you realize how freaked they could be. I mean this is big." Dean responded his left hand playing with the fingers of Sam's right hand as Sam lay facing him.

"Okay, so it's fairly freak-some, but I think they would be happy that we are happy. And, it's not like we'll be having children and perpetuating a fucked up gene pool, right?" Sam replied confidently, kissing him.

'Famous last words!' Sam thought, remembering the conversation. He nervously stuffed his face full of more cereal. Part of the reason for Gloria's visit today was to go over the results of the genetic tests that Dean underwent late in his third month. Both boys were anxious for those results. Like it or not, they are brothers having a child. 'All we need is for Jerry Springer to call and invite us on his show.' Sam thought sarcastically.

As Sam finished his cereal, he looked over to Dean who had also finished his bowl. Sam stood up and took both bowls into the kitchen to rinse in the sink. As he was finishing up, there was a knock at the door.

"Just a sec, Gloria. I'll be right there." Sam said, as he dried his hands on the dish towel and trotted over to open the door. Gloria greeted him with a smile and warm hug as she entered pulling a portable sonogram machine behind her.

Fortunately, the boys met Gloria; a recently widowed mother, during one of their jobs and didn't have to go to Bobby or Ellen for assistance. Neither of them were in any hurry to explain their current situation to them anyway. Gloria was only too happy to help as much as she could. To return the favor after the boys rid the hospital where she worked of the spirit that had nearly set the place on fire. Although, she had to admit that this was obviously something she - as a doctor; had never experienced before. She wasn't as startled by it as they thought she'd be. For her part, Gloria figured after her own personal experience; that there were too many strange and unexplainable things in the world and she guessed a pregnant man was somewhere low on that list of the unexplained. All she really focused on was this was her patient and she had to care for him. She assured them that she would run lots of tests to determine exactly what they were dealing with and monitor the progress and outcome very carefully. In her mind, she would just treat it like a high risk pregnancy.

"Hello Dean...WOW, I think you've grown a lot more since last month." She said, as she eyed him on the couch. She handed the electrical plug to Sam to plug in, and began to get settled and arrange her equipment. Dean smiled cordially but remained plunked on the couch; looking adorably pathetic. He was absentmindedly rubbing circles on his shirtless stomach.

"My skin is stretched to its max! It's dry and really painful; and this little 'monster' hasn't even finished growing yet!" Gloria smiled at Dean's nickname for the baby and put on a pair of latex free gloves to examine Dean.

"Well, you can rub lotion on your skin."

"Done that, it's not enough." he replied.


"Too goopy" Dean replied.

"Or butter," she half kidded.

"I'm not a turkey to be basted!" Dean replied sharply, and glaring at the woman like she were crazy to suggest it. Sam laughed at the mental image; but glanced at Gloria feeling the need to apologize for his brother.

"Baby oil is oily; but it's the best thing. Two times a day and mixed in a warm bath should do the trick. It worked well for me when I had Owen. Really cut down on my stretch marks, too." Gloria told them proudly. Dean seamed horrified at those words but pleased with the solution as he was desperate for relief. Sam ran off to the bathroom without a word; returning with a large bottle of baby oil in his hand. He showed it to Dean and Gloria and received a united "PERFECT" from them.

"Getting a head start on the supply list for the baby Sam?" Gloria asked.

"Just a few things, I guess?" Sam replied.

Gloria proceeded with the exam; checking his vitals and temperature. Since Dean did not have the proper 'exit door' to deliver the baby, their only option was a C-section. The birth would be scheduled sometime in early April.

"I can't believe this is just the fifth month...I'm HUGE; I can't possibly get any bigger?" Dean exclaimed nervously as Sam squeezed his shoulders.

"Dean, the male anatomy is not as roomy. That's why you appear bigger, sooner." Gloria assured him. "Believe me, you can and will get bigger." She smiled sympathetically. Dean looked up at Sam for assurance and Sam kissed his forehead.

"So...I have the test results. Do you want to go over those first OR do you want the sonogram first?" Gloria asked.

"Test results" the boys exclaimed nervously.

"Okay, well, it's a boy!" she announced. "As far as genetics goes - he'll be fine. You dodged a big bullet with this one." Gloria added happily. The boys were speechless for a moment. Gloria smiled and placed her gloved palm on Deans swollen belly as they both teared up at this news and no other words were said on the subject. Gloria asked Dean to scoot down further on the couch so that she could administer the gel for the sonogram.

"Is there no way to make that stuff even a little bit warm beforehand?" Dean complained, holding Sam's hand. Actually, it was a nervous Sam holding his hand.

"Oh, hush. You say that every time." Sam returned.

"That's because it's cold every time." He complained. Gloria smiled, amused at their loving banter. She applied the wand to his skin and moved it around looking for the spot that would give them what they were looking for.

"A-ha..." She said, as the rapid static heartbeat came through the speaker "Got it!" she added. They listened intently for a couple of moments, seemingly transfixed by it. After a while, Gloria printed a picture and wiped the gel off his skin. As she was doing this she noticed something else she wanted to check on.

"Dean, have you been feeling bloated or been having pain in your chest?" She asked carefully.

"I haven't really noticed anything specific. I'm just expanding in general." Dean answered. Looking to Sam for his opinion. Sam just shrugged preferring not to answer. He's no 'Dummy'. Answer that question and he was liable to get punched, or yelled at, thrown out, cried on or all or any of the above.

"Is something wrong with my heart?" Dean asked nervously as he brought his hand up to his chest; recoiling a little at the pain he hadn't before noticed.

"Ahhh, what is that?" He asked. Gloria looked at Dean kindly, here eyes asking for permission to touch him...he didn't think anything of it and simply shrugged his answer. As Gloria gently pressed on the left breast, Dean hissed and a single drop of white substance peaked out from the nipple. Dean looked down worrying.

"What the...?" he blurted out. Gloria repeated the same movement with his right breast with the same result. "Dean that's milk - for the baby." She stated flatly knowing that this would be something he wouldn't want to hear. "Wh...what makes you think that?" He defended. "Well your chest looks a little swollen to me and that was milk that I just expressed." she replied calmly. Sam sat there dumbstruck.

"No way am I breast feeding. NUHUH!" Dean shouted. Sam tried to reassure him with loving sqeezes to his shoulders, but even he was weirded out.

"Well, you don't have to if you don't want to. It's a long way off. Like it or not, you are producing it now and if you don't start to routinely express whatever milk you have, it's going to get incredibly painful." She explained giving them a moment to process the information.

"It doesn't look like you will produce much, but there is and will be some." She continued.

"I have a breast pump in my car - brand new. I'll show you how to use it. Be right back." With that Gloria got up and quickly ran out to her car. She didn't want to give the boys too much time alone to get worked up. She returned a moment later with the pump.

"Breast PUMP...This is so fucked up." Dean deadpanned. Sam slapped his shoulder, but internally, he couldn't agree more.

As Gloria went about 'trying' to explain and demonstrate to the boys how to work the pump. It became clear that this was not an option. Dean's breasts were too small to get effective results with the pump; but too engorged not to do something about it. Gloria scratched her head and internally tried to come up with the right words to describe the alternative. Both Sam and Dean were eagerly waiting for her suggestion.

"Okay, boys...option #2. Suckling." 'There, blunt and to the point.' She thought as they looked at her as if she'd grown a second nose! "Sam, come on. I'm not trying to pry or make assumptions; but haven't you the course of making know?..." She alluded gesturing towards Deans nipples. 'LIGHT BULB'...they got it; and where immediately and simultaneously aroused and embarrassed. Gloria waited for them to finish processing the idea before continuing. "It may sound gross, but it's not. The milk or colostrum is highly concentrated protein and does not taste bad." Gloria stated.

"Dean, all you have to do is massage like this..." She said clinically as she went about kneading his left breast in a light circular motion. "For about ten minutes and apply gentle pressure like this." She stopped the massaging in order to apply pressure and sure enough; a small stream of milk ran down Dean's breast and belly.

"Sometimes it easier if someone else does it. Sam I'm sure you can do this if Dean needs help. My husband had to do this for me." She explained clinically. While she quickly wiped the liquid from Dean's abdomen. Sam watched the whole process with fear and amazement. Where as Dean felt mildly excited.

'Great!! How screwed up is that I am aroused by my own boobs? How screwed up is it that I now have BOOBS!?' He thought, embarrassed, he put his T-shirt back on.

If Gloria noticed his train of thought, she did not say; for which he was very grateful. However, she did say that with any pregnancy, sensations are heightened and so the simple act of massaging may cause arousal.

"It's completely natural." She assured both of them as they turned red with embarrassment.

"When I was pregnant with Owen, these where like the best toys in the world to play with; for me and my husband." She said, pointing to her own chest. "The point is, don't be so weirded out by it." She told them honestly. "So, as I was saying massage for ten minutes or so and that may be all you need to do to express the milk. If not; Sam you will have to suckle. Think you can do this?" She asked, looking at both boys with guarded skepticism. They gulped and nodded in unison; but didn't utter a word.

The small apartment was silent for nearly half an hour after Gloria left. Dean had retreated into the bedroom. Sam was nervously re-cleaning the kitchen. The boys were on information overload. This whole thing was a lot to deal with and to his credit; Sam had taken it mostly in stride; but this latest development was maybe too much. 'This is too much to think about right now. BUT, Dean's always done anything for me...I can certainly do whatever he needs me to do! I think?', Sam said to himself.

"At least the baby's healthy." Sam uttered aloud. "The BABY..."

"Oh, my God" Sam hollard, as he came from the kitchen into the bedroom. Dean was laying flat on their bed, knees bent mindlessly rubbing at his growing belly.

"It's a BOY. We're having a boy." Sam said eyeing Dean. "That didn't register until just now." Sam said, kneeling down to Dean and hugging him. The two beamed in this news and embraced.

Sam moved first, sitting on the edge of the bed. He placed his large hand on top of Dean's round belly and just kept it there, enjoying the moment. Dean placed his hand next to Sam's and to their great joy, they felt the baby move. It was barely noticeable; but it was there.

"Did you feel that?" Dean asked, looking at Sam.

"Oh, Yeah." Sam chuckled, giving him one kiss, then another and another before Dean wrapped his arms around Sam's neck.

"I'd like to take that baby oil bath now." Dean announced, a few moments later. Sam grabbed the bottle of oil and went to the bathroom to start the water for him.

"Thank you!" Dean hollered to his brother as he clumsily rose from the bed to fetch clean sweats and grab a towel from the hall closet on his way to the bathroom. Sam was swashing the baby oil throughout the water when Dean came in. He leaned over just enough to stick his fingertips into the water.

"Perfect temperature. You know me so well." Dean stated with a cute goofy grin on his face. Sam kissed him on the lips smiled and replied, "Yes I do." Dean set about the increasingly difficult task of undressing (or dressing for that matter); beginning with his shoes and socks. He looked over to see that Sam too was undressing and asked, "You joining me? I don't know if there's going to be enough room in the tub for all of us?" Sam just nodded saying confidently, "There's room."

In the first trimester, Sam had been a bit overprotective and insisted on dragging a chair in the bathroom to sit while Dean showered or bathed; scared Dean would slip or need him for something. It pissed Dean off at first; as it made him feel helpless and out of control with no privacy to adjust to his changing body. Eventually though, he got over it. At this stage in the pregnancy a little help was necessary. So having Sam there was really helpful.

Dean pulled his T-shirt off, then braced his hand on the wall for balance as he waited for Sam help him with his pants so that Dean could then safely step out of them. He had little modesty left anymore, so it didn't really bother him that Sam was undressing him.

"A boy" Dean sighed happily, as he stood in all his pregnant glory in front of the full length mirror that hung on back of the bathroom door. An equally naked Sam smiled widely; coming up behind him and wrapping his arms around Dean's waist. He laid his hands across Dean's swelling abdomen. Dean placed his hands over Sam's and leaned back into him.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you just had a bear belly." Sam said, brushing his hand across the tightening skin. "And I didn't even notice your chest." Sam told him. "Yeah, me neither. Now it's all I can focus on!" Dean griped, staring at it in the mirror.

"I look like a FREAK! Breasts, Sammy. Come on!" Dean groaned, as he looked to the ceiling. Sam nuzzled him sweetly, kissing his ear.

"It's alright Dean. It'll be okay and you don't look like a freak to me." Sam explained sensitively. "It's more to love." Sam said, bringing his forearm across Dean's front and cupping the small breast in his hand.

"Don't you mean more to play with, Sammy?" Dean asked, as his back arched slightly from Sam's touch.

"Man, you are sensitive to the touch. Aren't you?" Sam teased, nibbling on his neck.

"Haven' figured...that now?" Dean gasped out, as his body further responded.

"Hey 'Junior'! There he is. I was starting to think he disappeared!" Dean said sarcastically, as he saw the very tip poked out from beneath his growing belly. "I can only see a little of him over 'THIS' anymore." Dean complained, clutching his belly. Sam smirked at this statement as he slowly reached down to tickle 'Junior'.

"Well, he's there...and...still works. Far as I can tell." Sam replied, knowingly stimulating Dean as his eye's rolled back and he yelped.

"Sam, please don't start anything because I am so sensitive I could come right now. I just want to soak. My skin's so sore, my back hurts and I can't relax if you start something." Dean explained, leaning harder against Sam; half chuckling, half pleadingly.

Sam relented, kissed Dean once more, then turned him around leading him to the edge of the tub before lowering himself in first. Sam held onto his hands as Dean eased his way down between Sam's legs into the water. Dean leaned his back against Sam and took a couple of deep relaxing breaths; allowing the hot oily water to do it's work.

"Hhmm..." Dean sighed, sloshing his arms through the water. Sam snaked his arms under Dean's and massaged his tight belly; pressing his fingers on Dean's distended belly button.

"Hey, that tickles!" Dean jerked. Sam stopped poking and massaged the warped bump instead. "That's better" Dean sighed.

"Told you there was enough room for both of us." Sam whispered into his ear before kissing his cheek.

"Know it all!" Dean replied, resting his hands over Sam's. "Check again in another month. There won't be enough room in here for ME." Dean kidded, turning his head to the side and closing his eyes.

Sam chuckled, giving his growing belly a little squeeze.

"You falling asleep?" Sam asked, bringing his arms out from under Dean's.

"No" Dean said, taking hold of Sam's hands. "I'm putting you to work." He teased, moving Sam's hands up to his neck for him to massage the tight muscles.

"Hmm..." Dean hummed, leaning forward. He arched his back as Sam massaged up and down his spine; pushing his thumbs into the tight muscles.

"Oohhh!" Dean moaned.

"Your muscles are so tight, Dean." Sam said, holding his thumbs there and pushing for a count of ten. Sam finally released when he heard Dean take a deep breath. "How's that?" he asked.

"Great!." Dean said slowly. Smiling devilishly, unseen by Dean; Sam grabbed handfuls of Dean's ass under the water squeezing a couple of times.

"Uh...are you trying to kill me!" Dean yelped, arching away from him; sloshing some of the bath water onto the floor when he moved. Sam smirked again, but replied apologetically, "Sorry, wasn't thinking. Anyway, you aren't going to die!'

"Maybe, maybe not; but I could go into labor and that would kill me!" Dean chided him. Knowing it was a weak argument. He just wasn't up for sex - YET. Sam gave him the puppy dog eyes and a pout for good measure.

"I am sorry. It won't happen again." Sam brought his hands up to work on Dean's shoulders, then collar bone and pectoral muscles.

"Oh, Yeah. Sammy. This is more like it. I must return the favor some time and give you a massage." Dean uttered, rested his arms behind him and around Sam's neck. He leaned his head back onto Sam's shoulder, humming as Sam worked his hands all around his belly. Using his full fingers to knead the tight skin and muscles. Unable to stop himself, Sam nonchalantly worked his hands low enough that he was able to reach 'Junior'. Dean was so startled by this that his butt slipped out from under him a fraction. Thankfully, he still had his arms around Sam's neck, but he was still startled.

"Whoa...I gotcha!" Sam said, calmly holding his stomach so he wouldn't slip any further.

"That was close. I thought I said not to do that!" Dean laughed out, now holding the sides of the tub.

"Sorry, babe." Sam uttered as he nibbled on Dean's neck before kissing him. "I love you so much." Sam said.

"I know. I can feel how much you love me poking at my back." Dean told him, grinning widely. "I love you too." he added.

"The water's getting cold. We can't stay in here forever." Sam explained with a whine.

"Well, I could be persuaded to get out early. If you'll rub oil on my belly." Dean said coyly. "Since you're in such a hurry and all." Dean bargained flirtatiously. Sam smiled widely and took Dean's hand guiding him out of the now tepid water not even bothering to empty the tub. Sam followed behind; wrapped a too small towel around Dean as best he could and hurriedly dried him off before wrapping a towel around his waist and grabbing the baby oil.

Once in the bedroom Dean took the towel wrapped around him and laid it on the bedspread trying to protect it from any errant oil; before sitting on the edge of the bed. "Are you cold, should I start a fire?" Sam asked Dean. "No, I'm good. But hurry up." Dean answered still warm from the bath water. Sam, still in his towel; placed a pillow behind Dean's back and head before easing him down onto their bed.

"Are you comfortable?" Sam asked nervously.

"I'm good." Dean assured arms at his sides. Sam poured a generous amount of the baby oil into his palm and rubbed it into the taught skin on his brother's protruding belly in slow circular movements. Dean relaxed closing his eyes and raisgin his hands behind his head for support.

"Oh, This is nice! It feels better already." Dean purred. He took slow deep breaths as Sam continued to rub in circles giving occasional slight pushes to various areas. Wondering if he'll get another small movement from their son in response to the massaging.

Sam stopped long enough to picked up the baby oil; pouring it directly on Dean's skin this time. Dean barely felt this as his skin was warmed from Sam's ministrations. However, he craned his head slightly to see why Sam had stopped, catching sight of the oil as it rolled in all directions off of his swollen belly. Sam's eyes got wide with excitement. He looked at Dean with lust radiating off of him. His semi-erect member evident to Dean.

He knew what Sam wanted and nodded his approval as he clumsily rose from the bed to switch places. Pools of baby oil ran down his body as Dean stood waiting for Sam to unmake the bed and lay down. Once Sam was laying on the bed Dean took two condoms from the drawer and rolled them onto Sam's still semi-erect member. Then, with a bit of assistance Dean straddled just above Sam's lap with his legs bent on either side of Sam. Taking hold of Sam's shoulders for balance, he slowly lowered himself until Sam was fully inside of him.

"Ugh" Dean moaned, as Sam pivoted just a bit underneath him. Dean's balance shifted slightly; but Sam caught him by the hips before he could fall.

"Sorry...It's tight." Dean huffed out between gasps as he got comfortable. Before the baby; sex wasn't a problem. But, with Dean's belly growing more all the time; it was different. It took a lot more planning, work, and patience. The best part of pregnancy sex was that it didn't take as long to get to the good part.

With his hands still braced on Sam's shoulders. Dean rocked back and forth with Sam inside of him, getting him started. After about ten minutes of this activity, Dean was breathing rather hard. Slowing the motion, he set his hands on the bed beside Sam's shoulders and leaned in; taking Sam's warm lips in his. Their tongues twisted and stroked as Dean sucked on Sam's mouth for a while. His oily belly rubbing against Sam's in the process. Sam ran his hands up and down Dean's sides before wrapping them behind Dean's shoulders and pulling Dean further down onto him. Dean let out an occasional moan from the strain of leaning over so far. To which Sam responded by craning his head forward to relieve some of the strain.

After several more moments of this, Sam broke their kiss and dropped his head to the pillow.

"Need air." Was all he said in between huge gasps. Still propped on his hands and leaning in, Dean impatiently resumed his humping with a little more force this time. He looked into Sam's eyes that seemed to say, "You could have given me one minute more!"

"So-rry" Dean stuttered, dropping his head as he worked hard to bring Sam along, basically on his own; until Sam could participate. Within a few minutes, Sam picked up the slack as he took a much needed breath and pushed gently on Dean's belly, forcing Dean to reposition his hands behind him and lean back. This new position increased the sensation for Dean; who let out a few animalistic grunts. It also gave Sam the freedom to work his torso and hips more; thrusting himself up as much as he could from under Dean.

"Oh, ugh, oh. That...that's better." Dean moaned out, holding his belly with one hand and letting his head fall back. Still feeling tight within Dean; Sam pushed as hard as he could grasping at Dean's sides, lifting and dropping him as much as possible as he did so. Dean was being bounced up and down as he began to feel Sam closing in on the spot.

"Al-almost got it, Sa-sammy!" He yelled, as his relaxed neck caused his head to bounce and rock in synch with his body.

"Oohh!" They exclaimed, once Sam reached the spot. A mix of sweat and oil covering their bodies. Still inside Dean; Sam wiped the sweat from his face with one hand while stroking Dean's belly with the other. Startled, Dean jumped as he was still working on regaining his breath.

"You okay?" Sam gasped.

"Yeah. You?" Dean responded through gulps for air.

"I'm GREAT." Sam answered, looking up at Dean with a smile. "Mind if I...?" Sam asked, pointing to 'Junior'. Still primed and without a second thought; Dean nodded vigorously. Sam fingered the muscle, squeezing ever so softly at first. Dean hummed until Sam's squeezing and pumping got more forceful. Dean leaned back a little further to allow Sam full access as his breath hitched from the manipulations. Sam took advantage by wrapping his hands around it's entirety and fondling.

"Humph!...Uhg...Agh!" Dean inhaled as his back arched severely. Sam pumped and pulled faster and faster stopping only when Dean released all over his chest.

"Oh...Uhg...So-rry, Sammy. I'll...clean...tha...that...later." Dean panted out.

"No worries." Sam told him. Petting him soothingly. Dean was exhausted, satisfied, but exhausted. He felt himself swaying from over exersion as Sam caught him by the shoulders.

"Let's lie you down." He said, turning to his side and easing Dean off of him to lay beside him. Dean let himself be maneuvered; sighing when Sam pulled out of him. Sam covered the two of them up. Snuggling close to a sleeping Dean and resting his head on Dean's left shoulder; he wrapped his arm over Dean's belly, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

A few hours later; Sam was woken by Dean who was mildly shaking his arm.

"Huh, wha?" Sam mumbled sleepily but did not stir. Dean kissed his hair while pinching the skin on his hand.

"Ow! What the HELL?" Sam yelped, now wide awake.

"You're laying on my chest and it hurts." Dean explained, in a matter of fact tone. Sam realized that at some point in his sleep he had in fact shifted and his head was right on Dean's chest. Pushing on the sensitive mounds. Sam lifted his head to look Dean in the eyes before laying a few kisses to the sore breast.

"Hsss" Dean mildly yelped. Concerned, Sam sat up on his knees to examine further. Dean was freaked by the whole 'breast feeding' thing and very uncomfortable with so much attention focused on these 'man boobs' that he'd developed. Still, too tired to fight him and realizing that Sam would not give in and let him have his way (which was to ignore them) Dean let him do as he wished.

Sam ghosted his hands over each swollen breast and nipple giving Dean goose bumps. Surprisingly aroused, Dean internally thought,'Oh, that was interesting. I could get used to that.'

"Hey, hy..hypersensitive!" Dean then chirped, with a short inhale.

"Sorry" Sam blushed apologetically. Unconsciously dropping his face into Dean's neck and snorting.

"That's not helping Sammy." Dean commented, as Sam's hair tickled his flesh. Both giggle; then Sam grabs at both of Dean's sides and tickles him on purpose; intensifying Dean's laughter. Sam finally stops his teases and looks to Dean who just watches him. Tentatively, Sam brings his hand to Dean's left breast exploring. He lightly presses his full fingers all around the small mound watching Dean carefully for signs that he should stop. Sam begins to gently massaging as Dean hissed every so often from the discomfort.

His slightly engorged 'breasts' were very firm, which was a surprise to Sam.

"It's hard. I wasn't expecting that." Sam said, confused, surprised and concerned.

"Yeah, uh...hurts too." Dean grunted out, as he reached up to feel for himself.

"You don't have to do this...this is too weird even for us. Don't you think?" He explains before closing his eyes. Sam doesn't say a word, he simply continues rubbing the left breast in small circular motions ignoring Dean's words. Sam worked the flesh carefully for several moments. Dean seems to realize that as weird as this was; it's actually relieved the pain. This must show in his expression because Sam only stops long enough to get a better angle for the next step. Then, as Gloria had instructed; he applies gentle pressure which produces the desired effect. Dean breathed out at the release and opened his eyes just as Sam wiped away the milky liquid with the bed sheet.

"Is that better?" Sam asked, hopefully.

"A bit...yeah." Dean answered honestly. Sam tried again for a few more minutes applying more pressure; but with no further result.

"Is it still sore?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, but I think it's from the massaging more than anything." Dean explained quietly. Working his hand gently around the newly massaged flesh.

"My body's changing so quickly that I didn't even notice I was getting 'man boobs'. Uuhh." Dean complained. He wanted to cry.

Sam's at a loss for words to comfort him. So he doesn't say anything. He just continues with the massage. Dean took a long soothing breath and placed his arms above his head and tried to relax as much as possible while Sam worked.

"UH...Sorry...s'okay...AHH...Sorry...s'fine...OUCH!" Dean grunted out, arching his back at the pain.

"Dean, this isn't working. I don't want to hurt you." Sam whined, removing his hands.

"Sam just finish. It's okay. I can deal with it." Dean ordered curtly.

Sam rolled his eyes 'bossy', he thought to himself. He decided to try Gloria's suggestion. Taking a shaky breath, Sam leaned down taking the left nipple tentatively into his mouth; startling Dean.

"UUHHH...Sammy!?" Dean questioned, extremely uncomfortable with this situation. Sam paid no attention as he was attempting to get used to this.

"Sam, get off me...You don't have to do this." Dean explained, trying to push Sam off of him.

Sam sat up, looking Dean in the eyes.

"I'm doing it!." Sam qualified, smiling at Dean and as he returned to his task.

"It's smaller than I'm used to - hard to work with." Sam explained, studying the rosey bud before going at it again. This time he used his fingers to knead at the breast as well. Dean couldn't help but chuckle and wriggle from the ticklish feeling and over stimulation.

"Dean!" Sam bellowed.

"Sorry" Dean relented.

"Look man, just go for it - because you're tickling me." Dean demanded impatiently.

"Man, this is weird." Sam commented, breaking the silence of the moment as he touched the fairly developed; but small mound.

"You think! (TRANSLATION: No Shit!"), Dean replied sarcastically. The mood was momentarily broken and all attention focused on Dean's chest. They just studied the small mounds as if to say "So what do we do with these?" Before Sam proceeded, ghosting his tongue over the slightly swollen tip as saliva formed in his mouth. He could feel and taste the residue of baby oil. He used his teeth to pull on the tip in an effort to make it swell as much as possible. Dean was very uncomfortable with this process. He tried really hard not become excited as the thought of it made him squirm. It's not bad enough that he's pregnant! he has boobs!? 'Guys are NOT supposed to be turned on by this!' Dean screamed internally. Yet, here he was; feeling these 'beyond bizarre' sensations and enjoying it. Arching his back off the bed and rubbing circles over his swollen belly. He tried not to think about the fact that he shouldn't really be this excited about this...something he shouldn't be able to do anyway.

"Mph..." Sam mumbled, suckling and pretty quickly produced results.

"Wow" He said, surprised at the taste.

"What?" Dean asked, concerned and embarrassed.

"Tastes like...chicken!" Sam replied, looking down to Dean with a huge grin. Dean punched Sam...hard.

"Ouch." Sam laughed out.

"Bitch!!" Dean grunted pissed.

"Jerk!" Sam replied, rubbing where Dean punched him in the arm.

"Seriously, let me finish." Sam retorted, in a more serious tone. After listening to Sam continue for about five minutes, Dean couldn't listen anymore.

"Sam STOP." Dean urged, pushing him away.

"How's that feel. Do you think I got it all?" Sam asked . Looking at his chest. Dean reached up checking for himself applying gentle pressure to his now tender breast and nipple.

"Probably, I can't believe you did that!" he said, in awe of his brother; followed by a combination of curiousity and disgust..."How was it?"

"Tastes sweet and thick, I guess. I suppose I'll get used to it after a while." Sam answered, already resigned to it.

"I can't have you do that again, Sam." Dean told him.

"I don't think it's something I'd be able to do, if the situations were reversed." Dean further confessed.

"I would do anything for you." Sam confessed, after helping him sit upright as Dean's ever growing belly was getting in his way.

"I'll go get a warm wash cloth to clean you up a bit; unless you care to bathe again. In which case I need to clean the oil from the tub or else you're just going to end up all oily again." Sam explained, as he pulled fresh boxers out of the dresser. Dean shook his head and sat tiredly with the covers scooped around him; waiting for his brother to return with the washcloth. Reaching down to his swollen belly he rubbed the oiled skin and it did indeed feel better. Sam came in holding two warm damp washcloths in one hand with the other underneath to catch any water drops before they hit the floor.

"Okay, here." Sam crawled back on the bed. Taking hold of Dean's shoulder, as he began wiping at his skin.

Dean looked at him and said, "Sam, I CAN do this myself." Sam wouldn't hear of it. So, Dean sat back and just accepted the process. He couldn't do everything for himself currently - that was true. So, now was as good a time as any to work on releasing control over to another. He was having to do that with the baby, anyhow.

Within minutes Dean was cleansed of most of the baby oil as well as any 'other' fluids produced during their sexual encounter and watching as Sam took care of cleaning up himself before he assisted Dean to stand. Sam guided clean boxers and sweat pants over Dean's feet and up his thighs. "You think you can handle it from here?" Sam asked as he pulled Dean up to his feet. "Yeah, got it." Dean grunted, and pulled the boxers and sweatpants up over his expanding stomach and ass. Then took the time to stretch his limbs. He was spent. He walked over to the dresser and eyed himself in the mirror again. He could see the early signs of small bruises forming on his chest.

"Oh, that's gonna hurt." He muttered to himself as he slipped on a sweatshirt; unnerved by the site.

Sam was scrubbing the tub vigorously; when Dean entered leaning his shoulder on the door frame.

"How's it going?" Dean asked.

"Fine, almost done." Sam replied. Do you feel like having an early dinner?" Sam asked, realizing it was closer to dinner than lunch.

"Oh, dinner...Man I don't" Dean replied, equally surprised at the late hour as he looked at the clock on the wall above the stove.

"I guess the 'bath' took longer than I thought." Dean said, eyeing Sam shyly.

"Don't forget the nap we had." Sam added, feverishly scrubbing the tub.

"Maybe tomorrow you shouldn't help me so much. Or your likely not to get any work done." Dean suggested half kidding.

"Dean, I'm a legal researcher...I can work from home just as easily as going into the office." Sam assured him, completely missing all of Dean's blatant innuendo. Sam looked his brother directly in the eyes just as he finished cleaning the tub. "So, Chinese?" Sam asked eagerly. Dean relented his desire for pizza and simply said, "sounds good" as he turned to call in the order.

"Order's been called in. Should be ready in thirty minutes." Dean said, as Sam entered the living room, fresh from changing clothes in their bedroom.

"Do you want anything to drink?" He asks Dean. He was sitting in their only recliner; absentmindedly rubbing his belly. He looked up and nodded, "Water please." Sam retrieved two bottles of water from the fridge. Handing one to his brother.

"I'm going to change the bed linen before I go get the food. You need anything?" Sam asks.

"Just to sleep...I'm worn out." Dean admitted, blinking heavily.

"Shut your eyes for a while and I'll wake you when I get back." Sam said, as he leaned down to give Dean a kiss.

"You sure?" Dean asks, returning the kiss.

"Yeah, unless you want to go with me to get the food?" Dean shakes his head seriously.

"Dean, you should get out of this apartment a little. Don't you think?"

"I don't have cabin fever yet. Maybe later." Dean explained weakly. Sam let it drop but he really wanted his brother to feel comfortable enough to leave the apartment.

He had to think of something. "Okay, you rest."

Sam changed the linen, left and returned quicker than he thought he would. Dean was still sleeping in the recliner and Sam almost didn't want to wake him. He unpacked and set out the food as quietly as possible and prepared a plate for Dean.

"Dean, man, wake up. Dinner's here." Sam said, as he placed a full plate on his brother's belly holding it there until Dean was alert enough to take it. Dean awoke with a yawn. "Okay".

Sam turned on the TV and they made snarky comments about the movie they had stumbled onto while they enjoyed their meal.

"I'm going to clean up this mess, you want anything from the kitchen, Sam?" Dean asked, having long ago finished eating.

"I'll get it, Dean. Just relax." Sam urged.

"No, I have to take a leak anyway...I've got everything." Dean stood and was just about to pick up the plates when he grabbed his abdomen.

"Whoa..." "Dean, what's wrong?" Sam was up like a shot. "Nothing, c'mere." Dean grabbed Sam's hand and pressed it into his abdomen through the sweatshirt - directly over his belly button.

"Feel that?...Oh my God...I know...kicking up a storm!"

"Unh" Dean cringed.

"You okay?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, that was a hard one." Dean said, smiling.

"I think he's done." Sam crouched down, lifted Dean's sweatshirt and kissed his swollen belly saying "I love you little one, but you be nice to Papa Dean." The two exchanged deep kisses before Dean proceeded with his clean-up and bathroom break.

"All better?" Sam asked, as Dean exited the bathroom, turning off the light.

"Yeah, but give me half an hour and I'll have to go again." Dean joked, heading towards the couch.

"Want to read for a while. I'm sick of TV." Sam asked hopeful.

"Sure, you got the book?" Dean asked. "Right here." Sam directed Dean's eyes to the small coffee table where a hard copy of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' lay.

"Come on." Sam directed Dean to follow over to the couch and sat down. Dean made himself comfortable lying on his back along the length of the couch resting his head in Sam's lap. Sam held the book open with one hand, while he initially ran his fingers through Dean's hair with the other. He began to read aloud, "Chapter One". Four pages into the chapter, Sam untangled his hand from Dean's hair, pushed the sweatshirt up off Dean's belly and ran his fingertips along the length of it. At first Sam's touch gave Dean goose bumps. Eventually, he found the right pressure and Dean closed his eyes to relax. The two stayed that way until Sam reached Chapter 10. His eyes were bleary from reading, so he stopped and glanced down at his brother. Dean was sound asleep. Both hands resting low on his belly. Sam carefully undid himself from underneath Dean and placed a throw over his sleeping body before retreating quietly to the bedroom to do a bit of work. He left the bedroom door open as it was in direct line with the couch - and Dean.