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Three Months Old

"Sammy! Can you get the phone?" Dean yelled, too busy bathing Gus.

"Hello...Hey Gloria. How are you?" Sam asked, happy to hear from her. They hadn't spoken or seen her in a few weeks.

"Okay, sure. We'll be there. See you soon. Bye." Dean listened to Sam's side of the conversation while he bundled up the baby in a towel.

"What's up?" Dean asked.

"She wants us to meet her at the cabin. She wouldn't say anything more." Sam explained with a shrug.

"Wow Gloria...This is amazing!" Dean exclaimed. Staring at the finished cabin as he stepped out of the car. "How long has it been finished?" Sam asked, as he too stepped out of the car. Gloria couldn't help but laugh at the surprise she had managed to pull off on them. "About a month. Isn't it great?" She beamed. "Yeah! It's great. Good job, Gloria. It's not easy to surprise us." Sam congratulated. "I couldn't have done this without you." She said. Giving Dean a big hug. "Oh My Gosh, look amazing! You've gotten back in shape quickly; and you thought you never would?!" She kidded, as she examining his newly toned physique from head to toe. Dean smiled proudly, returning her hug. "Yes, I have...been working out A LOT, too!" Dean affirmed. "No more Man Boobs!" He said, smiling. Sam chuckled at his brother as he preceded to get Gus's carrier out of the car. "Well you look great. How's Gus?...Getting more gorgeous every day, I see." Gloria said, grabbing a quick look at the sleeping baby in the carrier. You guys want to see the rest of the place?" She then asked, walking towards the front door. They followed her up the single step to the wrap around covered front porch. Dean could see inside the living room through the large bay window to the right of the front door.

"Oh man! This looks great!" Sam exclaimed, once they were inside. The whole cabin had hard wood floors. The living room was furnished with one couch, a love seat, wood coffee table and two lamps. All were arranged to showcase the flat stone fire place. The walls were painted in a beige-cream color. Straight ahead was a modest kitchen with black marble countertops, a patina backsplash between the counter and pale oak cabinetry. The stove was located in the marble top island. Stainless steel appliances and small dinning table finished off the room. The same beige-cream color continued into was painted on the walls. A sliding door leading to the back was in direct line with the front door. Giving the space an open flowing feeling. Bad Feng Shui, but a nice feel.

"What do you think so far?" She asked them. "There's no formal dining area. I always thought those were a waste of space." Gloria explained, as she guided them around. "In there is the first bedroom." She said, pointing off down the short hall to the left of the kitchen. They saw that the room had pale blue walls and that was about it; as they didn't want to feel like they were being 'nosy'. "It has it's own small bathroom. Come on, I want to show you the master bedroom." She exclaimed with a childs excitement. "Oh, in that closet is the washer/dryer." Gloria mentioned as she turned them around heading in the opposite direction. "The place is all furnished and everything. It looks so homey, lived in. How did you manage to get all of this done so quickly?" Sam asked her. "You two have been busy...Because it hasn't been all that quick." She retorted. "Owen and I have spent a few weekends here in the last month or so." Gloria told them.

"Well, you did a great job with the furniture. It's very 'earthy'." Sam praised her. The whole place felt warm and inviting. "Okay, here's the master." Gloria said, opening the door to the room. "Whoa!" Dean exclaimed. The room held a twin size bed. A twelve drawer oak dresser with mirror. A full length mirror in one corner, with a swivel chair and lamp beside it. Flanking high on two of the bedroom walls were three medium size windows. These let in a lot of natural light; while keeping the room private from outside viewing. Located directly in the middle of the room, was a skylight.

"This is so awesome!" The boys said. Completely transfixed by it all. Gloria couldn't help but smile with pride. She was so happy to finally have the place finished. She had intended to move herself and Owen in once it was done. However, problems with the first contractor delayed the process. "Check out the bathroom." She said, pointing in the direction of the visible double sinks. On one side of the sinks there was a large shower and toilet. While on the other side there was a spa tub. "Dude, look at that tub!" Dean said in awe of the whole cabin. "Dude, look at that shower!" Sam countered. "Yeah, I will admit, it is wonderful." She agreed feeling very pleased.

"You guys want something to eat. I have lunch fixed." She told them. They nodded vigorously and followed her into the kitchen. Sam was just about to sit on one of the bar stools at the kitchen island when Gloria told him to grab a couple of beers from the fridge. "I thought you guys might like something to drink." Gloria said, as she plated their lunch. Sam uncapped the beer and handed a bottle to Dean who was sitting on a stool bouncing the baby on one knee. "Dean, we are going to eat soon. Do you want to put the baby down for a nap? You can settle him in the spare room." She offered. Dean nodded.

"I thought I'd never see this place done. I can't tell you how grateful I am." She began. They were seated around the kitchen island casually munching on lunch. Sam and Dean just nodded as if they did nothing special. "No really. You guys have done so much for me. First, you saved my clinic. Then, you helped me finish this cabin." Gloria told them. "Well, you helped us more. You took great care of me; kept my secret...made sure Gus was born safely." Dean offered in response. "Well, that's my job! I couldn't NOT help you." She said. "We were just doing our job too!" Sam interjected. "So, why don't you say we call it even?" Sam offered.

"Actually, I have another favor to ask of you." Gloria said coyly. The boys looked at her, then to each other...then her again. "What?" Dean asked concerned. "Well...originally I wanted to live here with Owen. At least that was my intension before everything came to a halt." she started. The boys remained quiet, just listening. "Well, Owen really likes his school and it's much closer to our house and the clinic. I mean; he likes it here, but he's only six and this isn't his home..." Gloria rambled anxiously. "Gloria, what are you getting at. Cause, so far...I'm not following." Sam said, trying to nudge her to continue.

"I've decided to rent this place out and it would really help me if you guys would be the renters. I could really use the extra income from renting." She blurted out in one quick breath. "It would really save me the hassle of screening potential renters. Since I already know you guys." She added, studying there stunned expressions. "My occasional weekend stays aren't sufficient for me to be able to maintain this place. I really need renters." Gloria further explained. "Gloria, we couldn't. You've done so much already. It's too much." Sam finallly explained as Dean nodded in agreement. "Guys, I really need to rent this place out. I'm going to do it anyway. Besides, now that you have the baby, you need the extra room. It's a win-win situation, far as I can see." She tried to explain.

"I don't know, Gloria?" Sam retorted. Both boys knew she was doing them a favor. They really did need the extra space. It just seemed they would be taking advantage. "Gloria..." Dean started to say; when she interrupted him. "I won't take NO for an answer, boys! It's not like I'm giving you the place. You'll pay rent and maintain it for me. I'm not tying you down or anything. You'd be renting..." "But, hey, you've been around here for what - a year. Maybe you want to move on?" She offered.

"I'll find other renters for the place. It's fine." She whined. Adding a tinge of guilt for good measure. She really wanted them to stay. They had been through so much...much more than she probably knew personally. She could just tell. They needed a good dose of normal for a while, and if she could offer them house to rent. She was going to do that. "Can we...can we think about it for a day?" Dean asked. Sam nodded his agreement to Dean's question. "Sure, of course." She replied. They continued on with their lunch and enjoyed the remainder of their day before Dean mentioned that they should get going. "We need to get Gus home. Thanks for lunch, and - everything." Dean said, giving her a warm hug. "We'll call you, okay?" Sam told her as she walked them out.

Later that night...

"I don't know. It's too much. We can't accept her offer, can we?" Dean whispered to Sam as they put the baby to bed. "I know. It's too kind. It'd be weird living in an actual home too. All we've been doing for so long is motels and apartments." Sam replied, turning on the mobil.

"Yeah, but it would be nice staying in an actual house, cabin – whatever! For a change. You know what I mean." Sam qualified. Dean kissed the baby's head before walking out of the bedroom. Sam followed and shut the door behind him. "Yeah, there's that. It would also be great for Gus. He'd have the outdoors. He'd have his own room." Dean offered. Suddenly getting excited about the whole idea. "Oh, yeah...his own room. Which means we'd have some privacy." Sam replied, wrapping his arms around Dean and kissing passionately. "Hmm, absolutely." Dean added, returning the kiss. "So, I'll call Gloria in the morning and tell her we have a deal." Dean said. "And I'll call the landlord and tell him we're giving notice." Sam added.

"Follow me..." Dean then said, pulling Sam by the arms and grinning madly. Dean pulled him into the bathroom and not giving Sam enough time to ask any questions; he attacked Sam's mouth. "Mmm...Dean?" Sam gasped, when he could break away. "What? Don't you want to?" Dean asked, or more like 'begged' in between rapid kisses. "Yes, but...where?" Sam asked, craning his eyes around the bathroom. "Where do you think, right here." Dean finally said, snaking his hands under Sam's T-shirt, egging him on. "In the bathroom? I thought our first time after would be a little less, raunchy." Sam retorted. "Well, I wasn't thinking about doing it on the toilet, or anything! There's the shower...or we could get, creative." Dean smirked, turning his eyes to the pull up bar in the door frame. Sam's vision followed and his brows rose in surprise. "Oh, hadn't thought about that. But, doesn't give us much privacy?" Sam questioned. "I already closed the curtains. So, what do you think?" Dean asked, closing in on Sam, undressing him. "Let's do it." Sam smiled.

Minutes later, the two are naked and sweaty. Sam worked his way inside of an extremely tight Dean. Who had his hands firmly grasped on the pull up bar above his head. Sam's hands are clasped onto Dean's hips as he rocked them both back and forth. "Ug...Uhg...Ug" Sam grunted out with each fevered thrust. Dean meanwhile, released several sharp moans as Sam worked. "Sa...sammy...come on...deeper." He blurted out every so often as Sam was forced to pushed harder. Sam brought a hand around Dean's torso to get better control and leverage. Dean had to bite his lower lip in order to prevent himself from screaming out. He released one hand from the bar and brought it over his shoulder, feeling for Sam. However, Dean wasn't able to reach him. Because at that exact moment, Sam readjusted Dean's position so that he was forced to lean forward. Spreading his legs out to retain his balance and return both his hands to the bar.

"Stay" Sam ordered. As if Dean were a pet dog; while he grabbed hold of Dean's shoulders. Sam pushed his hips in. Dean sucked in a large gasp of air as he felt Sam's large member move within him. Humming as Sam pumped in and out of him faster and faster. Sam then took his hands from Dean's shoulders and placed them again on Dean's hips as he pumped until he reached orgasm. As they exhaled deep cleansing breaths, Sam brought both arms around to embrace Dean letting his face fall onto Dean's shoulder. He blinked repeatedly to clear his vision of the stars he saw. Exhausted, Dean hung from the pull up bar allowing Sam to rest against him. Wiping the sweat from his face and chest while Sam rested. "Why didn't we try this before?" Sam finally asked. Dean chuckled as he finally stood under his own power, kissing Sam's hands. Then wrapping his arms more tightly around him. "Because of this." Dean replied, taking one of Sam's hands and laying them gently over the C-section scar. Sam peered over Dean's shoulder when he felt his palm touching the still fresh scar. Sam tightened his embrace briefly. "Is this okay?" Sam asked, as he massaged the scarred skin with great care. "Yeah, this is fine. This doesn't tickle." Dean answered, cupping his hand over Sam's before craning his neck back to give Sam a peck on the cheek. Sam responded with a sloppy kiss to Dean's lips. While his hand traveled down from the scar to 'Junior'. He cupped the whole thing in his fist and pumped his hand in slow rhythmic movements. "Aahh!" Dean groaned, breaking the kiss his pelvis bucked at the unexpected wonderful sensation. He leaned back against Sam, barely able to sustain his breathing pattern. Sam alternated between hand job, kissing and grinding into Dean whom he had not yet pulled out of. "Oh...oh...OH...!" Dean practically yelled, as he came all over Sam's hand. "Oh...My God." Dean sighed, breathing heavily. Sam smiled, feeling completely satisfied with his work. "You still okay?" Sam kidded. "OH YEAH!" Dean assured him as he turned himself around to give Sam a proper hug and kiss. "Ugh" Sam muttered out, as he was pulled out of Dean. "Sorry" Dean offered, seeing that Sam was still a little stiff. He picked up the hand towel from the rack and wiped Sam's hand clean before shedding the used condoms and throwing them in the trash. "It's late, we should go to bed." Sam said. "Yeah, care for a quick shower first?" Dean replied. "Sure" Sam answered.

Two weeks later Sam, Dean and Gus were nearly settled into the cabin. The first thing they did was to secure the cabin with invisible Devil's Traps. Dean had also developed a way to lay rock salt at all of the windows without it being obvious. He hide it under weather striping that he installed in each window. The second thing they did was to turn the spare room into Gus's room. Gloria already had it painted in blue tones; for Owen, so all they did was to move the recliner, his crib and changing table in.

"Looks kinda sparse and pitiful." Sam lamented after they had unpacked Gus's meager possessions.

"Give it time. Soon enough, the room (and house) will be overflowing with Gus's 'things'. For now, we can store the stroller in here and extra diapers and formula can go in his closet for now." Dean said knowingly.

Most everything was left at the apartment save for all of Gus' belongings, the recliner, their clothes, the pull up bar, some dishes, some linens and their TV's. They did switch out Gloria's twin bed for their king size as well. Since moving into the cabin, they actually had more room to purchase other things for Gus; such as a play pen, and high chair.

Currently, Dean was taking a bath with Gus. While Sam was busy reheating some dinner in the kitchen. Sam listened to the two of them through the baby monitor.

"You like the bubbles, little man?" Sam heard Dean say. He heard Gus laughing at whatever Dean was doing. He checked the cooking time on dinner before deciding to go check on them. "What are you guys up to?" Sam said as he peered in. He smiled when he saw Dean siting in the bubbles with a healthy scoop of them on the top of his head; making funny faces to Gus who loved it. He showed his joy by kicking and punching at the sudsy water. "Ah...nothing Sammy. We're just having some fun." Dean said, smiling widely. "Well, dinner's about ready. You coming? Or am I to serve dinner in here?" Sam said, smiling but crossing his arms over his chest in mock annoyance.

"Be there in a minute. I just want to get him dressed." Dean said, now holding Gus close to his chest, kissing his wet hair. "I'll do it. Give him here." Sam said, bending down to take the baby from him. Sam kissed Dean passionately before rising to leave with the baby. Dean stepped out of the tub; taking the towel from the rack wiping the suds off his head; before he wrapped it around his waist. "Be there in a minute." He shouted, as he slipped his robe on.

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