Frontier 02: Home Frontier – Prologue

madjack89: Well, this is my first story, so I hope you enjoy it . This story will mostly be what I think that the sequel to Digimon Frontier could have been. I'll be using the English dub names for characters because that's the only version I've seen (heh heh). I'll also introduce four original characters (or OC's as I can call them) as, you can probably already tell, will be the other four legendary warriors! Hooray! One last thing I should mention is that this will be set approximately one year after the gang originally went to the Digital World, so Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, and Zoe are 12, JP is 13, and Tommy is 10. All right, I believe I've bored you enough, let's get on with the prologue ;)!

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon Frontier or its characters! I'm just writing a fan-based story about them! No more, no less!

"Get her!" She heard their screams getting closer, so she continued to run. She felt as if she could simply crumple into a heap on the ground at any second, but she had to keep going. After all, who else could transport her precious load to the human world? Who else could give those children back their fighting chance against the monstrosities that were to come?

After what seemed like decades of running, she finally made it to the chasm. She felt a jolt of relief surge through her. She was going to make it! "Gotcha!" cried her pursuers, who had caught up to her at last and were about to grab her from behind. It doesn't matter now, she thought, tossing her load into the deep pit below. I've done what I needed to do.

"NO!" screamed the leader of her pursuers, leaping desperately to try to catch the bag before it was too late. But it was too late, because from the deep chasm below, lights began to shine and shimmer, and then the scene of a busy city street appeared in the pit. This scene seemed to swallow the items up, and then everything was black once more, and the D-Tectors were nowhere to be found.

"And so it begins," she muttered, as the darkness consumed her yet again.

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