Frontier 02: Home Frontier- Chapter 31: The End (For Now)

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"Ah, spring. The time of new beginnings! The time that birds twitter in the trees! The time when children dance and play and skin their knees in the spirit of the season!"

"The time when I make you shut up if you don't do it on your own," Kouji growled, glaring murderously at JP.

JP stuffed his hands in his pockets, looking pouty. "Why are you always so cranky, Kouji?"

Kouji sighed, glaring at the ground. "Sorry. I'm just a little…edgy."

"Aren't we all?" JP replied, glancing back at a gloomy-looking Takuya. "Even Taki's gotten all broody."

It had been weeks since Ilsemon's agents had attacked, and before the gang had known it, it was the beginning of April, and of spring. But even though all the kids around them seemed to be catching spring fever, they were finding it hard to enjoy the season themselves.

JP would try to cheer his friends up, as he had attempted earlier, but everyone's mind still clung to Wizardmon's final words to them: I'll see you all in the Digital World.

"See you later," Takuya said listlessly, walking past his friends, out the school gate, and down the street toward home.

"Jeez," JP muttered, scratching his head. "Usually it's me and Taki that cheer everyone up with our antics, but now my partner in crime's gone all moody!" Then he glanced at Kouji. "Hey, Kouji…"

"No, I'm not replacing Takuya," Kouji said flatly.

"Darn," JP said. He looked over his shoulder suddenly and exclaimed, "Hey, wait a minute! Where's Chief?"

Kouji shrugged. "He probably left while we were getting our things."

JP paused, then grinned broadly. "I think I can guess who he was eager to see!"

"Speaking of which, weren't you going to go meet Tomoyo or something?" Kouji asked.

"Sadly, no," JP replied, his smile fading. "She has to make up a test after school today because she failed it so miserably."

"You two really are perfect for each other," Kouji muttered under his breath. He then began to walk out the school gate.

"Hey, wait up!" JP cried, catching up to him quickly. "Don't you want to, I don't know, hang out or something?"

"No," Kouji said simply, continuing down the street. "See you, JP."

JP stood outside the gate for a moment, pondering his friends' behavior. He sighed, saying to himself, "It's times like this that make me miss Dai. Why'd he have to get sick?"


earlier that day

Daiki stepped through his bedroom door for the first time in three weeks. He skipped happily over to his bed, flopping onto it and burying his face in his pillow. Hotaru followed Daiki into his room silently.

Daiki rolled over onto his back, staring at his ceiling with a big smile on his face. "Taru-kun, have I ever told you how much more comfortable this bed is compared to hospital beds?"

"You have," Hotaru mumbled despondently, staring at the floor.

Daiki frowned, sitting up on his bed and staring with concern at his cousin. "What's up, Hotaru?"

Hotaru's head shot up and he glared levelly at Daiki. "You just spent three weeks in the hospital, and you have to ask me what's up?"

"Oh, that's all?" Daiki chuckled, saying, "When you've spent as much time as I have in that place, it tends to stop being that much of a big deal."

"Stops being a big deal?" Hotaru said, raising his voice.

"What are you two doing in here?" asked Hotaru's mother, stepping into the room. "I thought I heard shouting."

"It's nothing," Hotaru responded before Daiki had a chance to. "We're just talking."

"Okay," she muttered, leaving the room. "Just remember to call your friends back, okay, Dai? They've been worried about you."

Daiki nodded as Hotaru silently closed the door after his mother.

Hotaru sighed, turning his attention back to Daiki. "Dai, this was more than a stupid routine checkup. You had an attack!"

Daiki remained silent for a few moments, then replied, "The doctors said I would be fine. It was a pretty small attack, anyway."

"Small?" Hotaru said sarcastically. "You call crying out in the middle of the night and clutching your chest like it's gonna burst small?"

"Small compared to others," Daiki mumbled, glancing away from Hotaru uncomfortably. "If you were so worried about this, why didn't say anything before?"

"The hospital isn't exactly a great place for a private conversation," Hotaru said, calming himself down slightly. "You realize this proves our theory wrong, right?"

Daiki narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Dai, we thought that Grumblemon's spirit was somehow keeping you healthy," Hotaru said impatiently. "You had an attack after your little bout with that Duskmon guy, so that would prove our theory wrong!"

"It doesn't prove anything," Daiki said quickly. "Maybe it just means I have to be more careful when I'm using the spirit?"

"Dai, calm down," Hotaru said quietly. "I don't think that you should stop using Grumblemon's spirit. I couldn't ask you to do that." He paused for a moment, feeling his D-Tector in his pocket. "They're a part of us. I understand that."

"Then what are you trying to say?" Daiki asked warily.

Hotaru looked at Daiki for a moment and said, "You know what I'm getting at. I'm saying that we should tell the others about your attacks."

"No!" Daiki jumped off his bed, running over to the door and standing in front of it defensively. "If you want to tell them, you have to get through me!"

Hotaru smirked at this. "Dai, I don't mean to make fun of your short stature, but I'm pretty sure I could pick you up and fling you across the room if I had to."

"But you won't," Daiki murmured, smiling darkly. "That sounds a bit too much like something the Firefly would do, right, Hotaru?"

Hotaru's face darkened. "You're not playing fair now," he growled, clenching his fist in frustration.

"It's not my fault that you vowed never to become the Firefly again," Daiki said nonchalantly, heading back to his bed.

Hotaru said nothing, scowling angrily.

"I'm sorry I went there," Daiki murmured after a moment of silence. "I know that brings up some things you'd rather forget."

"No kidding," Hotaru said, chuckling darkly.

"Besides, I didn't have to go there, because you wouldn't have told them without my permission. That's just the way you are." Daiki smiled at his cousin warmly. "Now, let's just forget about this and give everyone a call, okay?"

Hotaru stared at Daiki for a moment, at how completely he trusted him not to reveal his illness to anyone. Hotaru sighed wearily. I'm so pathetic.

Hotaru then glanced at the clock and smirked. "Maybe we should wait to call them until after school."

Daiki looked at the clock and laughed. "Oh yeah!"


back to the original time that this chapter started in…actually, how about later that day…yeah that sounds better

Kouichi stood outside the all-girls school, looking anxious. His anxiety ebbed when he saw a blonde girl walking toward him. But his excitement was quickly extinguished when he realized that it wasn't who he had been waiting for: Zoe.

"Darn it," he cursed under his breath as the blonde girl walked by. He turned his attention back to the walkway from the school. It was crowded with girls leaving school for the day, but not the girl he most wanted to see.

He had been standing outside the school for almost half an hour now, and still Zoe hadn't appeared. Terrible thoughts began to flash through his mind, the worst one a memory of Duskmon holding a sword to Zoe's throat…

He clutched his D-Tector tighter. He had taken it out of his pocket, just in case HE decided to show up. I know he'll be back, he thought, fear and anger increasing. He'll use whoever he can to get to me, and that includes…

Suddenly he saw her, the culmination of his desires, walking quickly from the main school building, followed by a disgruntled-looking Kira. He sighed in relief, waving at the two girls.

They quickly spotted him and made their way through the crowd until they reached him. "Zoe," Kouichi said, embracing his girlfriend tightly.

"Um, hi Kouichi," Zoe replied, confused by Kouichi's sudden public display of affection. He was usually more reserved than this, especially around Zoe's jealousy-prone classmates, who were glaring at her with unconcealed malice at this very moment.

"Don't tell me I gotta beat someone else up," Kira muttered angrily, fists already raised.

"Someone else?" Kouichi asked, letting go of Zoe abruptly when he realized they had an audience. "Did you already beat someone up today?"

"That was why we were late," Zoe explained, looking exasperatingly at Kira. "And you know that if you punch someone else, you'll only get in more trouble."

"That bitch deserved what she got!" Kira exclaimed, scowling. "Besides," she continued, turning to look at Kouichi, "Chief would've done the same thing if he'd heard what these prissy sluts have been saying about you!"

Kouichi frowned, staring at Zoe. "They've been bugging you again?"

Zoe shuffled her feet uncomfortably under Kouichi's gaze. "It's not that bad…"

"Are you kidding?! It's worse than before!" Kira gestured to all the girls around them, staring at Zoe with evident jealousy and hate. "All because they think you're so freakin' smex, Chief!"

Kouichi lowered his eyes, stung by Kira's comment. "Kira!" Zoe cried. "It isn't Kouichi's fault this is happening, and you know it!"

"Then who's to blame, Zoe?!" Kira yelled back. "You tell me that!"

"That's it; c'mon, Kouichi!" Zoe grabbed Kouichi's arm, pulling him with her as she stomped out the school gate angrily. "Don't expect me to cover for your sorry ass anymore, Kira Ishiko!"

"Ditto!" Kira yelled back, glaring at Zoe with as much anger as the girls around her.

When they were a significant distance away from the school, Zoe stopped, angry tears forming in her eyes. "Stupid Kira," she muttered, wiping away her tears.

Kouichi stared at Zoe with concern. "Zoe, you didn't have to get angry like that. Kira had a point…"

"No she didn't," Zoe said quietly, looking at Kouichi with shining, wet eyes. "I know it sounds stubborn, but I refuse to believe you are the cause of any of this."

"But if it weren't for me…" Kouichi began.

"No," Zoe quickly said, holding a finger to his mouth to quiet him. "I don't care what they say to me, because I love you, and I don't care who knows."

Kouichi blushed slightly, staring at the ground. "What about Kira?"

"I'll talk to her when she realizes she's being a stupid jerk for blaming one of her sweetest, kindest friends for my problems," Zoe said stubbornly, looking adoringly at Kouichi. "Now, I believe we had a movie date at your house this evening. Shall we go?"

Kouichi glanced at Zoe's hand, then at her shining, dazzling eyes. He knew he couldn't deny her when she gave him that look with those eyes. They were too bewitching.

"Okay," he replied, pushing his unsettling anxieties out of his mind. "Let's go."


"Look at this, Tom-Tom!" Nanami held up a crudely drawn picture of what looked like some sort of animal proudly.

Tommy and Shinya stared at it uncertainly. "Um, Nanami, I don't want to insult you or anything, but what is that supposed to be?" Tommy asked, stepping around a puddle left by the recent rainstorm.

"I think it's a squirrel," Shinya murmured.

"It's supposed to be Kumamon!" Nanami exclaimed, sticking her lip out and pouting. "I was trying to draw it for Tom-Tom."

Shinya's expression darkened slightly when Tommy grabbed the paper, saying, "You know, now that I'm really looking at it, you're right, it does look like Kumamon! Thank you, Nanami."

Nanami blushed while Shinya glared angrily at the ground, trying to dispel his jealousy.

"Hey guys," said Shino, suddenly walking up behind the younger kids. "How was school, Nanami?"

"Wait, I drew you a picture, too!" Nanami quickly reached into her backpack and produced another piece of paper, this one with an attempt at drawing Arbormon on it.

"Uh, thank you, Nanami," Shino smirked, taking the paper. He was used to getting works of Nanami's "art."

Shinya's eyes widened slightly. She never even thought to draw me anything, did she? Of course not, because I'm not special like the others are…

"Well, are you ready to head home, guys?" Shino asked.

"Yes," replied Tommy and Nanami, walking further down the street toward their homes. Shinya stayed where he was.

"You want me to walk you home, too?" Shino asked, glancing at Shinya. "I know it's in the opposite direction from our homes, but I'm sure that Tommy and Nanami wouldn't mind."

"No," Shinya said quickly, turning around. "I'm sure Takuya will be here any minute to walk me home."

Shino sighed. "Shinya, Takuya's been a little preoccupied lately. He might have forgotten again."

"Then I'll just walk home by myself!" Shinya cried, rushing away from Shino quickly and turning the corner before slowing down to a brisk walk.

"Why bother with me, huh? Nobody else does. No one gives a crap about me, not even my stupid older brother." As Shinya continued to mutter angrily to himself, a light rain began to fall around him.

He looked up and a rain drop fell right in his eye. Shinya scowled, rubbing his eye gruffly. "Even the weather hates me," he said, glaring at the sky. "What is this, karma?! Have I done something to anger the gods?! Answer me!"

In response, the rain began to increase in intensity until it was pouring, soaking Shinya to the bone. "Of course," Shinya murmured, hugging himself with his arms and continuing to trudge through the rain toward home. And no one was there for him with an umbrella.


later that night

Takuya lay on his bed, covering his face with his hat and clutching his goggles in his hand. Everything had somehow changed for him, so suddenly that he was having a hard time adjusting.

Ilsemon sent Digimon here, but not to kill us. Not yet, anyway. She wants something from us, and if we don't deliver, she'll send another attack. Takuya thought of Wizardmon's words again. I'll see you all in the Digital World.

"She wants us to go to the Digital World, but for what reason? Could we be walking into a trap?" Takuya swept his hat from his face, letting it fall to the floor. He glanced at his window, watching the rain fall. He also heard wind howling against the tarp pinned up over the gapping hole in the wall in the hallway.

"I don't even feel like myself," Takuya mumbled. "Being a leader never used to be this complicated."

Suddenly something occurred to Takuya, something that he had somehow ignored for three weeks. He shot up, jumped onto the floor, and grabbed his D-Tector. After some expert button-fiddling, the symbol for the warrior of earth appeared on the small screen.

"Hey, Takuya!" Daiki's enthusiastic greeting came from the D-Tector. "I was just about to call and tell you that my bad case of strep throat is officially gone!"

"Awesome," Takuya replied, adrenalin rushing through him. "Dai, I need you to call the gang and tell them to sneak out of their houses around midnight and meet up at the park. Call them with your D-Tector. Can you do that?"

"Heck yes I can!" Daiki replied, sounding excited. "My first adventure in weeks! Don't worry; I'll make sure everyone knows!"

"Thanks," Takuya said, smiling. "I have a plan I need to tell everyone about, now!"


Kouji silently entered the park, trying to make himself as unnoticeable as possible. He crept quietly from the shadow of one tree to the next, so silent, so stealthy…

"Hey Kouji." Kouji whirled around and instantly recognized his brother Kouichi, leaning against a tree and chuckling quietly.

Kouji frowned, asking, "How'd you see me this time?"

"I just have a knack for seeing things in the dark," Kouichi said, walking past Kouji and beckoning for him to follow. "Besides, you really aren't as stealthy as you think."

Kouji looked insulted, then smiled good-naturedly. "You are the sneakier of the two of us." Kouichi chuckled again, and then Kouji asked, "Okay, so why did Takuya feel the need to drag us out here in the middle of the night?"

Kouichi shrugged. "I was just told to come."

"Guys, over here!" The twins turned to see JP gesturing at them from behind a building not far from where they were standing. They walked over and found the rest of the gang- minus Takuya- lounging in the shadows. Most of them looked like they were struggling to stay awake. Tommy was already asleep.

"Anybody tired?" Kouji asked sarcastically. In response, Zoe threw a pinecone at his head. "God," he muttered, rubbing his head where the pinecone had hit. "Why are you so cranky?"

"Because unlike you, pretty boy, we can't function properly without our daily recommended eight hours of sleep, which Taki is depriving us of," Kira said, snapping a twig in two.

Kouichi said nothing, glancing uncomfortably at the two girls in front of him. Kira noticed this and smiled at him, saying, "It's okay, Chief. Zoe and I patched things up between us earlier."

"And?" Zoe stared at Kira, wanting her to add something to her statement.

Kira sighed. "And I'm sorry I blamed everything on you," she mumbled, staring at her feet.

"No big deal," Kouichi replied, smiling at Kira.

"Uh, what the hell are you two talking about?" Kouji asked, staring blankly at his brother and Kira.

"I guess we missed something again," JP said, sighing. "We always seem to miss all the good stuff these days."

"Exactly!" Everyone turned around and saw…


"What?" Tommy mumbled, rubbing his eyes sleepily. "What's goin' on?"

"Apparently Madjack has decided to pay us a visit for no reason whatsoever," Shino explained so I wouldn't have to. "Use me…" he muttered to himself, annoyed.

"Okay, why are you here and where's Takuya?" JP asked, cocking his head.

"Oh, he's right here!" I replied, grabbing Takuya's arm and pulling him out from behind the wall of the building. He looked just as confused as everyone else, seeing me in the story. "Yeah, there's no reason for me to be here, but I just wanted to ruin the moment! See ya!"

Then I vanished, leaving the gang very, very confused.

"Well, that was…weird," Takuya said, scratching his head. "But, anyway, back to the plot. Hey guys, how's it going?"

"You have five seconds to explain what we're doing out here in the middle of the night before we shove you up against a tree and do target practice on you," JP said.

"In our Beast forms," Zoe added.

Takuya smiled sheepishly. "Anything you'd like to add, Kouji?" he asked sarcastically.

"You didn't drag me out of bed, so I don't particularly care," Kouji replied, shrugging.

"And Shino's technically the only one of us newbies who can use their beast spirit without blowing stuff up accidentally," Daiki said.

"Lucky for you," Kira added, glaring at Takuya.

"Jeez, you guys are cranky," Takuya muttered, clearing his throat. "Okay, here's why I called this little meeting.

"Three weeks ago, Wizardmon said he'd see us in the Digital World. I don't know about you guys, but to me, that pretty much means come to the Digital World, or we're gonna make it personal.

"And for these past three weeks, I have been trying to come up with logical ways to deal with this situation. I mean, if we go, who knows when we'll get back? And what if it's a trap?

"Then suddenly, I had this epiphany, and here is what it is." Takuya paused, trying to build up the suspense. Everyone looked at him expectantly. Maybe, finally, Takuya had come up with a carefully thought out plan for something.

"I realized that logic is useless!" Takuya exclaimed, grinning.

Everyone looked at Takuya with disbelief except for Tommy and Daiki. Daiki nodded philosophically while Tommy stared curiously at Takuya.

"What do you mean?" Tommy asked Takuya.

"I think what Tommy means is, what the hell, Takuya?" Kouji said.

"Kouji, Kouji, Kouji." Takuya shook his head, smirking. "Let's face it; you're the logical one of the group. I'm not. That's why I've been feeling so off lately! I've been trying to come up with a sophisticated plan this whole time, when the answer was right in front of me all along!"

"And the answer would be?" Shino asked.

"All we need to do is just go!" Takuya said happily. "I mean, what's stopping us? It's obvious that something big is going on in the Digital World, and we are kind of the protectors of it, so what are we still doing here? Let's just go!"

Everyone remained quiet for a moment, deep in thought. "Our parents…" Kouji said.

"We can write them notes and explain everything. Even if they don't believe what we write, it's not like they'll be able to find us until we get back."

"School…" Zoe said.


"Okay, maybe not school," Zoe said, smirking.

"Anyone else have anything to add?" Takuya asked, still smiling.

"Well, I would say friends, but…you know," Shino said, sighing.

Everyone was silent again. "So, what do say? Are you with me?" Takuya stuck his hand out, waiting for the others responses.

After a moment, Kouji chuckled. "Somebody has to keep you from getting yourself killed," he said, stacking his hand on top of Takuya's.

"Like I'd abandon you, Taki," Kira said, stacking her hand as well.

"Of course I'm with you, Takuya!" Tommy said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. He also stacked his hand.

"Yay, we'll finally get to see the Digital World!" Daiki exclaimed, stacking his hand.

"Just so you guys know," Hotaru began, stacking his hand, "I'm not just doing this for Dai anymore."

"That tears it; let me in there!" JP quickly joined his friends in their hand stack.

Kouichi and Zoe glanced at each other and smiled. "Shall we?" Zoe asked, stacking her hand.

"As long as I don't have to go near those stairs again," Kouichi joked, stacking his hand.

Everyone stared back at Shino expectantly. After a moment, Shino smirked. "Thanks for making me look bad by going before me, guys," he said before stacking his hand on the top.

Takuya looked at each of his friends, excitement flowing through him. "Digital World, here we come!"


Impmon sat high in a tree, thinking back to his short time in the human world. The warrior of earth hadn't tried to move at all when his attack had come at him. He had merely stood there, waiting for it…

"Dang kid!" Impmon cried, punching the tree angrily. He took his hand (or paw) away from the tree to assess the damage, but realized that he hadn't even dented it.

Impmon clenched his teeth in fury. "Why can't I do anythin'?!" he cried angrily.


Renamon gazed thoughtfully at the moons, noting that there was only one in the human world, but three in the Digital World.

"How odd," she murmured quietly. "So many things about the human world are odd, though."

She paused before continuing. "Like the humans themselves. They are so odd; vulnerable, yet capable. They have somehow turned their crippling emotions into strengths."

She stood still for a moment, staring at her paws regretfully. "Could I have done that?"


"All in all, ma'am, I believe that the mission was a success," Wizardmon stated, staring at Ilsemon's turned back. "We've peaked their interest in our activities, and I am quite confident that they will come to this world in search of answers."

Ilsemon nodded in acknowledgment. "And," Wizardmon continued quietly, "I still haven't been able to find Gatomon." I don't want to lie to her, he thought, glancing at Ilsemon. But…she'll treat Gatomon as a traitor. And technically, I don't know where she is.

"I'm sorry," Ilsemon muttered, black wings twitching. "She is a great asset to our cause, and she is your sister. We will find her soon."

Her dark hair swept over her shoulders when she turned to face Duskmon, who stood in a corner, leaning against the wall. "Duskmon, do you have anything to add?"

"No," Duskmon said simply, turning to leave.

Wizardmon glanced at Ilsemon apologetically as Duskmon disappeared. "I'm sorry for him, ma'am. He's just so…"

"I know he is difficult," Ilsemon replied calmly, light blue eyes narrowing. "But we'll need him if we are ever to resurrect my brother, Lucemon."


"Oh!" Masumon's eyes widened, slowly getting to her feet. The chains around her ankles and wrists were heavy, but she didn't care at the moment.

For the first time in a while, she felt a glimmer of hope inside her. It was small, but it was there. Her hazel eyes shone with an excited intensity as she brushed a strand of dirty blonde hair out of her face. Her pure white, angelic wings twitched in anticipation.

"They're finally coming," she muttered to herself. "Now the fun can really begin!"


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