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It was happening again. She was being chased. Why does this keep happening to me? She continued to run as a high pitched laugh surrounded her. She tripped and fell into the growing pit of snakes beneath her. She was falling to a sure death by those slippery, slimy snakes and…you know, nasty nightmare stuff…

Hermione shot up in bed, a thin layer of sweat dusting her troubled young face. Not nightmares again. She looked across the room to her brother's bed. Empty of course. Her brother Chance was always getting up early to go run laps. Boys and there obsession over rock hard abs and healthy lungs. Okay, maybe that was just her crazy brother. Her twin chose that moment to run back in the room, fully dressed in a loser track outfit (AN-think JUNO track guys lol) to grab his water bottle, not even noticing Hermione was in the room, let alone getting dressed. Yep, Hermione thought, definitely just my crazy brother. She finished getting ready and hurried downstairs into the kitchen. She had almost forgotten that it was summer! Sweet, sweet, summer, where she didn't have to try so hard to be the best at everything. Yup, she thought. Summer was a time for rest and relaxa-

"HERMIONE! GET DOWN HERE, MY PANCAKES ARNT ON A PLATE IN FRONT OF ME WITH BUTTER AND SYRUP LOVINGLY DRIZZLED ON THEM! COME HERE AND MAKE YOUR OLD MAN SOME BREAKFAST!" A voice called from the kitchen. Hermione double timed it down the stairs, making it in time to see her father staring at her impatiently.

"Where's my breakfast? I've been waiting for my paper too. Start cooking and then go get the mail." She hesitated, about to ask him if he wanted blueberry or chocolate pancakes. "GET COOKING!"

She franticly mixed up some pancake batter and put them on the griddle to cook. Under the watchful and impatient eye of her father, she hurried down the hall to the front door.

As she picked up the stack of letters she leafs through them. One envelope seemed to stick out from the rest. The envelope was thick and heavy, made of yellowish parchment, and the address was written in emerald green ink. There was no stamp.

Mr. Chanceton Granger

The Smallest Bedroom,

23, Bruce Street,

West Wetshire,


Turning the envelope over, Hermione saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger, and a snake surrounding a large letter H. Above the seal was printed the words HOGWARTS. At that exact moment, Chance barged through the door, sweating like a pig and panting hard.

"You've got a letter," Hermione told him. He took it from her silently and ripped the top away, not bothering to peel the wax off. He pulled out the letter and peered at it. "Hermione what's this say?" He asked, handing the letter to her. "I can't read cursive."

"I've been telling you to work on it but you never do," She said bossily, taking the letter. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? " The twins looked at each other puzzled as a loud booming -or was that knocking?- came from the door. Chance turned around and opened it promptly, revealing a giant of a man. His face was almost completely hidden by a mane of hair and a wild, tangled beard, but you could see his glinting beetle black eyes under all the hair.

Hermione let out a fearful squeak when she saw the man, and hid behind her brother.

"'ello there Chanceton. And this mus' be your sister, right?" Came the large man. His voice was friendly, and he was smiling through his massive hairy beard.

"Um can I help you?" Chance asked politely.

"Yes I s'pose you can," The man said. "My name is Hagrid, the groundskeeper at Hogwarts. I'd like to speak with you parents soon please. Its about the matter of your schooling."

"My schooling? What do you-" Chance was interrupted by his fathers voice.

"Who's at the door?" He called from the kitchen.

"If you'll excuse me, I'll just go talk to your father for a wee bit…" Hagrid said politely and quietly to the twins. They stood in confused silence as the giant lumbered through their house to the kitchen. Hermione looked accusingly at Chance.

"Hey don't look at me! I've never heard of this guy either!" Chance told her with his hands up defensively. They looked down the hall at the sound of shouting coming from the kitchen. Together they made their way to the kitchen and stood quietly outside the open door. Their father was pacing as he read a duplicate letter of the one Hermione had in her hands.

"So you're telling me my kid has some pansy magical powers? And because of that I can't send him to the military academy next year, I've got'ta pay to send him to some fruity school for wizards?" Her father said to Hagrid, who was sitting at the table, looking extremely large in chairs obviously made for a smaller person.

"No no no…See bein' excepted inta' Hogwarts is a great honor, ya should be proud of ya' son. And as for having to pay to send him, you won' have to pay a cent. Hogwarts 'as a special fund fer muggleborn students." Hagrid told her father, who seemed surprisingly calm.

"Alright then…but what about this list of supplies? Even if you gave me the money for it I wouldn't have a clue where to find this stuff…and according to this the term starts in less than a month. How will I get him to this school? And whats a 'muggleborn'?"

"Don't worry about the supplies, that's what I'm hear for actually. And all you have to do is to get him to Kings Cross on the start of term, the train leaves for Hogwarts there. Muggleborns are students born from muggle, or nonmagical parents. So if you don't mind," Hagrid looked down at his watch. "We should get going soon, I have another muggleborn to see to today."

"Wait there's still one thing I don't understand. Chanceton and Hermione are twins, they do everything together. Why has Chance got magic powers and whatnot, and Hermione's not got them?" The twins father asked. There was a long pause. Hermione's mind raced, wondering how she could be stupider than her brother.

"Well," Hagrid answered at last. "Shes a girl ant she?"

"What has that got anything to do with it?"

"Listen, Ill try to be as nice as possible, cuz I know in the muggle world you think men and women are equal and whatnot, but in the wizarding world, girls don't go to Hogwarts. They never have. They go to special schools for witches, where they learn how to use magic to cook and clean and whatnot. Girls….they just arnt allowed at Hogwarts. Besides, they wouldn't last." Hagrid said, as nicely as possible. Hermione made a shocked noise from the doorway. The adults looked over and noticed the twins standing there for the first time.

"Are you saying all girls are stupider than boys? That's just silly. I get better marks than Chance in every class. And besides, you can't put Chance in your school and not put me in. Were twins, we do everything together," Hermione said matter-of-factually.

"Yea," Chance added, taking a step into the kitchen. "You can't expect us to just part ways. Besides, Dad was sending us both to the military academy next term. I've been training for months!"

"Chance," Mr. Granger looked over to him kindly. "If this man says you're a wizard, and you need to go to a special school, then you'll do just that." He turned to Hermione, his eyes growing cold. "And you-You'll go to the Military Academy, witch or not. I don't want to hear a word of protest, now go upstairs and do your chores."

"Fine!" Hermione spat tearfully, heading towards the staircase. "You pancakes are burning, jerk!" she said, and scrambled up the stairs to her room as the smoke alarm began to go off.

Chance opened the door and slipped into the room quietly. Hermione was quietly sobbing facedown into her pillow. Chance sat on the bed next to her and sighed. Hermione rolled over and stopped crying. They stared at each other for a minute.

"Why do you get to go to some special school? It's not fair. I don't want to go to the military academy to do sit-ups and laps and whatnot," Hermione said quietly.

"You think I want to go to school with a bunch of sexist fruits and learn to wave a wand around? Being the top of my class at the military academy has been my dream for years." Chance sighed. "If only there was some way to switch places…"

"I wish. You heard that big oaf, no girls allowed at Hogwarts. Stupid Sexist Hogwarts! Not that we couldn't sneak you into the military academy, we have your papers signed and filled out already. They wouldn't notice a thing. But these magic people are sure to notice their missing a student…." Hermione tapered off and stared off into space with an exited smile growing on her face. Chance could almost see the light bulb turning on above her head.

"What? What's the plan?" He asked her eagerly.

"We let dad think were going to the right schools. He drops us both off at Kings cross at the same time, to catch our separate trains. Then, once he leaves, we go somewhere private and cut my hair. With that gone, no one will be able to tell the difference between us!" She said excitedly.

"But what good would that do? I'm confused." Chance interrupted.

"Well let me finish!" She continued. "Then you take your papers and get on the train for the military academy as you. I'll pretend to be you and get on the train to Hogwarts. We look so much alike they'll never know I'm not you!"

"Its brilliant! But what about when we have to come home for break?"

"I'll just tell dad I had to cut my hair at the academy."Chance looked at Hermione as though she was a god.

"God I'm so lucky you were the smart one!"

The twins grinned at each other, but before they could begin to discuss the finer details of their plan, they were called downstairs. Their father was looking much calmer, and was standing next to a smiling Hagrid.

"Chance, Hagrid has to take you to go get your supplies for Hogwarts now."

"Can I come please? I'll be good I promise," Hermione said sweetly, putting on her best cute little girl charm.

"If Hagrid says ok, It's fine with me," Said Mr. Granger.

"Sure ya' can little missy!" Hagrid said sweetly.

The twins looked at each other and smiled. This plan was gonna work.


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