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Hermione woke to a bright light and a bouncingly happy Chance. Literally, he was bouncing.

"Shwos goink on Chanz it's sooooo early," Hermione mumbled into her pillow, clinging to a wonderful dream she had been enjoying, set in a land where everybody was half dog.

"Time to get up!" Chance exclaimed, waving a flashlight in her face and giving her a friendly noogie. "We're going to the train station today 'member!?" He could barely keep the giggle out of his voice as Hermione reluctantly sat up, her huge mass of bushy hair looking rather like a lion mane that hid her entire face as well as most of her small torso.

"I set an alarm Chance! I'm always prepared!" She grunted looking out the window. "It's still dark!"

Chances grin grew, if possible. "I know, Dad woke me up early! He has an appointment he forgot about, so we are heading out 2 hours early. It gives us plenty of time to carry out our plan at the station!"

Hermione groaned at the early hour, but was excited for the coming day, and so with no further complaints she rose to make the last breakfast for her father she would need to prepare for a while.

The ride to the train station left the twins with mixed feelings. On one hand, they were so excited to be rid of their annoying and hairy father, to be going on to do something new and exciting, but on the other hand, they would be apart for the first time in their lives. They spent the first half of the drive to kings cross looking out separate windows, avoiding each other's gaze. As the traffic around them grew however, the noise of their father screaming obscene threats against the mothers of traffic offenders grew to unignorable volume, the locked eyes and smiled. The rest of the car ride they deftly held hands, looking like slightly distorted mirror images of each other.

Finally, after the tearful goodbye with their father came and went, the twins gathered up their luggage and headed to a discreet corner just outside the station, hidden by a rather smelly dumpster. Coughing and holing their noses, Hermione pulled the scissors and a picture of the hairstyle she wanted out of her bag.

"Are you ready?" Chance asked. "Because honestly I don't even know where to start with this birds nest. You look like that picture of a happy apple tree I gave to nana a few years back. Honestly, I'm afraid if I cut to deep I will be attacked by bees, or squirrels, or a rather angry-" He was cut short by Hermione's light backhand on the chest, complete with a giggle and an eyeroll.

"Just get on with it. Make sure you don't make it to short on the sides, you know how bad that looks on you!" Chance just smiled, and began snipping away. After a good long fro-trimming(during which Chance would have sworn he saw a bird fly out in fear out of the corner of his eye), Hermione examined herself in the little mirror she carried with her.

"I don't look half bad!" She exclaimed, feeling the dread begin to slip away from her stomach.

"You should see how you smell!"

"How can I see a smell?!"

"It's one of those…metaphor thingies!!"

"Oh Chance," Hermione sighed. "We have to get going. I really will miss you." They shared a long, brotherly hug, and began heading back to the station.

"What time is it?" Chance asked.

"Almost ten. Your train leaves at 10:30, so we should head over there. Do you have the papers dad filled out ages ago?"

"Got them," Chance held them up, smiling sadly. The stopped walking at Platform 11.

"This is it Chance. There is your train. Best get on before all the good seats are taken." They hugged one last time. "Write me every day, or I will hunt you down!"

"Oh Hermione, you know I will write you till my hand hurts!"

"So about two, maybe three sentences then. Good to know!" Hermione laughed. She sniffed the air, making a face. "Ugh, we still smell like dumpster! Let me get my spray…"She dug through her backpack, as Chance backed away.

"Maybe you stink, but I smell like a beautiful rose! No need to spray me with you nasty girl stuff!" He proclaimed, puffing his chest up. But alas, to late. Hermione ruthlessly sprayed him with the strawberry body mist, as he curled up, making a face reminiscent of a rather pissed off cat. After a few coughs, they laughed. Hermione's smile soon turned a bit more serious though, and she looked at him, then glanced at the train that was clearly ready to leave the station.

"Goodbye Chance," She said to the nervous looking Chance. "You will do just fine, I know it."

"I know it to! Goodbye Herm-um Chance I mean." They both laughed again, shared a last hug, and Chance turned and jogged onto the train, only tripping once. Hermione watched silently as he sat near a window seat, looking down on her. He opened the window, and lowered something down to her.

"Almost forgot sis, I got you this. Well, I found it in moms old stuff." Hermione took the delicate silver locket from him, a beautiful little peace on a long thin chain. Before she could thank him, the train horn began to ring out, the hissing sounds of steam and moving gears filled the already loud and crowded station. Chance made a funny face up against the window, and Hermione ran alongside for as long as she could, watching as her twin's waving hand disappeared into the distance.

Only after he was gone, she looked down at her hands. In one, the delicate locket, she had yet to open. In the other, her ticket. She realized suddenly that in the excitement of planning her makeover she had forgotten to see what platform her train would be leaving at. There must be some mistake, she thought.

There is no such thing as Platform nine and three quarters, is there?

Ok! So, suggestions! What happens next? Can she find the platform? Does she make the train? Who does she meet on the express? Does someone find her out so soon? Oh, the tantalizing details!! With enough ideas, the next could likely be longer than this short piece of shite, shich i apologise for. Thanks for reading!

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