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51 Ways to Annoy Murtagh

By silver-nightstorm

Summary: When Mercury discovers the internet, it creates a VERY bad scenario for Murtagh...

Chapter 12: Team Annoy Murtagh T-Shirts!

Phase 14: Laughing Continued

So if you remember correctly, Mercury was at the Hall of Trees, Robyn was by the stables, Flightless was by Murtagh's favorite café, Lisette was outside Murtagh's house, and Star was trailing Murtagh with a camera. They were all in position to annoy Murtagh.

They were also equipped with "Team Annoy Murtagh T-Shirts". These new shirts were now the groups 'signature thing'. They wore them all the time—because the t-shirts had magic auto-wash spells on them! But little did Murtagh know he was in for the time of his life… NOT!

Murtagh woke up very early in the morning. He though if he got up fast, he might be able to avoid his torturers. He quickly got changed and was out of his tree house to see…

"Gooooooooooooood Moooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrning!" sang Lisette, "Good Morning! Good MORNING! GOOD Morning! GOOD MORNING!" She was singing the Good Morning song. Murtagh knew he was in for a very Bad Morning.

He started to walk towards the Hall of Trees, Lisette falling in step behind him. A group of elves passed Murtagh and Lisette burst into hysterical laughter while pointing at him. And this continued all the way to the Hall of Trees.

When Murtagh finally thought he would get a break with Lisette's mysterious departure he heard, "Good Morning! Good MORNING! GOOD Morning! GOOD MORNING!" It was Mercury, the worst of the worst.

Through the whole entire meeting in the Hall of Trees, Mercury sat next to Murtagh and sniggered, winking at the other elves while Murtagh silently seethed.

After the meeting, Murtagh thought he would get a break with Mercury's departure. He stepped up to his favorite café to hear, "Good Afternoon! Good AFTERNOON! GOOD Afternoon! GOOD AFTERNOON!" It was Flightless.

All throughout Murtagh's meal, Flightless just laughed hysterically, pointing at him. She gave people something to really laugh about when Murtagh accidentally toppled his bowl of soup while spinning around to glare at Flightless. It all went downhill from there.

Murtagh finally went to the stables, hoping for a nice, relaxing ride, just to hear, "Good Evening! Good EVENING! GOOD Evening! GOOD EVENING! It was Robyn.

Murtagh sighed. Robyn plopped herself behind Murtagh on his horse, and Murtagh had no choice but to go horseback riding with her—sparking many rumors about his romantic interests. Robyn, meanwhile, just laughed hysterically at Murtagh.

Murtagh knew he should be cautious, Star still hadn't played a prank on him. So when he heard a rustling noise in the bushes behind him, he spun around and threw his sword into the bushes to hear a metallic clang and Star's curses. He parted the bushes to find…

"What IS that thing?" he asked.

"A video camera," said Star innocently, "GOTTA GO!" She screamed in his face and ran away.

Later on that night the girls gathered in Mercury's house and posted their latest updates to Youtube, eagerly awaiting comments, no matter how weird these so called 'Earthlings' were!

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