Emmett's POV

I was finally getting a break from school. I would get to see my sister, mom and dad, and I couldn't wait. My little sister was turning 16 this year, a big milestone, which meant boys. None of them would ever be good enough, ever. I just hoped she was doing ok, by herself at mom and dads.

I was about five minutes away; I was going about 20 miles over the speed limit, and being the chief's son that wasn't too good. If I got caught I would get killed, by mom and dad, Bella, and Rose, my girlfriend, so I decided to slow it down a little.

Rose, or Rosalie Hale, was a foster child, she had been in so many homes before the Cullen's. Her and her brother, Jasper, had been abused over and over again in many homes; sometimes it would take child services a year to figure it out. I had felt so bad for her when she told me her story, almost as if it was my fault.

I had just gotten over that about a year and a half ago.
Me and Rose have been dating for 3 years, all of the years I was in college. We were really serious and now even more. I had finally popped the question. I smiled as I remembered how I asked her.

I had Alice, Edward, and jasper come over and spend all day helping me. We made her favorite foods, lit our entire house up in candles, and put some romantic music on. When she came home she came to me and gave me a big kiss and asked the obsession, and I had said, 'A boyfriend needs a reason to make a romantic date for his girl?' and she just smiled and said no.

Later on after we had eaten and were now relaxing I had gotten down on one knee and got her ring out of my pocket. She already was dryings so I think she knew what I was going to ask. 'Rosalie Hale, will you marry me?' I had asked when I looked her in the eyes. She screamed yes. And then we were engaged.

She wanted Alice to be her maid of honor, and though she hasn't met Bella yet she wants her to be the second in command, so she pretty much wanted Bella to be one of her bride's mates. I couldn't wait to give the news to mom, dad, and Bella. They were going to be so excited! I started to speed up again. I just couldn't wait to get there.