Hey guys it's me. . . . I kn0ow surprising right ? ugh I feel like shit, I'm a horrible writer and updateder and I know most of ou just want to tell me to fuck off. Lets of people have been doing that lately. I have a reason but I feel like shit after giving exsuced after excuse… and I am sorry, ut right now sorry isn't good enough and I understand that. do y'all remember when I complaine d about the people starting remors about my best friend? Who tried to commit suicide? We it's happening again, but this time they are inculdign me in this rumor. Totally fucking stupid. So I've been spending time doiong damage control. Not a good enough excuse? Next one then, everyone in my family think that my grandpa will die this year, hell my grandmother was even planning what she is going to do when he dies! Not bad enough? Next one, my dad is pretty set on dying before he gets to 60. He's 50 now and his doctor told him he has the health of an 89 year old, and that he needs to lose weight or he could have a heart attack and die, and guess what he does? Buys three fucking containers of chips a hoy cookies and eats them all in less than thrity minutes AND then eats two lean cousins. Great right?! Next my rents threatened this site if I didn't get all A's and my mother fucking Spanish teacher won't give me an A! another one? Ok, my best friend's dad just had surgery, another? Ok! I'm not able to put anything worthy of you all down on paper. So heres the the deal.

March 24th (today) there will be a poll on my profile and it will have you deciding what's to happen in Project hope and no one left to protect me no let to care. Ok you'll have till 11:59 on the 27th to vote(0r when ever I find the energy to move and take it off), make sure you do.

Ps. I know this has tons of spelling errors but I'm packing for my school trip right now, so ya. GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!