A/N: No, I still don't own anything

A/N: No, I still don't own anything. Did anyone really think I did??

Okay, so last chapter ended with Edward carrying Kate to their bed, and since we all know vamps don't sleep…well I think we all know what is going on upstairs. So I'm going to take this opportunity to explore what happens when Edward and Kate are away.

Chapter 24


I squeezed Alice's hand. The lust that was radiating from upstairs was starting to have an effect on me.

Alice and I were seated on a light tan leather love seat in the living room. Rosalie was sitting on Emmett's lap in a reclining chair across from us.

Once Irina left with Edward and Kate the room grew silent with an overwhelming sense of awkwardness.

There was a large, angry pink elephant in the room—and her name was Tanya.

"So, Carmen…what else is new?" Alice asked. We all had asked various members of the Denali coven, sans Tanya, what was new. It was the only question any of us could come up with that seemed innocuous.

"Not much. Katrina and Irina just got back from a trip to Europe."

"Yes, it was wonderful. We even stopped by Volterra. Aro sends his regards to the entire Cullen family. I do suggest you inform them of the recent addition to your family. You wouldn't want them to think you were hiding her." Katrina interjected.

"The Volturri have never been happy with our numbers, Katrina. We need to go see them and inform them of the addition for them not to feel threatened." I told her.

"I don't see what the problem is. It's not like you all planned to change her, it all happened so fast. Anyway, the rest of you have mates, it's only fair that Edward can keep his as well."

Oh. No.

I felt the rage bubble up. It was hard for me not to lash out.

"Perfect Edward and his perfect girlfriend. Living a perfect life as vampire lovers. It makes me sick." Tanya's fury was evident even though her voice was light and sing-songy.

"Now, Tanya, we discussed this. Edward and you were just not meant to be. No one did anything wrong." Eleazer was trying to reason with her.

"No, he's more attracted to average humans than beautiful vampires. Now, he has his queen. His perfect human girl transformed to an immortal. Can I tell you how happy I am for them? When's the wedding? I know exactly what I want to get them."

"Enough." Irina had walked back into the room. "Tanya, these are our guests. Your schoolgirl crush has gotten out of control. Edward did nothing wrong by not picking you and Kate certainly has done nothing to you. If you can't control yourself, maybe you need to take a holiday."

I was trying to think of any excuse to get out of that room. Between Tanya's fury and everyone else's awkwardness, it made it quite uncomfortable for me.

Thankfully Alice stepped in.

"Oh, it so beautiful outside. Like a winter wonderland. Come on Jazz, let's go for a romantic stroll in the snow. Its so pretty glistening in the moonlight."

I kissed her tiny hand. My love for her was overpowering all the other emotions I was feeling.

"Yes, let's"

With that we exited the room, leaving Rosalie and Emmett to fend for themselves.


Alice and Jasper would pay for that. How could they leave us here with that banshee? After all of Jasper's military training, he just left a fellow solider on the battlefield!

"So, Rosalie, you never told us how Carlisle and Esme are doing. I'm sure they are enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house." Carmen asked.

"They are fine. Carlisle works too much and Esme is trying to get everything ready for the new house. But your right, I'm sure it's much easier when this Moose isn't running around the house." Rosalie pointed to me when she said Moose.

"Hey!" I was offended.

"Oh, Darling. I love you but you are, well, brutish. Remember when Esme asked you to help her hang the new chandelier in the foyer?"

"That wasn't my fault! Edward and Jasper lured an irritated grizzly to our front yard! I could see them playing with it from the top of the ladder."

"You not only dropped the chandelier, which shattered, you ran out the front door…while it was still shut! There was an Emmett sized hole in our front door for weeks."

"How was I supposed to know that Esme had to custom order those doors from France?"

"It doesn't matter, dear. I was just illustrating the point that sometimes I think Esme prefers getting things done without us, and just to avoid confusion by 'without us' I mean without you."

"That's cold, baby."

"I still love you."

She bent over and kissed me hard on the lips. God, I loved my Rosie.

"How long am I going to have to put up with all these disgusting couples?" Tanya asked, venomously. I had forgotten the little ball of sunshine and happiness was in the room.

"You know Tanya," Oh, no. Here is came. Rosalie was going to tell Tanya what was on her mind. "I'm really sorry that you pinned all your hopes for happiness on a guy that plainly told you from the being that he wasn't interested but you need to get over it. Kate is wonderful and I am so happy to have her as a sister. I used to like you too but you seem to have taken on the personality of a bitter old woman. Sweetheart, it is not becoming."

Rosalie got up to make a dramatic exit. I quickly got up. I didn't want to get stuck in this room with Tanya after Rosalie just told her off.

"Oh, and by the way, I bought a present for you. It's a book. It's called 'He's just not that into you.' I think it will really be beneficial to you."

With that she swept out of the room. I sheepishly looked down and followed. While it could be embarrassing, she was hot when she got angry. Where was our room again?