Chapter one – Death to Egg man ( they don't kill him but he does die)

Eggman walks up to his new machine. He says meniicaly' " this my newest and greatest weapon the TransCannon that can change anything into anything unless it is to close then it--" He was stopped by the sounds of the door flying off. He known that his usualshave arrived. THey were his enemys of Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Kuckles. "How did you find me?" screamed Eggman. "You had you mic and at the fullest volume possible." lughed Kuckles. "your an idot sometimes, you know" said Sonic.

" Well, it won't matter anylong after I use my Transcannon on you fools" said Eggman. He started blasting it all over the place it and tough to say where they landed. the group spilt up. Eggman went for Tails first think he was the weakest. It turns out Eggman was wrong, Tails was dogeding them like mad. While the other tried to plan what to do while avoiding the blasts that came their way.

" I will smash it" Knuckles said. "Oh no you won't" said Sonic and Shadow simultaneously. " Why." " Bcause we don't know what it does." Shadow said angrly " i still will do it." Kuckles ran up to it and started kicking it. Ke made dents it . A voice from it said," Transcannon had been damge. Seldisstruct in 10 seconds. Every one except Eggmanran . The Transcannon blow up bunning Eggman to a crisp and blasting Everyone esle sky high and far apart. Their last though before thall black out was that they were happy that Eggman was gone.

Next up: Tony hawk and Bam , the world dytruction tour: Sonic