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Chapter 1: The Depression of Amu

Hinamori Amu looked at the ceiling from where she lay on her bed, eyes distant and unfocused. She was like that every night, lying awake while Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia slept in their eggs. No one knew she did this other than Miki, who had found out one late night when she'd happened to wake up and see her at it, and no one else ever would know if she could help it.

This had been going on for four years. Four long, long, years. IN all that time, Easter corporation had fallen, the embryo found, and everything had become a type of 'normal' for her.

She still had a job as a Guardian at Seiya Academy. Even without Easter, X eggs still existed. All of her friends were with her. The Guardians in the High School were the originals from her first year here-with the exception of Nadeshiko, now Nagehiko. Rima held the position of Queen's Chair in his stead, and Kairi was in his last year of middle school.

Amu herself was in tenth grade, a Sophomore. She hadn't kissed anyone in the past four years, been on any dates, or had any sort of relationship. Tadase-kun…really, not much could be said about him. Her so called 'love' for him hadn't been real love. She'd realized that. What she'd felt for him had been more like what you might feel for a celebrity. A princess for her fairy-tale prince. Not real. False. Fake.

Amu closed her eyes. So much had happened, it seemed impossible to remember it all. Ami, her little sister, even had a boyfriend! Yaya and Kukai, the Jack and Ace Chairs of the Guardians, were a couple! Everything was well! Everyone was happy! Four years had been well spent!

Yet, the one thing that Amu had wanted to happen, had needed to happen, hadn't.

"He's gone, Amu."

Three words. Never in her life had three words hurt so much. Yet, the thought that Tsukiyumi Ikuto was gone, that she wouldn't see him again, had hurt so much more than she'd believed it could.

Amu clenched her fists against the sudden pain that flashed in her heart. Ikuto had left four years earlier in the hopes of leaving Easter for good, of escaping the evil corporation.

Amu had lay awake that night, not understanding why her tears were falling for Ikuto; until she'd stopped to sort through the feelings crowding in her mind and heart. That was when she'd discovered something that she'd never in a million years believed could be true.

She loved Ikuto.

Amu took a deep breath against the memories flooding her. Yes, she'd loved Ikuto. She still did. When this had occurred to her, she'd finally understood fully that old saying her Mama had told her.

You never do realize how much you love something until it's been ripped from you.

From that point on, Amu had kept her love hidden, even from her Charas. Her true self had become filled with thoughts of Ikuto-missing him, wanting him, wishing for him to return soon. So she'd created a new outside character to go along with her 'Cool & Spicy' one. This one matched her as she'd been before Ikuto's leave, and she went as far as to make it change with time. It developed crushes-fake ones-and swooned over Tadase, just as she'd done before hand.

No one suspected a thing.

Easter had soon fallen after Ikuto left, and Amu'd found herself hoping he'd come back, but by year three had lost all hope of ever seeing him again.

Amu suddenly sat up in bed, trying to repress the sob attempting to tear its way from her throat. She reached beneath the bed, pulling out the wooden chest there. Opening it, she looked inside at all the note books stacked in piles. There were maybe twenty in all, each one filled with stories she'd written.

By the end of year one of Ikuto's absence, she'd discovered she had a knack for writing short stories. It was times like these, when the pain of missing him grew too great to bare, that she used this talent as a way to relieve the sadness. Take the edge off for a moment.

Amu reached inside and grabbed the top one-the only one that still had any space left. She flipped it open, and, after retrieving a pencil from the desk, began to write.

Even if Ikuto didn't love her; even if he'd only teased her for sport; even if he hadn't thought once of her in the past four years; she still loved him.

Amu reached up to finger the Humpty Lock around her neck-a matching pair to Ikuto's key-that had never been opened.

She just wished he'd bothered to say goodbye.

Miki peeked through her egg at the writing Amu, a sad smile on her face. She knew Amu's secrets, and about her late night writing. It was three-thirty in the morning now, and Amu would be in bed by four at the latest. Allowing her a few hours sleep before school. That was the routine every night. Sometimes she'd go out and join her, but not tonight.

With a small sigh Miki closed her egg. She understood how Amu felt about losing Ikuto. When he left, Yoru went with him.

Miki glanced guiltily at her drawing pad. It was full of pictures of the cat Chara-who she'd grown to feelings for just as Amu had for Ikuto. Being the creative of the four Charas, Miki had merely used drawing as her outlet for emotions.

With another sigh, Miki adjusted her blue cap and settled down for the night. Her and Amu both had their fair share of problems.

End of Chapter One!

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