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Chapter 11: And So It Ends

Amu hummed to herself as she walked home from school, her Charas floating somewhere above her head. Well, it hadn't really been school, just an extended Guardians meeting since this week was a holiday. They were all happy, but Miki was the one in the highest of spirits of the three floating chibis. Amu believed it probably had something to do with Yoru.

Amu's smile became larger. Yeah, she'd had some nice times with Ikuto today too. He'd been so sweet to her, and everything he'd done had been in a loving way. Even his smirk.

She vaguely wondered what she'd done that would insinuate such treatment. But that thought quickly dispersed. She didn't care how it had come about, just that it was happening. It was so nice hearing him tell her how much he loved her. It made the wait so much more worth it.

She did have one regret though.

Tadase. When had he become like this? She didn't want to lose his friendship, they'd been through so much together already. This shouldn't be the thing that brought it all to an end.

After a few minutes Amu reached her home, kicking off her shoes a she entered. "Momma? Papa? I'm home!"

There was no answer.

Frowning, Amu walked forward to the kitchen, finding a note in her Momma's script on the countertop.

Amu, it read, Momma and Papa and Ami have gone out to have some fun with some friends. Watch the house okay? We'll be staying overnight with them, so you don't have to worry about staying up for us. We'll get Ami to school on time, too. Ja ne, Amu-chan!

Love, Momma

Amu smiled, shaking her head as she set the paper back on the smooth surface. It was hard to believe her parents could be so frivolous sometimes.

Walking up the stairs to her bedroom, Amu then plopped down on her bed with a content sigh, eyes closing. She had the whole house to herself. And what's more, she'd have it like this until who knew when tomorrow afternoon. Finally, some peace!

Amu's eyes snapped open.

She'd have the house to herself.

A sudden idea began to take root in her head, growing in swift succession as her mind mulled it over. She knew what she wanted from Ikuto already from their bet, it was just a matter of telling him and making him agree. That would be the hard part. She didn't know if he'd agree to…

But he had to. He had to.

Besides, if her plan worked she'd kill two birds with one stone.

Gulping, Amu picked up the phone from her bedside stand and dialed a familiar number.

"Hello, Nagehiko? Yes, I need another favor of you…," she blushed, "actually, make that two…"

Twenty minutes later, Amu answered the front door to find Nagehiko there, a plastic grocery bag in hand. "Hi, Amu-chan."

She smiled, "Nagehiko." Then she stood aside and gestured for him to come in.

He entered, and after the door was shut thrust the bag into her hands. "Just so you know, I wouldn't do this kind of thing for just anyone, so consider yourself special."

She chuckled lightly. "I know, and thanks again. Did you call him?"

He nodded. "Yes, Tsukiyumi-san should be here in about ten minutes."

"Ten?!" Amu gasped. "That fast?!"

Nagehiko raised a brow. "Yes, so I suggest you get started."

She released a shaky breath. "Right, see you Nagehiko!"

"Bye, Amu-chan." Then he left the house.

Rushing around, Amu hurriedly ran upstairs and changed into a baggy t-shirt, nothing else. Then she stuffed the plastic bag under her pillow on the bed and took deep, calming breaths. She needed to be prepared for this, both mentally and physically.

The door bell made her jump about three feet in the air.

Get a grip, get a grip, she chanted in her head, the small prayer taking effect on her nerves and soothing them as she went back down the stairs.

At least, until she opened the door, anyway.

Ikuto stood in all his sexy cat-boy glory, smirking down at her with one raised eyebrow as he took in her appearance. "Nagehiko told me to come. Special occasion?"

Taking one last breath, Amu grabbed Ikuto's arm and pulled him inside before slamming the door shut. She then yanked him back up to her room with her and shut the door, locking it firmly.

"Amu?" She turned around to see Ikuto standing there, his shirt and hair disheveled from the run and her pulling. His eyes were curious as he examined her. "What's going on?"

Slowly, she walked forward until she was only a few inches away from him, then did something she never though in her entire life she'd have the courage to do.

She pushed Ikuto onto the bed.

This made him even more confused, but a hint of understanding was starting to shine through his dark eyes. "Amu, what-?"

She didn't let him finish.

Pouncing on him, she sealed his lips with hers and forcefully shoved her tongue inside.

He moaned at her sudden intrusion, but made no hesitation in reciprocating. He stroked his tongue with hers, pressing the tips together in an erotic shove that sent sparks of electricity down her spine. Despite her most valiant efforts, she moaned deeply into the kiss.

Pulling back a bit, Ikuto searched her eyes with his, obviously searching for an answer to the question there.

"Amu…," he repeated, his voice husky from the deep purr in his throat, "what is it?"

"Shhh," she replied, placing a chaste kiss on his glistening, saliva slicked lips. "You know what I'm doing."

He pulled back once more, locking on to her golden eyes. "Amu, are you sure this is what you want? Please, think it over for a second."

Amu smiled. She knew the answer already, but she would oblige him and rethink her answer for a moment.

Did she trust him?

With her life.

Did she know he wouldn't drop her once they were through?

Of course.

Did she want to?

Yes, she did.

Did she love him?

More than anything.

Did she, could she picture spending the rest of her life with this man?

Undeniably, irrevocably yes.

Amu observed the emotions shining in his dark gaze, the dark flames of lust and desire, which were only overshadowed by the untethered and untamable love pushing all the rest to the back. They were an exact mirror of the ones burning in hers, and she knew that she did not need to say her answer aloud, because her eyes spoke for her in a voice so loud, it was amazing that they were the only two who could really hear it.


Smiling, a real smile, not a smirk, Ikuto took her into his arms and gently placed her back on the bed…

Amu awoke the next morning to bright sunlight filtering in through her balcony window, the warmth glowing on her skin.

Smiling, she made to stand up, only to realize that she couldn't move. Looking down, Amu saw that not only was she naked, but someone's arm was wrapped firmly around her waist. The same person, she now realized, who was spooning her from behind.

Uttering a startled squeak she whipped her head and body around as much as she could to see who was in the bed with her, when a flash of midnight blue locks brought it all back.

She'd slept with Ikuto.

She'd slept with Ikuto.

Her eyes widened as a blush engulfed her face. She couldn't believe she'd actually done it with him! Never had she thought…never had she dared dream…

But she had.

And she'd liked it.

Hesitantly, Amu rolled over slowly so as not to make him tighten his grip on her and render her totally immobile. After a minute or so, she now found herself facing her boyfriend, her lover, and became fascinated with the way he looked when he slept.

Awake, Ikuto had a strong jaw, high cheek bones, and masculine planes.

Asleep, however…

Well, he just looked god damn cute.

His stern face was now softer and gentler, and the usual mussed up hair was in an even worse state of disarray so that it stuck up at odd angles. His mouth hung open slightly, his tiny minty breaths fanning into her face.

She marveled at the sight he presented. She liked looking at him like this, and liked the idea of seeing him like this every morning for the rest of her life. She could easily get as used to and addicted to it as she could his kisses.

Among other things, she reminded herself as she pulled herself even closer so her nose rested in the crook of his neck, her bare body pressing to every hard line of his. She breathed in his musky night-time scent that made her mouth water every time she had the luxury of taking a whiff. "Ikuto…"

"Yes, Amu-koi?"

Jumping, not having known he was awake, she snapped her head up to look at him.

Ikuto smirked down at her, his deep eyes half-lidded. "Good morning."

Amu unconsciously licked her lips, not noticing how Ikuto followed the movement with his eyes. "G-good morning…"

He chuckled, then leaned down to nip her lower lip. "How are you, Kitten? Do you hurt anywhere?"

Amu did a quick evaluation of herself, then smiled. "I'm a bit sore, but otherwise I'm fine."

He smirked. "Good. Wouldn't want you too tired out for round two, would we?"

She yelped, "What?!"

The next second, he had flipped her over and begun an attack on her mouth.

Oh well, she decided, reaching one hand beneath her pillow case to grab another one of the foil packages from the grocery bag hidden there, I'll yell at him later…

Then, remembering exactly what she had in store for him later, she smirked.

Oh, this would be fun.


"Oh, come on Ikuto."


"But I won the bet!"


"But we had a deal!"


Amu huffed. She was really getting tired of his stubbornness. They were both dressed in their school uniforms now, sitting on her bed across from each other, eyes narrowed. The man absolutely refused to give in.

Amu smirked. That wouldn't last for long.

Taking the grocery bag from beneath the pillow, she held it up and smiled at it sadly with a rueful shake of the head. "Well, I guess we won't be needing these again for a long, long, long time." Another head shake. "What a pity."

Ikuto's mouth dropped open, something she'd never seen happen before, and so damn funny she nearly burst into full blown, red cheeked, guffawing laughter.

Thank God he composed himself before that could happen.

Ikuto narrowed his eyes, lips pursed. "You're serious?" She nodded, still feeling the urge to chuckle a bit, but repressed with some effort. He sighed. "Fine. You win."

Amu hopped off the bed and pumped a fist in the air. "Yes!"

Ikuto shook his head and placed it in his hand, elbow resting on his knee. "How?" he mumbled. "How in the world did I come to love someone like her?"

Amu pouted. "Because I'm cute!"

Ikuto rolled his eyes and stood up, heading toward her bedroom door. "Come on, we're late enough for school as it is." Then he wrenched open the door…

…and found an extremely pissed kitten waiting for him on the other side.

He barely had time to let out a quick, "Well, shit," before Iku-chan attacked.

"Yo, Ikuto! What happened to your face, man?"

Amu giggled as Ikuto sent Kukai a dark glare. "That thing happened," he hissed, pointing to the seemingly innocent Iku-chan that was currently hanging leisurely over Amu's shoulder, purring loud enough for all the people within a ten foot radius of it to hear.

Kukai laughed. "You got beat by a cat?"

Ikuto twitched. "That is no ordinary cat. That thing is the spawn of Satan!"

Amu punched Ikuto's arm. "Don't be mean to Iku-chan!"

Ikuto growled, but then settled back into his little pity party he'd had going on since that morning and scowled at the ground.

"What did you call us here for, Amu-chan?" Rima asked in that quiet voice of hers, her expression seeming bored but her eyes glinting with interest.

Amu smiled. They were all currently in the Royal Gardens, all the Guardians and Vice-Guardians present. (Excepting Tadase, who had been avoiding Amu since the event in the park.) This was where she planned on having Ikuto carry out their little 'bargain'.

"Ran, Ikuto, you know what to do…"

Ran grinned and cheered, Ikuto winced. The Guardians all stood around waiting curiously, wondering what exactly was going on. All except Nagehiko, who Amu had informed beforehand. He was now discreetly videotaping the entire event with a handheld camcorder hidden in one of the sleeves of the conveniently baggy coat he'd just so happened to wear that day…

Deciding to get it over with, Ikuto grabbed Amu's pink Chara and quickly said the words that would forever wound his male pride from that day on.

"My own heart, unlock!"

A bright flash of pink light burst forth, and standing before them was Ikuto…

…at least, that's what they all hoped it was.

Amu clutched her sides, her breathing becoming labored from the laughter jumping from her lips. You couldn't really blame her though. Anyone would laugh if they got to see Ikuto like this.

Said glaring boy now had his arms crossed over his chest, which was encased not in Amu's usual pink top that was normally associated with her cheerleading outfit from this Chara Nari. Oh, no. It was much, much worse.

Ikuto was wearing a rosy pink, off the shoulder strapped shirt with a built in padded bra, and a short, mid-thigh bubblegum pink skirt. On his legs were mid-calf, faded pink heeled boots with an open toe, and somehow each toenail had come to be painted pink along with his fingernails. In his hair was a large, red heart shaped clip.

But that wasn't even the worst of it.

No, the worst part was that the entire outfit was frilly.

And when she said frilly, she meant the thing looked like it had been dipped in a vat of living frills that had somehow attached themselves to the outfit and positively refused to let go.

Yes, this is why Amu was laughing.

While Ikuto took care of holding back his blush of masculine shame, Amu headed over to Nagehiko-who was smirking like a madman.

"You're going to use that as some terrible form of blackmail, aren't you?"

He nodded. "Of course."

She shook her head and sighed, smiling. "Oh, umm, Nagehiko…"

The purple-haired boy looked up at her. "Yes, Amu-chan?"

She blushed. "I, uh, just, umm, wanted to, uh, th-thank you for buying those…"

"Condoms?" he finished, when she had to stop because of a lump in her throat. She nodded "I didn't buy them."

She cocked her head. "Then where…?"

A devilish grin encompassed his features. "Kukai just so happened to have some extra."

Amu's face looked like she'd just walked in on her parents having sex. "Wh-WHAT?! You mean, Kukai and…Yaya?" Nagehiko nodded. "Oh dear Lord."


The shout brought her back from the tortures her mind was playing in her head and she looked to see Ikuto glaring at her. "I'm undoing this, now."

Amu rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright." Then she muttered, "I think you got enough, right Nagehiko?" The boy nodded. "Send me a copy."

"Will do," he grinned.

Seconds later, Amu was being thrown over an irritated and embarrassed neko's shoulder, her beloved kitten tossed from hers just moments before to now follow them silently as they headed back to her house.

"Ikuto!" she complained when they'd gotten to the park between the school and her home. "Put me down!"

He smirked. "Nope." Then reinforced his point by placing a hand on her bottom.

She squeaked, and pounded his back. He just chuckled.

Sighing, Amu gave up and decided to relax the rest of the trip. Suddenly, all the events since his return. Had it really only been ten days? It felt like so much longer. So much had changed in her outside life.

But that wasn't the only thing. So much of her inside life had changed as well. Her very heart was different. When this had started out, she'd been broken, unfixable and a shell of her old self. But then he'd come back, and bit by bit she'd been put back together. But the cracks had still been there. And it had seemed they always would be, until last night.

It was amazing. One night with him, one night in his warm embrace had managed to fix all those little cracks and dents leftover from the past. Her heart was like brand new, and more ready than ever to give itself to him. And now she wasn't as timid as she used to be. She'd gained confidence, a sense of herself, and she was more ready to take on the world than ever before.

Amu snuggled into Ikuto's back.

As long as he was by her side, the world could fall apart around her and she'd be able to stand back up and try again.

All because he had returned to her.

Her little cat boy.

Miki followed along after Amu with Ran and Suu, smiling to herself. Who knew that after all they'd been through, all the problems they'd face, that they'd end up here?

Miki hung back behind the others, waiting until she was side by side with Yoru.

"Hey, Miki nya!"

She giggled. "Hey Yoru!" She swiftly pecked his cheek.

The neko blushed, but took her hand in his warm paw.

She glanced down at their intertwined fingers they flew, a warmth spreading in her chest.

And once again, Miki was glad to have her Yoru back.

Iku-chan was not happy.

Eyes narrowed, the kitten currently walked at the back of the little procession, his glare firmly fixed on the tall blue-haired man in the front. The man was all over his Amu. And not only that, but he had mated with her last night!

The kitten growled in his throat.

It wasn't fair! She was supposed to shower him in kisses and attention!

But damn it, the man had won!

Now thoroughly pouting, he looked at his pink-haired owner, and found the gloom ascending a bit. She looked happy. That was good.

Iku-chan sighed. He supposed he could share Amu with the man if it made her smile.

He saw the man's hand settle on Amu's backside.

He growled. That didn't mean he had to make it easy for him of course.

A sadistic glint entered the kitten's eyes.

He'd start by hiding those foil things of theirs first.

End Chapter Eleven!

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