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Edmund: (Still laughing)

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Edmund: Ow...

Moi: Stalks off angrily.

"Hey Susan, it's your turn to shoot."

The image of a newly crowned Narnian King vanished from Susan Pevensie's mind. She looked up in annoyance, and in one swift motion she notched an arrow and let if fly.

"By Jove Susan," exclaimed Phyllis, Susan's archery partner, "You didn't even aim!"

"What? Oh yes… lucky shot…" Susan said a bit absently. Susan wasn't even standing; she was sitting on a bench 10 meters away from the other archers, making her hit even more spectacular.

"Come on Susan, be a bit more enthusiastic. You just beat Alice's score, and when she finds out she's going to be so angry." Said Phyllis rather happily. Neither Susan nor Phyllis liked Alice very much.

Susan looked around. The archery range was the most beautiful place on campus. She loved the wide-open meadow, with its bright green grass and the lone bench right in the middle of everything. It somewhat reminded her of Narnia. At that moment, the archery instructor started speaking.

"I am pleased to announce this term's archery contest winners!" announced Prof. Auckland, who also doubled as a history professor. "Our 2nd runner up, Phyllis Fentley!" Barely concealing a smile, Phyllis walked up next to Prof. Auckland.

"Our 1st runner up, Alice Kerrington!" with this announcement, there was a loud gasp, and everyone started whispering. Alice Kerrington NEVER lost archery tournaments. She was the best in the school, at least before Susan started taking Archery this term. Alice stomped up next to Phyllis.

"And our winner is… Susan Pevensie!" exclaimed Prof. Auckland. He had always liked Susan even though on one History test she had written that England started with the Lion's song.

"That's not fair!" whined Alice. "She cheated!!" Prof. Auckland could be seen rolling his eyes. Just about everyone was used to her behavior.

"Ms. Pevensie?" asked the Professor. "Please come up here."

Susan snapped out of her daydream and walked up to Professor Auckland. "Professor, I assure you, I did not cheat." Susan said while looking at Alice pointedly. "Besides, how does one cheat at archery anyways?"

"No matter," replied Professor Auckland briskly, "you are the winner, and you shall receive the first place prize."

If this had been before, Susan would have been ecstatic to win first place. With first place comes great honor and glory, along with the extra credit points that all her professors would certainly bestow upon her. But all Susan could think about was a certain raven-haired monarch with a slight Spanish accent. Susan was snapped out of her daydream by a comment made by Alice.

"Who is that?" asked Alice with a smile playing on her lips. Susan paid no attention to her. She was concentrating on getting his image out of her mind. All of a sudden, Susan could feel strong arms embrace her from behind. Reflexes from years of being pranked by her dear brother, King Edmund the 'Just' kicked in. He certainly wasn't 'Just' when he was pranking his siblings.

(SMACK) An audible groan followed by an "ow…" could be heard coming from the stranger's mouth.

"Whatever I did, I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" The voice had a familiar, slight Spanish accent.

Caspian! Susan's heart leapt. No, it can't be, so stop thinking about him. It'll only make it worse.

"Susan?" came that familiar voice. "Are you alright?"

Susan's eyes slowly adjusted to the bright sunlight, and she realized that Aslan had indeed heard her wish.

"Caspian!" Susan threw herself onto him with enough force to knock over anyone who hadn't had the vigorous training meant for a king.

Caspian caught Susan and managed not to fall over. As he embraced her, a mega-watt smile lit up his whole face.

Suddenly Susan untangled herself from Caspian's arms. A million thoughts ran through his head. What if I was too late? Did she already move on? Maybe Edmund was wrong. What if she already has a suitor?

"Is it really you?" breathed Susan with her eyes slightly moist. "I don't want to loose you again."

Caspian felt relief flow through his body. So she hadn't moved on. "It's really me, and I'm here to stay."

Susan smiled at his words, and pulled his face down close to hers, and kissed him.

The kiss was soft and tender, like the one they had shared before Susan and her siblings had to come back to England, but this kiss lacked the sadness and urgency the last one had possessed.

Caspian moved closer to Susan to make their kiss deeper, but before he could, he was interrupted by a comment made by Alice.

"Eww… I mean that is highly improper behavior. Especially on the campus of an all-girls school…" whined Alice.

The couple jumped apart and looked around to see the entire Upper 6th form staring at them with their jaw dropped. A couple of girls, including Alice, were glaring at Susan.

"But, Caspian," Susan asked with a confused expression on her face. "How did you…"

Before she got to finish her question, Caspian interrupted with a single word, as if it explained everything. "Edmund."

Susan rolled her eyes, knowing that she would either get it out of Caspian, or the culprit himself later. And if not, Peter would probably cave in to her glare and tell her everything.

Just then, Susan saw another class coming for their turn on the archery fields, but before she could make out which class, she saw a red and grey blur running straight at Caspian.

"CASPIAN!!" Lucy shouted as she ran straight into his arms.

"Hey Luce." Caspian greeted her with a smile. "We'll catch up later okay?"

"Okay!!" Lucy said excitedly. She turned around and walked back to the rest of the 2nd forms who were looking at her with a look of awe on their faces.

"What's up with him and your sister?" asked one of the girls that had crowded around Lucy, bombarding her with questions.

Lucy replied with a mischievous smile upon her face. "I think they're engaged."

Hey! I hope you liked the story. Sorry that was sort of short. Just a warning, this is going to be a happy Suspian. Where Susan and Caspian just hang out and stuff. No angst. :) I thought there weren't enough happy Suspians around so I wrote this. I'm not going to beg for reviews, but if you liked it, or if you didn't like it, tell me. Also, if you've got time, tell me if I should continue this story or not. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS appreciated. That's how we improve right?