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My heart is pounding as I'm running down the dark inerstate. It's raining and I can't see where I'm going. My hair is in wet strands and clinging to my neck and arms. All I know is that I have to keep running. I can't let him cacth me … Survival that's the key. I know he's on my tail, I can hear his footsteps following mine. He calls my name, I scream at him to leave me alone. He mearly laughs and calls my name again. I collapse, my legs can't carry me any farther. Vomit rises up my throat and I'm all out of breath. The rain is pounding even harder now, I roll over on my side sobbing, gasping for breath. The man is beside me now, laughing evily. His cloak swirls around him but he's not wet. He bends down to touch me, I scream as a blinding light hit's my eyes… I scream again.

My eyes shoot open as I tumble over the side of my window ledge. I'm breathing heavily…sweating.

"Damn" I muttered, punching the wall. "I fell asleep."

I picked myself up off the floor and dragged myself into the bathroom. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, a lonely girl stares back at me.

I turned the water on in the sink and splashed my face with it. Leaning over the sink and let the water drip off my face. I took another splash and this time savored the cool water on my face. My knees buckled together and I slowly fell to the floor.

I leaned up against the wall and closed my eyes, water continues to drip off my face.

"I wasn't supposed to fall asleep, I wasn't supposed to fall asleep." I whispered.

"October!" "Wake up and come down before I have to come up their and drag you downstairs myself!"

A playful voice called from downstairs.

I gave a low growl, it was bad enough that I fell asleep, but it's even worse that my own mother is being this playful this early in the morning.

I sighed and got up from the floor and staggered back into my bedroom. I walked over to my window and gazed outside. Kids were walking down the street on the sidewalk to the bus stop, laughing and joking around.

Everyone is being playful considering it's almost Halloween. I shook my head in disgust and began to get dressed for school.

My wardrobe contains nothing but black t-shirts and tank tops and long sleeved shirts with dark pairs of dark jeans. I threw on a tank top with a pair of jeans and my black jean jacket. I'm not gothic I just feel more comfortable in black than in any other color.

I brushed my long black hair and brushed my teeth before taking one nore glance outside.

I found my mother in the kitchen making breakfast. "Morning Mom" I whispered.

She smiled big at me "good morning October, did you sleep well?"

I didn't answer her, I never answer this question, never.

"Do you want some eggs October?" Mother asked.

I shook my head, and went straight for the coffee.

"October, all that coffee isn't really good for you, no wonder you can't sleep at night."

I downed the coffee and pretended not to hear her, then grabbed my bag and stormed out the door. Going to the hell that all teenagers fear…school.

My name is October Blackshear, and I truly hate sleeping, I've been this way ever since I was a little girl. I stay up during the night sitting on my window legde staring out at the night, with the moon and stars, just thinking.

I get angry when I sleep and dream, I just don't know why but I do, I hate dreaming.

My mother knows I don't sleep and sometimes that bothers her. But I don't care, she's learned to cope with it just like I have. But I never tell her what I dream of. My nightmares are never ment to be told to anyone.

When Dad died, that's when the nightmares began and when I became a silent strong wallflower. I don't really talk to anybody, most people avoid me because they think I'm strange others avoid me because I can really get an attitude.

But I don't care, it's better to be on your own, to run alone and nothing will ever change for me.

I passed a group of kids who were all waiting for the bus, some of them stared at me others snickered as I walked by.

I don't ride the bus, I hate being in crowds and the fact that the kids who ride the bus all talk about me doesn't help. What the hell. I'm a loner and I always will be, I don't have friends because I don't want them.