Chapter 10

6 months later...

My body lies in a hospital bed everyday now. After the fight with Freddy, I passed out and didn't wake up. When I sent Freddy back to hell, I sent myself into a coma.

But don't worry, it's a dreamless coma. It's dark where I am now, but I can still see what is going on around me.

Mylo comes to see me everyday, he holds my hand and talks to me. My Mom comes to see me too. She brought me my stuffed cat Salem for me. She kisses my forehead and says she loves me.

Mylo rushed me to the hospital after I passed out. He told the doctors that we were jumped and I hit my head on a wall.

He's a clever boy...someday I'll wake up and move out of Springwood and leave all of this behind.

I still have my power though, it's what letting me see whats going on around me. When I'll wake up though, is something that even I can't see.

But...I'm happy now...I can finally rest...and I made my Dad proud...that's what I love the most.

And what's important...Freddy's not comming back...


Freddy paced back and forth dragging his claws across his metal walls. I'll get you back, October. I'll get you and every other little physic bitch out there.

I'll be back bitch...

Freddy's comming home...

Well Thank you all for reading October and I hope you've enjoyed it!! Yes Freddy will be back...and I'll say this...there will be a sequal!!

Returning Moon