Just after the Doctor triangulated the "ghost's" origin . . . those sneaky editors never let us see the good stuff on TV ;)

There I was, working on the sequel to the sequel to the story I'm supposed to be finishing, and I stumbled across this bit in "Army of Ghosts" that I couldn't fit into the context of that other story. So, here it is! Enjoy :)

Disclaimer: Surprise, surprise, I don't own Doctor Who. Nor do I get anything from writing these stories--except wonderful, constructive reviews! Wink, wink; nudge, nudge ;)

The Doctor closed the TARDIS doors behind him, running up the ramp to toss his ghost-detecting gear under the grating.

"Um, Doctor," came Rose's sheepish voice.

"We did it!" he said, running up to her from around the console. "You were brilliant, by the way!" he added, skidding to a halt in front of her.


The Doctor cut her off with a deep kiss. He pulled away abruptly, racing back around the console, leaving Rose rather breathless. He quickly divested himself of his overcoat, tossing it over the entry ramp railing. "I said so!" he continued, completing his circuit, coming back to Rose's side at the console. "Those ghosts have been forced into existence from one specific point! And I can track down the source. Allons-y!"

With the flip of a lever, the TARDIS shuddered into action, throwing them both against the captain's chair. Almost instantly, the Doctor was back at the console, chattering away to himself.

"I like that. 'Allons-y'. I should say 'allons-y' more often. 'Allons-y'. 'Watch out, Rose Tyler! Allons-y!' And then, it would be really brilliant if I met someone called Alonzo. Because then I could say, 'allons-y, Alonzo'! Every time! You're staring at me."

Rose was, indeed, staring at him, with a strange sort of smile on her face. Quietly, so that the Doctor could almost pretend he hadn't heard, she uttered the terrible words, "My Mum's still on board."

Sure enough, there she was, Jackie Tyler, sitting in the gantries, legs dangling. He thought Rose had been a bit stiff when he'd kissed her--

"If we end up on Mars, I'm gonna kill you," Jackie informed him.

The Doctor stared at her in shock. No, 'Keep your hands off my daughter, you filthy alien'? Huh. She really must like him more, this time around.

The end.