Summary: Sequel to Experiments. Xenophilius' reaction to the second explosion in his house. Read Experiments first.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is J.K. Rowling's.

It happened again, an explosion in the house. Memories washed over me as I remembered the last explosion that happened in my house. My wife, Renee died in that explosion. I hadn't seen her for weeks, months and then her room exploded. Nothing was left standing. I remember the panic coursing through my body and the tears running down my face as I scrambled through the rubble, trying to find her. It was Luna who saw her solitary white hand poking out from piles of stone. The last of her that we saw was while she was explaining that she didn't know what had happened. While she reassured us that even after death we would meet again she was slowly losing life. At the end of the most we had heard from her in months she went limp never to speak again.

It was all happening again. This time though it wasn't Renee's room that was exploding, it was right by Luna's room and although I knew that she wasn't there now I was scared of what might have happened. I felt that I might have hurt Luna, emotionally, in the process of trying to save her from physical pain. Having her friends turned in would have killed her. She would have never wanted that. But if I didn't turn them in, they would kill her. I know Luna would say not to worry, that she would be all right. Even if she died she like her mother would meet me again. I don't care. To have both of them gone and not knowing if or when we meet would kill me. I know Luna would be disappointed in me, I know she would think I was being selfish and maybe I am, but I can't lose her.

A thought strikes me. What if like the last time an explosion occurred someone has died. One of Luna's few close friends might have been taken away from her because of me. The world's last hope at being saved from the evil that has taken over us might have died. Frozen I think about what Luna's reaction to that might would be. I can see her already pale face losing all blood and the tears streaming down her face. I can see her reminding herself that they will meet again. All of this pain happening to her right after coming back from the death eaters. "Still the only way Luna will get back is if I turn her friends in." Then a thought occurs to me. "What are the chances that I'll really get Luna back?" I knew the answer slim to none.

I had to help them, Harry Potter and his friends needed to escape. But it needed to be done in a way that wouldn't get Luna hurt. Scrabbling with more energy than before I push rubble, papers and the printing press away as quickly as I can, trying to get to those kids. But I can't no matter how much I push aside there is always more. I finally move the printing press out of the way and feel most of the weight lift off and… I can see a light. Shoving through with newfound energy I come up into the room and see the trio standing dust covered and facing me. I freeze when I see a wand pointed at me. Then my mind goes blank and I vaguely hear a shout and another crashing sound.

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