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''I am so not looking forward to this...'' I said glumly as Edward and I left our meadow and were headed back towards Forks. To Charlie. Where I was going to have to tell him that I was engaged. I winced slightly at the thought, rubbing the ring on the third finger of my left hand with my thumb. I sighed and looked out the window. ''This isn't going to end well. I'm glad youre bulletproof. He just might pull his gun out.'' I said, the last part had a teasing tone to it. Edward chuckled.

''Bella love, I highly doubt it will end that badly.'' He said, smiling my favorite crooked smile. I once again forgot how to breathe. He chuckled again.

''What?'' I asked, still trying to keep my breathing steady.

''You're so cute when you blush.'' He said, ''I'm really going to miss that...'' his voice trailed off, his tone sad.

''Oh...'' was all I could say. I looked out the window again. We were just entering the city limits, and my stomach was already in knots. Without realizing it, my hands were in tight balls, my right hand stinging where the fracture was. Edward looked over and took my left hand in his, stroking the back of it with his thumb.

''It will be alright love. I promise. We'll be catching him in a realatively good mood, so try to relax.'' He said, his eyes smoldering a rich caramel color.

''Oh yeah, easy for you to say.'' I mumbled. He smiled widely, showing his bright teeth. We were just around the corner to my house now and I could already make out the cruiser. I sighed again when we pulled up in front. Edward gave my hand a light squeeze. I looked over at him.

''I love you Bella.'' He whispered, taking my face in his hands. His cool breath lightly brushing over my face.

''I love you too, Edward.'' I managed to say, blinking a few times. Then he leaned in to kiss me, softly moving his lips on mine. I gripped his arms as I kissed him back, my heart racing at top speed and my breathing becoming a little ragged. All too soon, he released me, breathing a little hard himself.

''Mmmm...'' he almost moaned. That did little to help me as I gasped to try to gain control of my breathing. It was hard enough to resist him in our meadow earlier, and this certainly wasn't helping now.

''Well, let's get this over with...'' I sighed. I deliberated for a minute before turning around to open the door, but Edward was already there holding it open, holding his hand out for mine. I took his hand and got out. He closed the door and wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked to the door. I didn't realize I was shaking untill Edward spoke.

''Bella, love, are you alright?'' He asked, a little worried.

''Yes...I'm fine...Just, nervous.'' I stated, my eyes a little wider than usual. I stood still a moment, fidgeting to get my key in the door. Finally I got it right, opened the door, and walked in, Edward following close behind me. Charlie was sitting on the couch watching tv. ''Hi dad, we're back.'' I said, amazed that my voice sounded normal.

''Hey Bells! Hello Edward.'' Charlie greeted us. I could tell he was trying to be polite towards Edward.

''Hey dad, um...Can we talk to you for a minute?'' I asked, suddenly sounding a bit nervous.

Charlie blinked a couple of times,''Sure. Have A Seat.'' He said, motioning for us to come and sit down. We walked over to the couch, me sitting on the other end of Charlie and Edward sitting in a chair next to me. ''What did you need to talk about?'' He asked.

''Well...Um...I...We..Have something to tell you, dad.'' I nearly choked out. Charlie's expression was confused, but he stayed silent, allowing me to continue. ''Well...Uh...We're...'' I started, but my voice cracked a little. Edward continued for me.

''We're, engaged, Chief Swan.'' He said, his tone professional. Charlie's face turned almost purple.

''NO! I WILL NOT ALLOW IT BELLA! IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! FORGET IT!'' He screamed, jumping off the couch. His sudden outburst made me jump.

''But, Dad-'' I started when he interrupted me.

''NO! THAT"S MY FINAL ANSWER! WE ARE NO LONGER HAVING THIS DISSCUSSION! YOU ARE TOO YOUNG BELLA! HE DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE TO BREATHE THE SAME AIR THAT YOU DO!'' He bellowed, shoving a finger in my face. That made me snap. I stood up, shoving his hand out of my face.

''Why not?! I'm an adult now dad! I'm 18! Heck! I'm almost 19! I know that you and mom didn't have such a happy marrage, but that doesn't mean that the same thing will happen with me and Edward! I...'' I said, trying to fight back tears. ''I love him, dad! And he loves me! Why can't you see and accept that?!'' I cried, my voice breaking twice. Charlie just stared at me, his expression changing a little. ''I'm not a little girl anymore dad. I have found the love of my life, and I want to spend the rest of it with him...'' I said, ''Please...'' I said, my voice almost a whisper now. ''Please, dad. Please, understand that this is what I have chosen. It's all I want. Please. I don't want to go through this without you...or mom...'' I pleaded, whispering now. Charlie's face lightened in color, his expression softening.

''Bells...I...I know you're not a kid anymore. But...Are you sure you know what you're doing? Marrage is a big commitment Bella. There's no going back after that.'' He said, his sudden change in mood startled me again. There was still anger in his voice, but it had turned to sadness as well. I realized he was remembering the days when he and mom were married, and when she had left.

''I know that dad. But this is what I want. I can't tell you how much I want this. How much I want you to be there, to walk me down the aisle, to present me to Edward. I want you to be there to share that with me. And I know you want to be there too...so..please..'' I begged. I looked at him with pleading eyes. He glanced over at me, his face torn. ''Please'' I barely whispered.

''Bella...'' He started. After what seemed like forever, he continued,'' Alright...You have my consent. If this is truly what you want, then I have no other choice but to go along with it.'' He said, giving in. I jumped up and reached over and hugged him, tears flowing down my face.

''Thank you...dad'' I said into his shoulder.

''Anytime Bells.'' He said, embarrassed by my hug. I released him and sat back down. Charlie turned toward Edward. My stomach knotted again.

''Edward, You have to promise me something.'' He said, turning his full attention toward Edward.

''Of course sir. Anything.'' Edward replied.

''Promise me that you'll take exeptionally good care of my Bella. She's very precious cargo.'' He said.

'I promise you, I will take the utmost in care of and for her. You have my word Chief Swan.'' Edward promised. ''And thank you, for allowing me to marry your daughter.'' He said formally.

Charlie nodded once. We sat there for a few nimutes, silent. Finally Edward got up and turned to face Charlie. ''Well, I think we should get back to my house, Alice has alot of planning to do.'' Edward said, a little amused. I rose too and we both headed for the door, Charlie following.

''Alice?'' Charlie asked, confused.

''She's insisted on planning the wedding.'' I groaned. Charlie and Edward both gave a light chuckle. I turned back to Charlie. '' I love you dad. I'll be back later tonight. Not too late. Promise.'' I said, smiling.

''Take all the time you need Bells. You are an adult after all.'' He said, winking at me. His eyes still held that fatherly worry, but I knew that he was ok with this now.

''Thank you, dad.'' I said, then me and Edward turned and headed back out in the rain and quickly got in the Volvo. Edward started the car and drove away from Charlie's and turned the corner. I exhaled deeply.

''Wow...that went better than I'd expected.'' I said, relieved that the worst part was over. Now I lust had to tell Renee. But should I call? Or just email her? I wasn't sure what to do.

''You see? I told you every thing would be fine.'' Edward said, reaching over and stroking my cheek. My heart rate quickened slightly under his touch. He chuckled.

''Yeah. I guess you're right.'' I said with a smile. '' Thank god for that. I was really not in the mood to try to survive hurricane Charlie.'' I said, exasperated. Edward laughed.

''You're so absurd sometimes!'' he said, still laughing. I couldn't help but laugh too. We'd reached his house before I realized where we were. Edward was already at my door, opening it for me. He reached for my hand and pulled me out. We weren't even near the door before Alice sprung out of nowhere.

''OhmygodIhavesomanyideas!you'regonnalovethemall!Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!'' She said all in a rush that sounded like one long sentance. She grabbed my wrist and halfway drug me inside. Edward was laughing again.

''Easy Alice! She can't keep up with your speech as well as I can. Slow down a bit.'' Edward said, still laughing.

''I know. Sorry Bella!'' She said, dancing up the stairs. ''You two coming? You both have to pick out the color scheme and whatnot.'' She said, giddy as all get out. I sighed and Edward chuckled.

''Be patient with her, Bella. She means well.'' Edward purred into my ear. My heart skipped a beat and I shook my head a little to gather my thoughts.

''I know. Let's go.'' I sighed, reaching for his hand. We both followed Alice up the stairs and into her room. I stoped at the door. There were so many different colored pieces of fabric laying all about her room. And flowers too. Ribbons and sashes were strewn all over as well. ''Oh...wow...'' Was all I managed to squeak out.

''Okay guys, get in here!'' She said, coming over to me and pulling me over to her bed. I clutched Edward's hand and drug him along. She then grabbed some colored pieces of fabric and shoved them into my hands. Edward sat down next to me. ''Ok you two! Start deciding on what colors you want'' She said, waving an enthusiastic hand at the fabric in my hand. I stared down at the colors. There was purple, a light shade of green, yellow, red, deep blood red, and blue. I looked at Edward for some help.

''I like the deep red color, Which one do you like, Bella?'' He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist. I searched the room and found a topaz, almost champagne colored piece that was slightly see through. I got up and walked over to it and picked it up. As I did, I noticed a piece that was a shimmery pearl-white lying next to it. I grabbed it and turned around, holding them up.

''I like these two'' I said, almost smiling. This was kind of fun. I walked back over to Edward and compared my colors with his. ''What do you think? Do they look good together?'' I asked Edward.

''I think they go great together. Good choices Love.'' He said, kissing my neck. That sent shivers running down my spine. It took a great deal of effort to pull my thoughts back together and concentrate on what we were doing. Alice pranced over to me, grabbing the colors.

''Wow guys! These look great! Good job!'' She said, excited. She placed them beside me and Edward and pushed a bunch of flowers in my hands next. ''These are fake of course, but the ones at the wedding will be real. Can't have a true wedding without the real things!'' She pointed out matter of factly.

I looked down at the bundle in my hands. I turned to Edward who was already reaching for a red rose. ''Thise one.'' He said, holding it up. I looked back down and then at the bigger pile of flowers on the floor. I noticed a couple of Lillies and pointed to them.

''I like the Lillies.'' I said. Alice agreed with me, and Edward looked a little bummed.

''Don't worry Edward. With some Baby's Breath and some greenery, they could look very pretty together. Plus, Bella will be holding six red roses for her bridal cluster.'' Alice said. I looked at Edward's face as it lit up. He was truly glowing. It almost melted my heart right there.

Okay. Next, we need to decide on the bride's maids' dress color. Which of these do you prefer Bella? You have to pick it out. They are gonna be your bride's maids. Keep in mind that they have to coencide with your wedding colors'' Alice said, handing me five different colored fabric pieces. They all were pretty. I was torn between two almost immediately. One was a pretty Cornflower blue, the other was the chapagne color I'd just picked out. I held them up to Alice.

''I'm stuck between these.'' I said. She took and compared them.

''These are very nice Bella. You have god taste in color schemes. Why not use one for your maid of honor and the other for the rest?'' She suggested.

''Well, since you are the maid of honor, which one do you prefer?'' I asked.

''Hmmm...I like the blue one'' She said, smiling. ''Thank you again Bella, for making me your maid of honor.'' she said. her tone was extatic. she quickly gathered up the colors and flowers Edward and I had picked out and placed them on her dresser. ''Ok, now, even though some of your guests are vampires, we still need to put into consideration your human guests. We need to choose food and a cake.'' She announced.

''A cake?'' I asked, my voice a few octaves higher than normal. I had sompletely forgotten that part. When she mentioned the cake my stomach flipped. Knowing Alice, she was thinking of a huge cake. Just then she placed a cake book in front of me.

''Scan though it and decide on a cake you both like. I already have the flavor picked out.'' she said almost turning the first page herself. She was clearly getting too much fun out of this. I sighed again and opened it. There were so many different shapes, sizes, and colors!

''Holy crow!'' I exclaimed as Edward and I flipped though the big book. ''There are so many!'' My eyes were bulging. Edward chuckled and kissed me on the cheek.

''Silly Bella'' He said. '' Have you found any that spark your interest?'' He asked, from his tone, I guessed he'd already found one he liked.

''Which one did you find?'' I asked, handing him the book. He flipped backwards a few pages and handed the book back to me. I looked at it. It was small, ony three tiers. And even the tiers weren't very big. It was white with a few little red roses piped randomly around it. The tiers were square, one stacked directly on top of the other. It was simple, yet so beautiful. To my suprise, I liked it alot. ''We like this one Alice.'' I pointed to the cake and her eyes lit up.

''I knew you would like that one! '' She said. I gave her an exasperated look. ''What?! It's true!'' She said, tapping her temple. ''I see all, little Bella. But I do what Edward does, and tune it out unless I choose otherwise.'' She retorted, a huge smile playing on her delicate looking face. She winked at me, giggling to herself. I wondered what secret joke I was missing. Then I heard Edward let a low growl escape his mouth. I jumped, turning to face him. He looked mad. No, not mad, just extremely irritated. His topaz eyes boring holes into Alice's face. ''Oh calm down you. I didn't see anything. I ended it there. I'm not so crude or disrespectful to allow it to carry on further. I do have morals dear brother.'' She said, still smiling.

''Ok, what did I miss?'' I asked, thouroughly confused. ''What did you end, Alice?''

''Oh...nothing...''She sang. Her voice almost a chime.

''Oh come on alice! It sucks to not be able to know what's going on inside your heads! It's not fair!'' I wined. It was true. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that they could communicate at low tones and through their minds and thoughts. And yet I couldn't, I was still human.

''She is referring to our wedding night.'' Edward said through slightly clenched teeth.

Realization hit me a few seconds after he'd finished. ''Alice!'' I screamed, my eyes widening and shock ensnaring my body. My hand flew to my mouth. I was mortified. Totally embarrassed. Even I didn't know what would happen, or how things could go. If they went through all the way at all. And she got a front row seat of it all! Everything! The thought made me queasy.

''I promise I didn't see anything. I ended the vision right after you two left the house after the party. You both were still fully dressed.'' She said, her eyes wide. Honest.

I just looked at her, still embarrassed. Edward seemed to relax a little next to me. I looked at the floor, not sure what to do next. It was Edward who spoke.

''I'm holding you to that, Alice. That is a private thing. Something that is meant for me, and for Bella only. I trust that you respect us enough.'' He said, formality and trust enveloping his voice.

''I promise Edward. I'm sorry you thought I saw the whole thing Bella. I didn't. Promise.'' She stated, brushing a swift kiss on my cheek.'' Alright. What foods do you want for your human guests?'' She asked.

''Umm...I don't know. Nothing too elaborate. Edward do you have any suggestions?'' I said, turning to Edward.

''Oh no! I'm no good at picking out human food. You're on your own love.'' He said, winking at me, smiling his crooked smile. I almost forgot to breathe again.

''Umm...How about finger foods? That's always the easiest way to go.'' I suggested. Alice mulled over the thought and agreed.

''Okay! Now that everything's all picked out, the only thing left is where you wanna have it take place.'' She exclaimed. I stared at her, then at Edward. I hadn't thought about where I would get married, just that I eventually would. I wondered if Edward had any ideas for where we could hold the event.

''Bella? Do you have any particular place in mind?'' Edward asked, turning to face me.

''Um...well...no...''I mumbled. I couldn't believe I had nothing. ''I'm sorry. That part never really occurred to me.'' I said, embarrassed. I stared at the floor and fidgeted with the zipper on my jacket.

''Bella, love, it's ok. I completely understand. That doesn't offend me one bit. Actually, I have two places in mind. You can chose which one you like better.'' He said, a smile touching his voice. I liked his suggestion. ''We can either have it at our meadow, or here, at my house.'' He said, his lips right beside my ear. I had to shake my head a little to get my head unclouded.

''I...I don't know. That one's really hard. I like both places. And both prove for a great place.'' I said, contemplating which one I wanted most. I thought about it for a minute. Our meadow was a sacred place for me and Edward in my eyes. and should be meant for only us to be present in. ''I think I like here better. Your house is huge, and we could have the wedding in the back, and have the party inside.'' I said. Edward seemed to like it to. Alice was already jabbering at vampire speed about the decorations. Her voice sounded like the hum of a hummingbird's wings. ''Alice! Slow down! Please! It's a little hard for me to keep up with you.'' I said, throwing a small laugh in for comical purposes, which turned into a real laugh.

''Ha ha! Oh yeah! Sorry Bella! I got cauight up in it. I'm just so excited!'' She said, laughing with me. Edward joined us too.

Just a few more weeks. I told myself. A few more weeks and I'll be able to hear her clearly any time I want. I'll be one of them. Soon. I thought. That thought excited me a little. I Could hardly wait. I was ready. I was no longer scared. And there was no 'sword' being held over my head. Alice brought me back to the present.

''Bella?! Earth To Bella!'' She said, waving a hand in front of my face

''Huh?! OH! Sorry Alice! What is it?'' I said, snapping back to reality.

''I said you can leave now. I have alot to do. Thank you for your input! I promise you won't be dissapointed!'' She sqealed. She grabbed me and pushed me towards the door. Edward was already waiting for me. He held out his hand and I took it and we walked down to his room, Alice shutting the door as we left. Once inside his room, he closed the door and was instantly an inch from me.

''Oh!'' I breathed as he caught me off guard by his sudden proximity. I wasn't expecting that. ''You scared me! Don't do that!'' I said, teasingly.

''I'll be sure to warn you next time.'' He breathed, smiling. His cool breath brushing accross my face, stunning me. He took advantage of my quietness. His lips were suddenly on mine. Moving slowly, yet eager. My arms flew up and entangled in his hair, kissing him back. He was getting more and more leniant with this. He usually never allowed such behavior. I hadn't realized we were moving towards the bed until I brushed the edge of it and Edward had picked me up and placed me on it, never breaking the kiss. He hovered over me, propping himself up with his arms. I moved my left arm down to his upper back, clutching his shirt tight between my fingers. Edward held me, one hand behind my head at the nape of my neck, the other on my side, holding me in place. Both of us were breathing heavy as the kiss deepened. My head was spinning. Edward's right arm traced down my side as it made its way to my leg. He hitched it up and wrapped it around his waist. Stroking it up and down. Then he rolled over and I was lying on top of him. He moved from my mouth to my neck, then to my collar bone. I heard an odd sound, and Edward chuckled.

''W-what...i-is it?'' I panted. The room was spinning.

''Just you. You make the cutest noises. It's driving me crazy.'' he said, his voice low and rough. I shivered. Had that noise really come from me?

''Sorry'' I breathed. My head was clearing a bit. ''I honestly don't think I will ever get used to that!'' I said, my breathing beginning to slow to a more normal speed. Edward laughed.

''I honestly hope you don't. I love your reactions.'' He said. He kissed me again and my heart sped up again. He released me and looked into my eyes. ''I'm really going to miss that.'' he said, his tone forlorn. I fidgeted with the zipper again.

''I think I should get you home.'' He suggested. I glanced around for a clock. Seven thirty. Wow! Where had the time gone?!

''Good idea.'' I agreed, Getting off the bed and smothing my hair out.

Edward's arms were around me instantly. ''I think we might can do it after all.'' He whispered in my ear. I shivered again, as his cool breath trickled my neck.

I just nodded, trying to make my head stop spinning. I reeled back a little but Edward caught me.

''Ok my love, time to go home.'' He said, picking me up in his arms. He dashed downstairs and before I knew it we were already at his car. He sat me on my feet carefully, making sure I had my balance before turning to open the door for me. I climbed in and he closed the door. Then he was in the driver's seat, starting the car. We held hands on the way home, not saying a word. I was tired and eventually dozed off. I woke to Edward's lips at my ear.

''Bella, love, we're here.'' He said quietly. I shifted and opened my eyes. We were sitting in front of Charlie's house now. Edward was already at my door. I rubbed my eyes as he helped me out. He carried me to the door and kissed my forhead. ''See you in a minute.'' And he was gone.

''Edward!'' I whispered sharply. I heard a soft chuckle that sounded far away. I reached for me key and opened the door. I stepped inside and closed the door.

''Bells? That you?'' Charlie hollered from the living room.

''Yeah it's me.'' I said. I shrugged out of my jacket and hung it up. ''I'm going to go ahead and get a shower and get to bed early. I'm beat. Alice really did me in today.'' I said. It was true, I was tired. I waited, but Charlie didn't say anything so I shrugged and went upstairs to my room. I opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind me.

''Took you long enough.'' Edward said, sitting in the rocking chair. He held out his arms for me. I ran over and settle into his lap. He kissed the top of my head and began to rock back and forth humming my lullaby.

''Hold on. Before you make me too tired, I need a human moment.'' I said. I kissed his cheek and got up and grabbed my toiletries bag, some pj's and headed for the shower. I showered quickly and ran a quick brush through my teeth and hair. After I was dressed and ready I dashed back up to my room, closing the door behind me.

''You smell wonderful love.'' Edward said in his sweet velvet voice. I had to take a couple of breaths before I staggered over to him. He was lying on my bed with his arms stretched out, and I climbed on my bed and curled up in his arms. He started to sing my lullaby. My eyelids began to feel heavy and before long, I had slipped into unconciousness.

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