Hey Guys. I Know You Hate These, But I Just Wanted To Share A Couple Of Things...

First Of All, Thank You Blueangel91687!! You're A Good Friend. Hope You Continue To Enjoy My Story.

Next, I Want To Thank My Reviewers And The People Who Are Reading My Story. It Means Alot To Me Considering I Used To Loathe Both Reading AND Writing. Lol!

And Lastly, I Won't Put Any Spoilers, But Breakign Dawn Was THE SHIT!! OH...MY...GOD!! Lol! It Had Averything I Hoped It Would And Then some!! You All MUST And NEED To Read It ASAP!! I Reserved My Copy A While Back And Went To The Party Thingy That Barnes And Noble Had This Last Friday And Went With Blueangel91687, Lol! It Was PACKED! Lol! There Were Alice's And Ppl Dressed For The Prom Scene Left And Right! It Was Insane! And We Were One Of The Ones Right In Front Of The Line Too! Lol! So We Got OUr Book Right Away. Ok, I'm Done Boring You And Torturing You. Heh Heh...Ta Ta For Now!