Alrighty, we're deticating this mound of fluff to my good buddy PerfectlyDuck. Because technically she made me write it. I love you, Ducky. Enjoy this until you CHOKE ON THE CUTENESS

"Hey... Riku?"

"Mm... yeah?"

Curious blue hues turned to his best friend. "... whatd'ya think the stars are made of?"

"Uhm... well..." The silver haired 7 year old bit his lip, looking up at the vast blanket of polka-dotted jet black. "They're made of wishes."


"Mhm. 'nd when a wish comes true, it falls."

"So... shooting stars are wishes too?"


Sora bit his lip, a sort of frown coming over his face. "But... then how come you don't see a lot of 'em?"

"Not all wishes can come true..."

"Well, yeah but--"

"Only the special wishes get granted. If all the wishes were granted, then there wouldn't be any stars left."

"Oh..." The brunette let his mouth fall shut, his question box empty... if only for a few seconds. "Have any of your wishes come true?"

Aqua hues blinked. "My... wishes...?" A small smile crossed the boy's face. "Yeah..."

"So... what'dya wish for?"

A smirk crossed the elder's face as he rolled to face his spikey haired friend. "Y'promise y'won't tell?"

Sora's expression lit up. "Pwomise!"

Shifting to his previous position on his back, arms folded behind his head, Riku's smile formed again. "I wished that you would be my best friend."

The six year old's eyes widened. "Really??"

"Mhm..." Stealing a look at the other's reddening face, the smile on Riku's face only widened, before he ruffled the unruly brunette spikes. "Nahh... I'm just kiddin' ya..."

A large pout was formed, lower lip stuck out. "Meaniiiiie...!"

"That's my name, don't wear it out."

"... huh...?"


Not understanding, Sora's pout remained as he scootched closer to his friend, nussling his face into the other's side. "I don't get iiit..."

Shifting onto his side, an arm was draped over the smaller boy, a snicker given at his whining. "Don't worry about it, Sora..." Letting his chin rest on the other's, a sigh was given as silence engulfed the two. Both pairs of eyes were locked up on the seemingly endless stretches of space, lost in the image.

"Hey, Riku, look!!"

Attention shifted to the streaking light, traveling at unimaginable speeds across the sky. Instantly, Sora yanked himself from the elder's hold, scrambling to his feet before taking off.

"S-Sora--!! Wait up--!" Riku followed suit, letting a word he shouldn't have known at that age slip before sprinting after the younger.

He'd catch up moments later, finding his friend standing at the top of the hill of his backyard, where you could see nearly the entire island, as well as the ocean not too far off. Hands clasped together, there was a hopeful gleam sparkling in the youth's hues.

Blinking as he came beside the other, an eyebrow was raised. "What're you... doing?"


"... but... Sora, that star already fell..."

A smile was plastered on the brunette's face. "Well, yeah... but since one fell, maybe another one will!"

Shaking his head in exasperation, Riku sighed. "If you say so, Sora..." A curious look slowly slipped into his features. "So... what'd you wish for?"

"For us to go on an adventure!"

"An... adventure?"

Sora nodded rigorously. "Yeah! Like... we go on a boat or something, or fly somewhere! You 'nd me!"

The excitement and thrill of the idea in the younger's voice led Riku to laughing slightly, before shrugging. "Maybe.. It'd be fun!"

Sora nodded more, slipping his fingers to entertwine with the silver's before looking up at the sky, a sad look forming. "I hope my star falls soon..."

A soft look came into Riku's gaze, his hold on Sora tightening.

"Yeah... me too."