Or, not a zombie anyway. This was finished for a long time, but I didn't have any inspiration to continue this series till now. This is wrapping up Umbrella Uprising. The sequel will be in works, but won't be posted till I can finish the first three chapters. Enjoy this finale.

Chronicle 9: A risky escape

"…So we were able to remove the bullet from the man's shoulders, he's resting now so he should be okay."

"Thank you Doctor Boulevard," Rebecca nodded, heading back to Sam and Dean. "He's resting now, he should be fine."

"That's good," Sam nodded, however Dean was currently chewing a sandwich so he sounded like this.

"Awethome, now wet's get ouw wenegade outta hewe."

Sam and Rebecca stared at him until he finished swallowing what he was chewing and repeated his sentence, "Awesome, now let's get our renegade outta here."

"What?" Rebecca asked, "What's going on, what happened to Billy?"

"You're on first name basis with that guy?" Dean chuckled, "I guess we can tell what the deal on your relationship with the guy is."

Rebecca opened her mouth to say some sort of retort, but what he said stopped her in her tracks. What was her relationship with Billy, I mean they only knew each other for a brief time…but she felt like they connected in that time. Or maybe this was her wishful thinking.

"Ignore him," Sam said, bringing Rebecca to reality. "We're trying to save him from Wesker."

"Wesker?!" Rebecca gasped at the name of her old captain. "What does—,"

"We don't know, we think he has something to do with Wesker's B.O.W. project." Sam explained.

"Why do they want Billy?" Rebecca asked.

"Who knows, who cares," Dean interrupted, standing up. "Point being, we gotta get him out of here and out of Wesker's hands till we know what's going on."

Rebecca opened her mouth to say something, but then a shrill scream came from down the halls. The three of them turned their heads to the screams and saw a nurse running down the halls, and get pounced on by a man, who bit her neck as more monstrous men ran down the halls.

"Zombies?!" Rebecca yelped.

One zombie was ahead of the group and leapt for Rebecca, but Dean was too quick, he pulled out a Blacktail and shot it right before it landed near her. But more were still coming, various doctors and nurses tried to get away but were caught by the zombies, Rebecca could hear patients screaming as the zombies attacked them.

"Rebecca!" Sam shouted, grabbing her arm. "We need to get out of here!"

Rebecca snapped back into focus and stopped, "No, we need to get Billy!"

"Well where is he?!" Sam shouted, pulling out a handgun and shooting a few more coming their way.

"3rd floor!" she shouted, running towards the elevators.

Sam and Dean nodded, firing at the zombies as they rushed for them. Rebecca hit the up button… but the elevator took its sweet time, and the zombies were starting to focus on them. Sam would fire on one, and when he was reloading Dean would fire and cover them. Finally the doors opened and the three of them ran in the doors, shooting the oncoming zombies as the doors were closing. The elevator turned on and they felt the movement as they moved up, Sam reached inside his jacket and pulled out his second Handgun and handed it Rebecca. She took it readily as the doors opened, luckily no zombies were there yet as the three of them moved down the halls and to Billy's room. However, they heard screaming growing louder and a nurse ran through a door, seconds later a zombie followed. Sam raised his pistol and slowed the zombie with a bullet to the leg while Rebecca shot it's head, the nurse panted heavily as Dean ran up to her.

"You, get the hell out of here!" Dean ordered, pointed down the hall. "Hurry!"

She nodded and ran down the hall, the three of them ran into Billy's room and found he was awake now.

"Oh hehheh, what's the fire? Someone dying?" the marine asked in a goofy tone, causing everyone to look at him,

"You just may if we don't get the hell out of here," Sam said, closing the shutters and bracing the door.

"He's on painkillers…" Rebecca told the brothers.

Billy was making a loud noise and Rebecca quickly silenced him with her hand.

"Shh," she warned, looking around and spotting a window. She smashed through the glass and looked down the fire escape, pointing downwards.

"We can get out through here," she said, wrapping her arm around Billy and helping him up. "You two have to cover us."

Dean looked at Billy and out the window and sighed heavily, "This guy better be worth the damn trouble."

Sam opened the window while Rebecca slowly guided the wounded Marine out the window. The doctor knew that moving a patient this drugged up and wounded would be hard, and hazardous for him, but what choice did they have? So she began the slow task of guiding him down the ladder, Sam stepped out next, keeping his gun on the door as Dean followed. By the time they managed to get the marine to the bottom they heard more screaming, the zombies had made their way to their floor. Sam and Dean proceeded down the ladders as fast as they could, then they heard shattering and looked up. A zombie leaped onto the railing and looked down on them, Rebecca went pale.

"Wager!" she cried out, feeling a stab of sadness in her heart.

However, the zombie made no sign of recognition. It growled and leaped down in front of her.

"Rebecca!" Sam shouted, trying to get down the ladder fast enough to pull his gun out.

However Rebecca wasn't totally in trouble, she pulled her handgun out and shot at the zombie. The bullets slammed into its chest, causing it stumble back and fall. She knew it wasn't dead, but it held it off long enough for Dean to plug it in the head. The zombie fell on the ground and didn't move, Rebecca and Sam helped Billy to the Impala and Dean got in the driver's seat. He turned the key and the car roared to life and he drove for the road, however just as he was about to pull out of the parking lot he nearly hit a black hoodless vehicle and a van.

"Perfect!" Dean shouted angrily, getting out. "HEY! YOU IN THE VAN, WHAT THE HELL'S YOUR PROBLEM!?"

The person in the van stepped out and walked up to him, "Could ask you the same— Dean?!"

Dean stopped for a minute, he squinted his eyes and saw who it was, "Leon?!"

"Dean?" a voice came from behind him, Ashley stood by the black car with a man with short brown hair.

"Ashley!" Dean sighed, "Are you all right? You sounded like you…hey… why are you here?"

"Dean?!" Logan yelped from the van.

Sam and Rebecca got out of the car and Claire and Logan got out of the van as well, but upon seeing Dean she glared.

"Dean Winchester!" she bellowed, making the short haired man's eyes widen.

"Oh, hey Claire, how's—," before he could finish his sentence he was smacked by her. "I guess you're sour about that one night are you…?"

"If I had a gun on me I'd shoot you right here and now!" Claire jabbed her finger at his chest, causing him to step backwards.

"Look, we don't have time for a reunion," Angel sighed. "We need to get back on the road…wait, that man in the car…is that Billy Coen?"

Rebecca had her hand hover over her gun, ready to pull it on him if he tried to do something. However Angel didn't make any aggressive move to her, but everyone was very confused. To complicate matters Dean's phone rang, he opened it and answered.


"Dean, it's me Chris!" The voice called out, causing Claire's ears to perk up.


"Chris? We got a problem, there was a zombie outbreak on the hospital where we took Billy," Dean explained.

"What?! Are you guys okay?!"

"Yeah we got out, and…your sister is here, with Leon and others."

"Claire's here too? Listen, we've been found. Our cover is blown, head to the rendezvous area with the others and we'll go over what we need to do."

"What about you?" Dean asked.

"Things have changed, Jill and a friend of mine are going to meet you there. I need to make sure our research hasn't been raided yet, I'll meet with you there."

Oh mama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law Lawman has put an end to my running and I'm so far from my home…

Oh mama I can hear you a crying you're so scared and all alone

Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very long…

Chris and Jill got out of the car and stepped inside his house as Johnny pulled in. Just as Chris feared, his house was mess, he tried to flip on the lights but they wouldn't come on. The two ex S.T.A.R.S exchanged nods and pulled their guns out, quietly moving about the room. A man from the shadows grinning as he saw them move about the room, too easy.

This jig is up, the news is out, they've finally found me

The renegade who had it made

Retrieved for a bounty, never more to go astray

This will be the end today of the wanted man

"Chris! Chris talk to me here," Dean asked, the phone was still on and it had gone silent.

Claire looked at him nervously, glancing between him and phone until finally she snatched it from him and put it to her ear.

"Chris Redfield, answer me right now!"

Oh mama I've been years on the lamb and had a high price on my head

Lawman said get him dead or alive

Now it's for sure he'll see me dead

Dear mama I can hear you a crying, you're so scared and all alone…

Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very long…

Chris could hear his sister calling for him, it might give them away so he shut his phone. He went ahead and checked his office, papers were ransacked, things knocked aside. He growled and wondered if the men found his secret stash, he popped open a hidden drawer in his refurbished desk and pulled out a thick folder. Smiling he tucked it under his arm and headed for the door, only to meet a tall stranger holding a pistol.

At that time Jill and Johnny heard two gun shots coming from his office…

This jig is up, the news is out, they've finally found me

The renegade who had it made, retrieved for a bounty

Never more to go astray, the judge will have his revenge today

On the wanted man…

Claire desperately tried to redial her brother's cell, but every time there was nothing but his answering message. Her worry growing every time she dialed, she handed it back to Dean and went over to Leon.

"He's not answering, Leon, I'm getting worried."

"Chris is tough," Leon assured, even though he was feeling worried himself. "I'm sure he's fine."

Logan and Ashley exchanged glances, they have never met Chris but he seemed to be important to Claire. Angel was glancing over at the hospital and frowned.

"I smell nothing but death, what the hell happened?"

"Outbreak," Sam frowned, upon looking back he saw something odd. There was a pile of zombies by the front door, but, they weren't moving an inch. "What the hell?"

Angel walked up to the hospital and stood several feet from the bodies, unlike the scent he picks up from other zombies, these were different. He looked back at the group and shared his findings.

"They're dead, the virus burned itself out."

Dean's eyes widened and he looked back to the hospital, "Seriously dude what the hell?"

Oh mama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law

Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very long

Jill and Johnny ran to Chris's office and saw the man himself lying on the floor, two blood spots on his chest and he was gasping in pain.

"CHRIS!" Jill fell to her knees and lifted his head on her thighs.

"J-Jill…" he coughed.

"Don't speak," Jill said, panic was beginning to rise.

"I…I just wanted to stop Wesker…I just wanted him to be put in jail… you have to believe me…" Chris whispered.

"I believe you okay, hang on honey." Jill held back tears.

Johnny looked out the window and saw someone running through the yard, he leaped through the window and chased the man. Leaving the Jill with an injured Chris, she heard his phone ring and she checked the dialer id: Sam and Dean Winchester.

Feeling a swoop in her chest she answered it, "H-hello?"

"Who is this?" Dean asked.

"Sam?" she spoke into the phone.

"No this is his brother who is this?" Dean asked, Claire's attention turned back to phone.

"Call the medics please! Chris…Chris has been shot!" She choked, turning to the man in her arms.

"What?!" Dean yelped, Claire heard her words over the phone and her hand flew to her mouth.


Dean turned to the group and said, "Somebody call an ambulance! Chris Redfield has been shot!"

Angel immediately whipped out his cell phone and began dialing, Rebecca walked up to Dean and took his phone.

"Jill, it's Rebecca. Help is coming but you need to keep Chris alive, give me details on his injuries."

Jill took a deep breath and explained everything, Rebecca listened with a calm patience and thought back to her training. She began talking her through on some things to keep him from bleeding out, luckily for them he didn't get a lung punctured. Unluckily for them, he was bleeding out fast. Johnny ran back in, tired and panting.

"Bastard got away from me," he growled, "Is help coming?"

She nodded and suddenly Chris stopped breathing, cold fear gripped her and she began to panic.

"Chris...? Chris! Wake up please!"

This jig is up, the news is out, they've finally found me

The renegade who had it made

Retrieved for a bounty, never more to go astray

This will be the end today of the wanted man


End of part 1…

As I said, sorry for the long wait. I will get work into the sequel and try to keep myself updated on my works. Thank you for your patience.