"Why does he even want me?"

… "You're the goddess of Destruction…"

Prologue: Fake Death

The night was where things were reasonably kept invisible. Tokyo, Japan was no different, but if you looked at the night

"Mars Flame Sniper!" With a graceful flick of her wrist, a bow and arrow made of fire formed in the palm of her hands. She pulled the arrow string back, let it go to sending it toward the man with dark green eyes and a pale white face. In a blink of an eye, he dodged it and got appeared the raven haired warrior of Mars and with a gentle push he sent her flying into a wall, crumbling it into dust.

Then another woman with short blue hair came running behind him. Water already crystallized in her hand. "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" The crystallized water formed into harp, and water flowed out of it before heading straight toward the man. He simply looked around until he noticed a woman with short blonde hair running toward him with a dangerous looking sword.

A yellow light formed in her hand, "World Shaking!" She hurled it at the ground and let it come toward him. He looked to see the crystallized water coming toward him and caught it in his hand before hurling it back at the blue-haired woman. Then he jumped out of the other attack and let it slam into the other woman who crashed into the ground making a large crater. He formed a bright green cero and aimed it at the blonde, but before cero could reach its target a girl with violet eyes stood in front of the other woman.


Ulquiorra didn't even flinch when he finally found his target. He didn't even pay attention as he looked up to see Grimmjow. He was busy dealing with an aqua haired woman who used a mirror to attack him and another woman with dark skin and green hair. Then there was that annoying woman with blonde hair and a Moon on her forehead.

"Silent wall!" She cried out as an energy barrier burst from her glaive. The sudden outburst caused Grimmjow to look down and his eyes widened with excitement. Because they had found their prey they didn't have to play these games with these little girls.

The cero soon faded, and Grimmjow appeared the blonde haired woman and grabbed her by the neck before throwing her into a building. The two women that he was dealing with before were now coming toward him. His smirk deepened.

"Play time is over, I'm afraid," he spat before throwing them into the ground. Ulquiorra got behind the two other girls and simply threw the blonde into a phone booth without in blinking. Then he grabbed the violet eyed girl and threw her into a building. He waited for the dust to settle down before he walked into the large hole in the wall.

She winced before staggering onto her feet. Grimmjow had fought her earlier so he wasn't surprised that the girl was already bleeding and bruised before. She didn't heal herself like he thought she would, but she just held out her glaive in attack position. She was breathing harder like she was gasping for air.

He stepped forward, "What if you die tonight?" Her eyes widened at his words, but she ignored them and focused on concentrating. "If you die we'll suddenly leave your friends and precious princess alone? Would you be willing to do that?"

Confusion appeared on her face. Was he making a deal with her? But why? This wasn't making any sense as he stepped closer to her. She pressed her glaive to his neck, but he didn't even wince when the sharp blade pierced his skin.

He knew she was curious, "Just simply fake your death and come with us to Hueco Mundo."

"And if I refuse?" She already knew the answer to this, and fear bubbled in her throat just thinking about it. He grabbed her wrist, breaking bone despite giving what seemed a gentle squeeze. She cried out in pain and moved her glaive to her other hand while the other went limp.

"I will shatter every one of your friends just like your wrist," and with that she silently nodded. A small green light formed in his hand before ramming into her stomach, flinging her body into another building with an anguish cry echoing everywhere.

"NO! Hotaru!" The aqua-haired woman got up and tried to run to the other girl before Grimmjow came and kicked her in the stomach. Ulquiorra walked over and picked up the limp girl before whispering a small chant that created a replica of the girl, but this replica was dead. He opened the portal to Hueco Mundo and walked in with Grimmjow following him in.

Sailor Ra: Before anyone decides to kill me-

Noah and Cain: (glares)

Sailor Ra: I couldn't help it! I couldn't help it! And I was watching episode 145-174 of Bleach and this god forsaken idea wouldn't leave me alone. This could also give me pratice on a new writing style I've been working on. Can you see it? Cany you see the difference? I really couldn't but...Aaa, never mind. Actually I have no idea who I want Hotaru to be paired with or if you guys have any suggestions.

Cain: You might regret that.

Sailor ra: Yeah, I kind of had a feeling. Before pairings start flooding in think about the storylines in Bleach during the time when Orihime must be saved by Ichigo (I actually like Orihime). Pairings that are possible would probably be one of the Espada or Ichigo, Chad, Ishida, Renji. Please don't make me do girl/girl pairings. I haven't gotten used to writing it (I have been praticing). The only pairings that I feel comfortable with would be MichiruHaruka and my own characters Butterfly and Dragonfly, but they are from Hellish Angels (Novel I've been working on for years) and that's a different story. So don't make me! Oh, I really don't have any idea. I just know how its going to work out plot wise, not romance wise (the world gasps in shock).

YES! I am working on Red Butterfly right now. And you'll be meeting Nel (I love her)! Okay, now umm, review. And Read my other stories if you want. So review...and give me suggestions. I think my writing in fighting sections are getting better, don't you? Okay, well I know Grimmjow working with anyone is a bit unlikely, but Aizen forced him. so I know I screwed up that part, but I've been doing a little research on Hollows and characters and stuff just to double-

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