"Tell me your adventures in Dreamland when you wake up, okay Hotaru?" Someone whispered to her. The voice was so scary that she was sure that it would keep all of the monsters away, but who would protect her of the monster that was in front of her?

Chapter Two: Dreamland

The moon, the big fat moon, was the first thing that Hotaru noticed when her heavy burning eyes opened. It was so big and it was the only light that spilled into the white boring room. It was also comforting, an image of the princess appearing in her mind for a drossy moment. It was like being a kid again, staring at the moon, reaching out to grab for it just because it felt so close to her. This was when she realized it was the only light in the sky, not stars.

How sad… Those were the first words that came into her mind. She sat up painfully, her stomach throbbed in pain, "Damn it…" She clutched her head in pain. Did someone stab her in the stomach and then tried to crush her skull? She wasn't sure and a little part of her didn't really want to know what happened. In a starless night, only anger can rule.

She had seen such nights when only the moon glowed brightly. This brought memories of Mistress Nine, making her wince at the memories. She pushed them away and got up, clumsily and unsteady at first, but the world stopped spinning and her legs were able to walk in a straight line.

The room was small, cramped and white. She had nothing against the color, but so much white in one place made her feel like she might just fall through the floor. She looked up at the window and the beautiful fat moon. Her finger nails made crescents into her hands, memories crushing her angrily. Reminding her once again how weak she really was.

She couldn't even protect her friends or herself against the strange men that had taken her away. They were evil, that much was obvious and she wanted nothing more than to crush them like a child would an ant. The mere idea made Hotaru's lips turn into a cruel smirk.

Yes, kill them all.

Hotaru jumped at the voice in her head. She must have been losing it. She could have already been so stressed that her mind was thinking such evil thoughts. But I want to get them back.

Her mind pulled images of Haruka's, Michiru's, and Setsuna's crimpled bodies and she had to bite her lip so not to lose her temper.

"Hey girl."

She spun around, fear gripped her, but her face didn't reveal such emotions. The man was odd to say the least. Icy blue hair that was spiked up naturally (and defying gravity) and a insane, bloodthirsty smile, giving her chills that she had to suppress. His strong body could easily crush hers if she made a wrong move and by what she remembered, she couldn't outrun him either.

"What?" Her eyes cold, just like the planet Saturn.

He roared in laughter, "Foolish girl! Don't act like you can control me!" His eyes flashed an icy color and stepped up to her, grabbing her chin roughly, almost painfully. "Or I'll have to kill you for such ignorance."

"Hotaru-chan!" The princess of Saturn relaxed a moment when she heard Chibi usa voice laughing in her head. These little memories would keep her alive. "Don't touch me." Hotaru grabbed his wrist. Her fingers barely able hold onto his wrist. She stepped back, wondering if she would have bruises on her chin. She watched the man flair with anger. His aura matching hers, threatening to crush her at any moment.

Then he suddenly calmed, "Aizen wants to see you."

Aizen? She mused. Why did that sound so familiar to her? She tried to think back, searching in her memories, but nothing came to her. Then the man grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her to him. Then he easily, as if she weighed nothing, threw her over his shoulder with his arm wrapped around her a little too tightly.

"Let me go!" She squeaked, but he ignored her. He jumped out of the window and onto big white curvy buildings that Hotaru had never seen in her life. Soon they all became blurry though as he picked up his speed. She cringed as the man squeezed her a little too tightly again. She tried to focus on something, but everything was too blurred and her head bobbing up and down was making her empty stomach gurgle uncomfortably. Before the acid could burn her throat, the strange man finally stopped and opened a door that led to a long white hallway.

What is this place? An insane asylum? All the white reminded her of insane asylums in movies. She was reminded of the blue-haired man that was carrying her. Maybe that's not a far off guess. She concluded in her mind. Another door creaked open before she met with the marble floor.

"Ouch!" Hotaru rubbed her head carefully, feeling a small bump appearing. "Baka!" She wasn't sure where the sudden burst of confidence came from. She just could feel all the emotions from the other night and the moment when she woke up were boiling over. "You fool! If I were in my senshi form you would be so dead right now!"

"Oh really?" He smirked only adding fuel to the fire that was festering inside of Hotaru.

"You damn bas-"

"Now a princess shouldn't say such words." Hotaru spun around to see a table full of…err, she didn't want to say people because they defiantly weren't people. Well, strange humanoid creatures in one table. The ones who looked most human was sitting at the front of the table with a calm, delighted expression on his face. "Why so sad?" Hotaru only blinked, but then he was in front of her with a firm grip on her chin. "A girl as pretty as you really should smile more."

Great, my first compliment from a guy and it comes from a psychopath. Hotaru thought bitterly as she tried to look away from him. She couldn't though, because she looked so familiar to her. She wasn't sure where she had seen him, but…damn.

He turned his ice blue eyes toward the other man who was standing behind her, "Grimmjow, I thought I told you to be careful with her. She's priceless." She tried to look serious, but she wasn't used to getting compliments, even if it was coming from a psycho path. "You must excuse him, princess. He's always been like that. Now come into my office and we'll have some tea."

Bad guys have tea? Hotaru mused. He wasn't like other bad guys that she ever fought with. What was she going to do? She felt like she would be attacking a defenseless person if she attacked him. She felt his warm hand grab hers and was about to walk into another set of doors when a woman with blonde hair and sun browned skin got up from her seat. To be honest, the woman reminded Hotaru of an Egyptian warrior princess.

"Aizen-sama, what are we supposed to do?"

This is Aizen?! Hotaru tried not to look as confused as she felt.

"You know that already, Halibel." His voice dropped dangerously low. "Now come on, princess. We have so much to catch up on."

When they entered into the smaller room she finally found her voice. "Have we met before?" He turned around before letting go of her hand. He smiled which scared her all the more.

He ran a hand through his brown hair, "I guess it has been awhile. You were only a child back then when we met." He walked behind the desk and sat down before pointing to the cup on the other side of his desk. "Have some tea and I'll explain everything. Its raspberry and honey, just how you like it, correct?"

She sat on the big comfy chair and took the cup. She examined the top to see if anything would float up to the top.

"If I wanted to kill you, Hotaru," she jumped at the sound of his voice, "then I would have done it a long time ago. Now drink." She did as she was told and was shock when she found that he had the perfect mixture of raspberry tea and honey.

"Now," Hotaru tried to sound as professional as he did, "tell me how you know me."

"Yes, we should get to the point." He rested his chin on the palm of his hand. "How about you first tell me about your adventures in Dreamland?"

"How do you know about that?" Hotaru hissed angrily. She was now getting really annoyed with this guy.

"Calm down princess." He whispered calmly. "I only know this because I knew you as a sweet little girl who would laugh constantly. The only way you could go to sleep was if someone promised to meet you in dreamland." In a flash he was next to her, playing with a strand of her black hair. "You have grown so much since that time. I've actually grown to miss you, little firefly."

She swatted his hand away, "Don't touch me!"

"Calm down," He grabbed her wrists. "Do you know why the Espada follow me?" She shook her head. "All of arrancar follow me because they see me as fearless and the only individual who can actually bring forth the new world…"

"A new world without Neo Queen Serenity?" Hotaru asked, her cold violet eyes burning into his blue ones. For a moment when he lifted his hand she thought that he was going to slap her across the face, but instead, he tenderly stroked her cheek like a father might do to a daughter.

"The new future where you, Hotaru can belong."

"I don't belong here with you. The only reason I'm doing this is to protect those I love," she argued. Hotaru tried not to vomit, but the bile was growing in the back of her throat.

"Yes, and they have tried to kill you."

"They had their reasons." She choked, trying to not think back that far.

He played with a strand of her hair again, "Yes, reasons. These reasons nearly led to your death and these 'reasons' will led you to your ultimate death. Either way you will die for a princess who won't even know your name."

Hotaru glared at him, "What are you talking about?"

Aizen chuckled darkly, "You can't honestly believe that they'll let little Chibiusa play with you Hotaru."

"I won't be a danger." She could suddenly feel the truth in those words. She would always be a danger to them all. To her friends and family and the senshi always knew that. Why hadn't she known that?

"You will always be a danger." He whispered in her ear darkly. "Without me," he went on in his speech, "that dream can't be fulfilled and without me the Gotei 13 will destroy you, Hotaru." He smiled again. "Do you see it now? From my point of view?"

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