Will have language and possibly graphic violence.

Summary: Sequel to Meddlesome Fools. Major ANGST! John's decisions are weighing heavily on him and nightmares plague his dreams. The demon is still keeping tabs on the boys and making itself know with Dean's migraines. Then there's the new kid…

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Warning: Will contain child abuse! If you don't like it, please don't read it!


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Just as the Winchesters were loading the last few bags into the Impala, the Prescotts pulled up beside them. Ethan opened the back door and just barely made it out of the way before Emma slid out and raced over to the boys. She threw her arms around Dean's waist, making him stagger back a few steps in surprise.

"You're all better now!"

He gave her his patented Dean smirk and patted her gently on the back. "No injury can keep me out of the game for very long."

Mr. and Mrs. Prescott looked completely shocked and confused at Dean's miraculous recovery. Roger turned to John for answers. "John, what … I mean, is he…?"

John gave the man a weary smile. "Come on inside. I'll explain everything. Dean, you boys stay close, you hear me?" he added over his shoulder as he and the Prescotts headed into the motel.

"Yes, sir," came the automatic reply. Dean knew the unspoken agreement was also to watch out for everyone present, especially Sammy.

Ethan made his way over to the boys and his sister who had yet to detach herself from Dean. "Hey, Emma, easy on him, alright?"

"I'm fine, Ethan. Seriously," Dean insisted.

"Dude, you were stuck in that bed for days. What the hell happened?"

"Long story, but there's nothin' left but a scar. I'm good to go."

Ethan looked around and saw that Bobby's truck was still in the yard. "Bobby going with you guys?"

"Nah, I think he's headed home for now. He's just doin' a last check of the motel to make sure we don't leave anything behind."

"Where are you guys headed?"

"Wherever the hunts lead us. There's always gonna be somethin' evil lurking around. We'll take them on one town at a time."

"You guys lead such weird lives, you know that?"

"Says the guy who was 'attacked by a water horse'…"

"Hey, it could happen. 'My dad beat the shit outta me' just sounded so clichéd."

Dean's mind kicked in to high gear. He was desperately searching for a way to help his newfound friend. Then it dawned on him. He gently pried Emma from his waist.

"Can you hang out with Sammy here for a little while, kiddo? I need to borrow your brother for a sec."

Emma nodded and took Sam's offered hand. He had overheard his brother's request and shot Dean a questioning look. Dean just winked, conveying easily that everything was just fine.

"Why don't you bring her inside, Sammy, then meet us out back? Ethan, follow me."

Dean headed off to the grassier section of land behind the motel. Sam grumbled under his breath as he led Emma inside, wondering what on earth his brother was up to. After a few seconds of stunned curiosity, Ethan jogged to catch up with Dean.

"Where are we going?"

"I'm gonna teach you how to spar."

"How to what?"

Once they reached the area Dean had chosen, the middle Winchester held up his fists in a professional fighter's stance and Ethan took a few steps back.

"Nuh uh. I've had enough fighting for one month, thanks."

Dean scoffed. "I'm not gonna hurt you, man. Earlier you told me that you didn't know how to fight. I'll teach you a few moves that might come in handy at some point if you ever have to defend yourself again."

Dean glanced over at the back door, expecting to see Sam walking out at any minute. He quickly gave up on waiting.

"Dude! Get your ass out here!" Dean shouted to the closed door. A second later, a somewhat annoyed looking Sam came out.

"You beckoned, oh loud one? I was just grabbing a drink…"

"Kick your shoes off."

"Come on, Dean… Now? Don't you ever get sick of sparring?"

"Sick of kickin' ass? Never. 'Specially not yours. Let's go."

"Fine," Sam huffed, toeing off his shoes and setting up across from his brother. "You sure you're up for this already?"

"Sammy, I swear if you ask me that one more time…"

"Okay, okay! I just wanted to make sure…"

"You make the first move. Watch closely, Ethan." Sam took two steps towards Dean before he found himself looking up at the sky. "Wow. That was so easy I'm almost embarrassed for you, little man."

"Get off. I wasn't ready. Let's go again."

Dean shrugged. "Your funeral."

Ethan was relaxing again and thoroughly enjoying watching the brothers interact. He had never had an older brother to look out for him or teach him how to defend himself.

But for the first time in a long time, he wasn't worried about his dad coming after him. Right now, he was actually enjoying himself. He watched the boys duke it out and laughed every time Dean gave his brother that cocky smirk and Sam demanded a do-over. Ethan loved his little sister, but sometimes he wished he had a brother to bond with and teach him things like sparring.

He was so lost in his thoughts, he didn't hear Dean calling him until the third attempt.

"Hey, Ethan, you alright, man?" Dean looked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Alright then. Your turn."

"What makes you think I want my ass handed to me by you?" he snorted.

"Oh come on. It'll be fun. I'll go easy on ya, promise. First, let's get you into a proper fighting stance…"


Bobby and John watched Dean through the back window as he helped show Ethan the easiest way to take down a bigger opponent. They had just finished explaining Dean's miraculous recovery to the Prescotts who were now sitting at the kitchen table with Emma.

John smiled proudly at his son's skill. Bobby nudged him with a smirk of his own.

"You taught him well, John."

"I just taught him the basics. The skill is all his own."

"Bet he could kick your ass these days," Bobby teased.

"Let's not get crazy here," John warned good-naturedly.


Dean and Ethan squared up against each other again. "Think you'll come back and visit someday?" Ethan asked, half out of curiosity and half just trying to distract Dean as he prepared to make his next move.

"No idea." Dean easily dodged a punch Ethan threw his way half-heartedly. "Dude, you swing like a girl. Come on, take a real shot!"

"I don't wanna hurt you, Dean."

"Too damn bad. You wanna learn to fight, you need to learn how to throw a decent punch. Now let's go. Pretend I'm your dad."

"No, I couldn't…"

"Yes, you can. I just got drunk cause the Red Sox lost big time to the damn Yankees and you know what? Your sister looks like fair game today. Think I'll mess up her pretty little face cause you're just no fun to beat the shit out of anymore." Dean knew it was harsh but necessary. Though his stomach clenched in disgust at his own words, he needed to show Ethan how to channel his anger and turn it into power.

"Stay away from my sister," Ethan growled, starting to visualize being back in his house with his sister cowering behind him and a furious and drunken father in front of him.

"Or you'll do what exactly? You're too pathetic to stand up for yourself. What makes you think you can protect her from me?"


Dean began to advance towards him with an arm raised as though to strike, fully aware he was leaving himself wide open for a hit. Ethan saw his father advancing and snapped. He was sick of being weak. He was sick of playing the punching bag and not having the guts to fight back. Damn it, he wasn't pathetic!

"I hate you, you son-of-a-bitch!" he screamed as he lunged at Dean, taking him down to the ground and pinning him. Both Sam and Dean were in shock that Ethan had learned so quickly and that he had already bested Dean, something Sam had been trying to do for years. Mind you, Dean had intentionally made himself vulnerable to see if Ethan would take the shot.

Ethan drew back his fist and swung forward, but pulled it at the last second and sent his knuckles deep into the dirt beside Dean's head who barely flinched. He knew Ethan would realize that it was him before causing him pain. He didn't know how he knew, he just trusted the kid. Sam was a bit more panicked however.

"Dean! Dean, are you okay? Get off him!" He ran forward and pushed Ethan sideways to get to Dean.

"I'm fine, Sammy. Chill, dude. Nice take down, Ethan. I never would have believed it. Oh, and if anyone asks, I'm totally denying that you knocked my ass to the ground."

Dean reached out a hand and helped a shaking Ethan to his feet. "Oh my god… Dean, I'm so sorry. I could've killed you!"

"Nah. I would've stopped you first. I knew you just needed to let out some steam. No sweat."

"Are you seriously okay? I didn't hurt you again, did I? Jesus, and I was just telling Emma to take it easy on…"

"Whoa, hey. You? Hurt me? Never," though he did wince slightly as he straightened up. He would never admit it, but that was a pretty hard take down. He wouldn't be surprised if he had a few new bruises around his abdomen but it was worth it. Ethan could protect himself now. Of that, he had no doubts. "You guys will be just fine."

"Thanks, Dean. For everything."

"No sweat. Just look after that little sister of yours for me, alright? I think you guys will be just fine with the Prescotts though. They're pretty cool people."

"Yeah, they are. Apparently Roger clocked my dad pretty good the other day, and his wife is taking us shopping tomorrow cause she refuses to let us go back to our old place and pick up our stuff. She doesn't want us anywhere near our dad. Can't say I'm complaining."

"Boys! Time to say goodbye!" John called out the back door as everyone inside made their way back out to the vehicles.

"Guess we'll see you around," Dean stated and held out a hand. Ethan shook it, then pulled Dean forward for a quick hug goodbye and clapped him on the back.

"Take care of yourself, you hear?"

"Yeah, you too."

Ethan turned to Sam. "Are we cool, man?"

Sam considered the peace offering, noted that his brother was indeed perfectly fine, then gave Ethan a small smile and held his own hand out. "Yeah, we're cool." Ethan smiled back and shook Sam's hand before messing up the kid's hair in a brotherly gesture. Dean was surprised that Sam didn't even complain. He usually got pissed when his big brother messed his moppy hair up.

The three boys met up with Emma and the adults around front. Emma and Mrs. Prescott hugged everyone goodbye and Mr. Prescott shook hands all around. "You guys be careful, alright? And don't hesitate to call me if you're in the area and need a little medical assistance," Roger offered.

"You got it," John responded as he was the last to shake Roger's hand. "Thanks for lookin' after my boys."

"It was the least I could do after everything you guys have done for us. Keep in touch, alright?"

"We'll do our best."

Ethan shook Bobby's hand last and the older man was reminded of how they came to meet not so long ago. He shook his head and laughed out loud. "A water horse, huh? Creative. I'm willin' to bet there'll be a movie about that crazy critter in the near future. Take care, son."

"You too, Bobby, and thanks for everything. More particularly, taking my dad on. I heard you and John did a number on him."

"He got what was comin' to him. I'm glad you kids got a second chance. The Prescotts are one of a kind."

"Yeah, I sort of got that impression. Down side is I'll have to actually do my homework now since my teacher is my new mom."

"Gotta take the bad with the good I suppose. See you around, kid."

Bobby hugged each of the Winchester boys and nodded his head to John. He knew they'd meet up again soon enough.

Dean gently squeezed Sam's shoulders and pulled him backwards for a one-armed hug that basically turned into a choke hold. After all, he didn't do chick flick moments.

Once all their goodbyes had been said, they each got into their respective vehicles and pulled out of the driveway headed in different directions. None of them were foolish enough to believe that their paths wouldn't intersect again at some point. Fate is funny like that sometimes.


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