Ok it's gonna be a couple of chapters until he gets back to Hogwarts, So I'm open for suggestions on which house to put him in: griff so he can start helping Neville and join the Twns in random acts of mayhem, slythren to simply piss off dumbles and drive the house batty, or huffle/raven for reasons of your recommendation. Also, I'll be waiting untill the third year before he starts in the dating scene, but I will be accepting suggestions as to who should be in it and if Neville should get a girl.

Note: Harry still has his memories and knowledge for his first 70 years, so he'll have some firepower and not be afraid to use it.

Alorkin: Point taken. I may've picked too big a number. But, in my defense: anything is possible in fiction.




Chapter 1.

"Wake up, boy!" Petunia hollered as he banged on the cupboard door, "Get dressed and start making breakfast!"

"I'm up, I'm up. Can she get any louder??" Harry said, waking up from his cot under the stairs. Six years had passed since the Dursleys found him on their step and just as he remembered, they were doing what the could to try and make him miserable. Fortunately, this time all it really did was annoy him. He got dressed, this time actually grateful that they made him wear the lump's baggy old clothes.

Ever since he got back to walking, he had made it a priority to strengthen his body by excercising when he had the chance. The chores he was given, actually helped now that he thought about it, since they got him to work up a sweat, especially outdoors. He knew it would take a few years to get any real results, but that was something he could wait on. For now, he'd wait until he got his chance to take his leave. After that he'd start working towards undoing the malnutrition his body was dealing with.

The moment he entered the kitchen, a large stack of gift-wrapped packages on the table caught his attention, "Hm, Dudley's birthday again." He muttered to himself before heading to the stove. It wasn't long before the 'birthday boy' and Vernon came thundering down the stairs.

"Hey, Freak! It's my birthday!" Dudley called out and what he figured was a taunting way, thinking he was rubbing it in that he always got a considerable larger present count than his cousin. Harry simply rolled his eyes and ignored him. As far as he was concerned, it just meant he would be spending a somewhat dull day with Mrs. Figg while the Dursley's went out to celebrate.


"You know you're a lucky fuzzball not to be living where I am right now." Harry told one of her cats as he scratched it's head, ignoring the cabbage odor that permeated the woman's house, "At least it won't last much longer."

It was June so he decided to wait until school began. He would be starting 1st grade again and Dudley and his gang were going to be his first victims. He resumed stroking the cat, grinning to himself; that day would mark his freedom and start his path towards vengeance.

After Dudley's birthday, Summer became rather uneventfull; unless you count Vernon having to go to the hospital after tripping on the living room rug, breaking his nose and three teeth in the process. He and Petunia tried their hardest to blame him for it, but that came crashing down when Harry pointed out he was mowing the grass at the time and stated he had seen Dudley stumble on it as well.


Soon the day arrived; Petunia, as usual began fussing over her her little 'Dudders' while Vernon read Harry the riot act.

"Now you listen here, boy. We're being generous just letting the likes of you out in public, so if you know what's good for you..."

After that, Harry tuned him out, hiding it with the occasional nod and 'yes, sir.' "Blimey! Ever heard of flossing, Shamu? I think I just saw a piece of Dudley's last birthday cake wedged between your bicuspids!"

"...Do I make myself clear, you little abomination?!"

"Crystal, Sir." Harry said after realizing he was finally finished. The two were soon on the bus and off to school. Harry quickly grabbed a back seat while Dudley met up with his friend/cronie Piers Polkiss and instantly began picking on a girl in the seat ahead of them. Harry scowled but stayed put. That simply added another reason to do it.


Judging from the way the teacher kept giving him shifty looks during the first couple of classes, Harry could only assume that Petunia had called ahead and convinced them he was a troublemaker. "Not surprising' He said to himself as they started on reading. A quick look at the clock told him recess should be after the next lesson if his memory was accurate. "They'll probably come at me right off the bat." He inwardly shrugged, "Saves me the trouble of finding them."

Sure enough, as soon as he stepped foot on the school playground, he was shoved from behind.

"No freaks allowed out here, freak!" Dudley sneered.

"Let the fun begin!" Harry grinned, "'If you're going to insult me, Blubberbutt, at least try something original."

The remark caught the boy off guard. He was expecting Harry to be scared and try to get away, not this. It took Dudly a second for it to sink in before realizing he had just been called a name by the freak, "I'm gonna tell Dad what you said!" He yelled, moving forward to hit him.

What Dudley Dursley didn't know, however, was that he was trying to bully somebody who was once an elderly, and surprisingly tough, wizard. One aspect of the Temporal Gate was that instead of actually sending a person back to another time period, it regressed the person's age and physical time. The reason it required such precise and accurate preparation was that if done correct, physical age is all the gate would reverse. Intelligence, memories, knowledge, and personality were left unaltered. To put it bluntly, Harry had around half a century of know-how over Dudley. And he had an equally old axe to grind.

"Tut-tut, 'Duddums', can't be having that now, can we?" Harry said, nonchalantly raising his hand and catching the boy's fist, "You're not gonna be bullying anyone today."

You could almost hear the gears screaming to a half in the boy's mind. For the first time in Dudley's short life, he was dumbstruck; someone was actually denying him something! Given the way he was raised, this was completely unacceptable in the eyes of the young Dursley. He yanked his hand away and tried to swing again

The smirk on Harry's face widened. In order to the create the gate, he was forced to do a little globetrotting and piece together what he could learn. Thankfully his travels let him learn a few other things as well. He demonstrated one by jerking his head to the side, avoiding his cousin's fist and letting it slide over his shoulder. Before he could pull back, though, Harry stepped up with a punch of his own. That one made contact. Dudley let out a shrill scream as he covered his now bleeding nose. Harry wasn't finished yet, and he showed it by grabbing the larger boy's head, yanking it downwards and bringing his knee up for the two to meet. The boy quickly fell to the ground screaming in pain

Piers watched in shocked and a bit of amazement when he saw 'Big D" get taken down by his wierdo cousin. When Harry looked his way, he decided to do the first thing that came to mind. Of course, given that this was a boy who was like-minded with Dudley, that thing was to attack. He took a swing and promptly took a tumble, landing face first in the dirt after getting tripped by his target.

"Well, that was fun." Harry said, dusting his hands off. The other kids on the playground stared at what had transpired in silence for several seconds before some suddenly broke into cheers; someone finally gave the resident bully a taste of his own medicine. Unfortunately, this was cut short by the shriek of a teacher.

"What in Heaven's name did you think you were doing, child!?" The school principal demanded, staring at Harry like the boy had lost his marbles. Dudley had already been taken to the nurses office so

Harry shrugged, "They enjoy pushing kids around, so I decided they needed some pushing of their own. Besides, their both swine."

"It's all good and well to not let yourself be cowed, but you gave Dudley a bloody nose and split his upper lip! Not to mention the black eye Piers received from the rock he landed on."

"Was his own fault for landing on it in the first place" He knew Vernon and Petunia would be ready to beat him senseless for what he did, but after all the crap he went through before, he didn't really give two bollocks now.

The principal rubbed his temples, "Still, I had to inform both their parents. And fighting on school grounds strictly prohibited. Hence I'm afraid I have suspend you for the few days. You aunt and uncle should be here momentarily"

Sure enough, almost as soon as he finished that sentance, Vernon and Petunia came charging like like wild buffalo. Petunia instanly ordered she be taken to her 'Precious Duddykins' and Vernon was glaring at Harry, his face an impressive shade of purple. He leaned over and whispered, his voice raspy from anger,

"When we get home, boy.." He spat the word with undisguised venom, "You are going to pay, and pay dearly."

The meeting went by with the Dursley's being their typical selves; Petunia was acting like Harry had tried to dismember her son and Vernon was a mix of trying to pass him off as a mentally disturbed child and threatening to sue the school for letting Dudley get injured in the first place. Harry had to refrain from scoffing mor than once at their comments, as well as at the principle's apologizing for the fight in the first place.

"Wasn't much of a fight to be honest. They like dishing it out but niether could take it." He muttered to himself. Thankfully, Vernon's bellowing covered it up. One things were all said and done, they were allowed to take the boys home.

The ride back home was amazingly quiet. Petunia made Dudley sit in her lap while Harry stayed in the back. Vernon's purple hue never fade. In fact, it was slowly shifting to violet. The car soon pulled into the drive way and Harry was quickly ushered inside. The second the door closed, he ducked to the side in time to avoid his uncle's fist.

"Hold still, you little..!" Vernon never got a chance to finish as his mouth suddenly slammed shut. During his travels, Harry learned that while accidental magic was common with wizarding children, older wizards and witches weren't immune. Even ones close to Dumbledore and Voldemort's level such could still have bouts, especially if their emotions got the best of them. In that light, Harry had discovered that with a bit of concentration and focus, a child could control the burst of magic a bit to intentionally cast a spell but it would still be counted as accidental if it was done before they received a wand. Basically, they could perform small doses of wandless magic if they thought about it. It was that burst he used to make the man 'shut up', so to speak.

Petunia screeched, "What have you..!?" before she was silenced as well. Vernon's muffled bellowing resumed as he tried to strike his nephew again. This time however, he instead started flailing to keep his balance after finding his feet stuck to the floor.

"Now that you're behaving in a more civil manner, 'dear' Uncle; I feel it's time we said our good-byes. As soon as I've finished what I have to say, we will be parting ways."

Vernon's eyebrows raised slightly at that statement.

"I find you to be a fat, pompus, gorilla-fisted, pile of buzzard droppings." He snickered when he saw his uncle turn magenta and his wife started seething as well, "And you, 'aunt' Petunia, need to learn the meaning of minding your own bloody business! I'm surprised you still have that nose considering you stick it into everyone else's lives."

He waited a minuted while the two of them tried to tell him off before stepping in front of the fireplace, "Anyway, I think I'll leave you both with one parting remark: the both of you are the sorriest excuses of human beings I've ever had the misfortune of being around. And I hope your sea cow of a son finally wises up and sticks you in a cheap nursing home when he gets older."

Ignoring their screams, Harry gave them the two-finger salute and with a turn of his heel, apparated away from No.4 Privit Drive, never to return.


Well, here's the first chapter. Shows you the kind of attitude Harry's got in this story.