The Judo Challenge

Chapter One

The Disappearance

"What do you mean you won't enter this year's challenge?!"

These were the first words that greeted Takashi Morinozuka when he arrived home after judo practice. His father stood glaring at him from his study doorway. Mori refused to meet his father's eyes as he shrugged. He knew that the judo club would call and tell his father of his decision before he reached home, but it still annoyed him. Of course, he wouldn't explain anything to his father, he never really explained anything. He tended to be content to wait and let some bright spark come and figure things out for everyone else, and then he'd just agree with them.

"Well?" His father demanded.

"Didn't want to." He said after a long pause. Though it was more like he had Host Club activities on that day, he knew that excuses just made his father angry, so instead, he settled for pretending not to be bothered enough.

'Come to think of it though, I don't really want to go in it this year…' His mind drifted as he started to walk past the study doorway.

"You are more than capable." His father continued to pester as he walked by.

"Meh." Came his short reply.

His father watched his retreating back in slight confusion, but was then struck by a brilliant idea.

'A matter of motivation, is it?' He thought, 'Well, I can fix that…'

When school resumed the next day, Mori appeared at the school gates without his usual companion. When the Hitachiin twins, who arrived at the same time, noticed this, they came up alongside him and started to interrogate him.

"Eh? Where's Hunny-Senpai?" They asked in unison. Mori remained silent until they entered the Third Music Room, then he shrugged.

"He wasn't at home."

The rest of the Host Club looked up in disbelief.


Tamaki came up dramatically,

"What happened to him? How could you not know where he is?"

He then proceeded to collapse on the floor.

"This is unheard of!"

Mori walked unsteadily to a chair and sat down, almost treading on Tamaki on the way.

"Are you alright?" Haruhi asked, watching his more-blank-then-usual expression in concern.

He did nothing but stare out the window. And Tamaki, having recovered from his drama, called a brief meeting.

"He can't host today, not without Hunny-Senpai."

"Yeah, but what happened to Hunny-Senpai."

"And how come Mori-Senpai doesn't know where he is?"

"Someone needs to watch him…"

"Maybe Hunny-Senpai's brother knows something?"

And the conversation went on. In the end, it was decided that Kyoya would stay behind in the Music Room with Mori, while Haruhi went; under the Hitachiin twin's protection, to talk to Hunny's brother. Of course, Tamaki was greatly distressed by this, feeling that Hikaru and Kaoru were in no way qualified to protect his daughter. But of course, they seemed to be satisfied with the decision, so Tamaki was once again overruled by his subjects.

As Tamaki went and grew mushrooms in a corner, Kaoru and Hikaru quickly escorted Haruhi out the door. Kyoya sighed, knowing that now he'd have to monitor 'That Idiot's mushroom cultivation, as well as making sure Mori didn't become too depressed…

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