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Hunny's POV

After the scary men hung up on Takashi it was real quiet. They turned around and faced me.

"If he doesn't yield to our demands, then we have full permission to send you away on a holiday someplace."

"F-for how long?"

The scary man's eyes gleamed evilly


I crept away from him into a corner, wishing that I had Usa-Chan to hold. I gazed longingly at the cage he was locked in. One of the scary men noticed and laughed at me.

"Ha-ha! You just remember that if you try to escape the rabbit dies!"

I whimpered softly as they filed out of the basement, swinging Usa-Chan's cage around and around.

"Wah! Takashi!"


I curled up in a ball on the concrete.

It was really cold.


Mere metres away from where Hunny was falling asleep, the mastermind behind this devious act was congratulating his minions.

"Excellent work!" He said, rubbing his hands together in glee.

"Now Takashi will have no choice but to participate in your competition!"

The members of the judo club glanced at each other. ON e of them raised his hand nervously.

"Um… Sir, you know we didn't actually mind him not participating; he had other stuff on and-"

Mori's father didn't seem to notice that the boy was speaking.

"Fufufu!" He chuckled. "Without a doubt he'll even perform better than previous years!! He'll have to if he wants to save Mitsukuni!"

The judo members gave up tying to reason with him.

"Thankyou Sir, we'll being leaving now."

"Yes, yes! Sure! Goodbye!"

The older man picked up his mobile phone.

"Pick me up please!" He proclaimed. Then he realised it had died. He shrugged and began to walk home.

The younger men also began to disperse, leaving Hunny behind to shiver in the cold, dark basement of the judo hall. And back at his home, Mori lay awake worrying. And would continue to do so until morning.


Hunny's POV

The bad judo people came for me in the morning. One of them held Usa-chan above my head and told me to follow him, so I did. My tummy growled because I'd had no food since when they stole me. One of them laughed and threw a carrot at me.


"The rabbit wasn't hungry."

They chuckled at their hilarity while I choked down the yucky carrot. I wish I had some cake…

The judo park looked really pretty this early in the morning, but my feet got cold and wet from standing in the frost. We waited around for ages, but finally Takashi appeared.


I tried to run, but one of the judo people grabbed me and threatened Usa-Chan.

"Wha!!" I cried for a bit while the judo club negotiated with Takashi.

"What?" He asked.

"You must participate in the judo challenge if you ever want to see Mitsukuni again!"

Takashi furrowed his brows and was about to reply when he was interrupted some familiar laughter.

"Ho Ho Ho!"

Renge's POV

I really had no idea why I'd gotten up so early this morning, but now I was glad I did. I was witnessing, first-hand, the ransom price of Hunny-sempai! What an opportunity! I had to have my own input on the situation! I started up my High-Power-Motor, giving my characteristic laugh as I rose from the shadows.

The kidnappers were looking at me with strange looks on their faces, but I dismissed them without a second thought. I'm a fangirl, so sue me.

"As Mori-sempai is faced with the toughest decision in his life, Hunny-sempai has had to face unbelievable cruelty! His staple diet consisting of only cake had been denied him!!! Whatever will happen-!?"

A flying object flew past my face and sheared an inch off one side of my hair.

"I washed that this morning!" I shrieked at the offender as I swivelled on my pedestal.

"Despite your ignorance, I must dictate this emotional scene! When it comes to the final rescue of Hunny-sempai, there shall be flames of MOE!! Flames Of Moe I tell you!!"

Mori's POV

For the first time Renge's intrusion was welcome. She gave me time to think about what was happening. Though how she knows when things are going on is quite beyond me…

"Okay. I'll enter the competition and you'll let go of Mitsukuni."

The nominated leader shook his head.

"Uh-uh, we're not here to negotiate. You enter the competition; we keep Mitsukuni, and if you don't come in the top three, then Mitsukuni will go on a permanent holiday."

I looked over at Mitsukuni, who was still sobbing.

"Do you agree to our terms?"

I nodded. Mitsukuni started wailing again.

"EH?! Takashi! Takashi, don't leave!! TAKASHI~!!"
As I walked away slowly I wondered how I was going to cope. There were two weeks until the judo challenge was scheduled to start, and the event went for a week… And poor Mitsukuni… I hope they remember to feed him cake…