Summary: They're twelve, between new faces, new places and new hormones the Goodwill Games will prove completely awkward.

Author's Note: Another new story, a direction I've never gone before, covering the events of D2 and all, hope you like it.

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Chapter 1: New Kids in Town

"Hey, are you OK?" Julie Gaffney smiled and nodded. "Are you sure?" Dean Portman said, "You just got really pale."

"They're talking about me," She sighed. He shook his head.

"You don't seem like the kind of girl who would care that people were talking about her," He said, putting his arm around her. They'd known each other for two days and she already felt comfortable near him.

"I guess I don't," She mumbled. "Or I wouldn't if I knew what the talk was about."

"Probably how you're unstoppable," He smiled. She laughed.

"I'm still only backup," She mumbled.

"Yeah, that's screwed up," He nodded. "You're so much better than that fat kid." She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. He smiled. They were twelve and their bodies were sending them messages that their minds and hearts weren't necessarily ready for. And right now their bodies were telling them that being close like this felt right, and safe.

"Did you see her?"

"Of course we saw her, we were right there!"

"She's unbelievable."

"Also hot."

"Shut up, Averman!" Connie Moreau said sharply.

"You're hotter," Guy Germaine came behind her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Not the point," She snapped, "Who do these new kids think they are?"

"You mean the new girl don't you Moreau?" Fulton looked at her. She sent him an angry glare.

"No, I mean all of them," She sighed. That wasn't strictly true. She did mostly mean Julie Gaffney though. After all, the new guys seemed nice enough. "Whatever, I'm out of here." She grabbed her bag and threw it over her shoulder and marched out. "Um," She stared at Julie, standing waiting, "Hi."

"Hi," Julie said, "I'm just waiting for um, my parents to pick me up and take me to the hotel."

"Sure," Connie said. Julie looked down self consciously as Connie walked away. She wasn't used to being around other girls, she'd been a tomboy her whole life. And of course the one she would be spending an extended period of time with had to be beautiful and tall and already comfortable with her body. Julie looked in the mirror and tugged at her pony tail. She wasn't bad looking after all. She was sort of short, and her boobs had come in before almost every other girl she knew and she still didn't quite know how to deal with that, and her legs and torso were still those of a girl's body.

"Yo, Cat," Portman ran over to her, "We're all going to get something to eat."

"All?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah," He nodded, "Me, Mendoza, Wu, and Robertson," He smiled, "And you we hope."

"What about the Ducks?" She asked.

"Clearly they dislike us," He laughed, "Screw 'em, let's go."

"My parents are coming to pick me up and," She tried to make an excuse. He sighed. "I'm sorry, OK? Maybe after practice tomorrow."

"Great," He nodded, "Whatever," He walked away. She was unlike anyone he'd ever met before. Julie Gaffney was beautiful, and kind of a smart ass and totally hot, but she didn't know it yet, which just made her all the more appealing.

"Hey," Adam Banks said walking out and seeing her waiting.

"Oh, hi," She smiled. "I'm just waiting for my parents."

"Cool," He nodded, "Me too, do you mind if I wait with you?"

"No, of course not," She said, "That was a really nice shot."

"I got lucky," He said sheepishly. "You're really good. Bombay's an idiot to not play you."

"It makes sense," She said quietly, using the rationalization she had before to keep from crying, "You don't want to mess with team chemistry." Adam nodded. He disagreed, if that were the case then he never would have played. He'd listen to the guys chatter in the locker room and seeing her out of pads he did notice how, well, developed Julie was. No wonder Connie was so jealous. "So do they all hate us?"

"They don't hate you at all," He laughed, "They just don't like change much. I didn't join the team until halfway through our first season and they hated me." She nodded. At least one of them was being nice.

"And you should have seen the guys," Connie ranted to Tammy Duncan, "They were drooling over her, just because she stopped Fulton's slap shot."

"She stopped Fulton?" Tammy said. Connie nodded. "Wow, that's impressive. What does she look like?"

"She's kind of small, blonde, freakishly huge boobs." Connie rolled her eyes.

"How freakishly huge?" Tammy said sitting up, looking down at her own budding chest.

"She's definitely out of her trainer," Connie said. Tammy sighed, "I wish you were still on the team."

"I can't risk injury," Tammy said. Connie nodded. "What's she like?"

"I don't know," Connie shrugged, "I don't want to, you know I hate girls except you." Tammy nodded. "She's probably a total bitch anyway. Or she will be by the end of the summer with the way the guys were treating her."

"How was Guy?" Tammy said. She knew for a fact that Connie's boyfriend only had eyes for her. In fact just the mention of him brought a smile to her friends face.

"He didn't look twice at her, thank God," Connie smiled, "There was this super cute guy from Miami though, so if he does I can make him jealous."

"Hm, it seems the Ducks already have a bitch," Tammy teased. Connie sighed. "I'm joking sweetie." Connie nodded, "When do you go to Cali?"

"Two weeks," Connie sighed. "It'll be fun, or something."

"Great attitude," Tammy laughed.

"I have to share a room with her when we get there," Connie growled.

"So how's the new team?" Julie's father asked her as they drove back to the hotel.

"OK," She said softly, "I'm 2."

"Really?" He said, "What'd you do wrong?"

"What makes you assume it's something I did?" She said. He was the one who made her come out here and do this. She would have been happy to spend the summer hanging out at the lake near home with her old team.

"Well," He said, "Then why aren't you playing?"

"Because they have a goalie," She said softly. He looked at her, "I did my best dad, I swear."

"Obviously it wasn't good enough," He said. She sighed and looked out the window. Maybe if she sat the whole summer she'd finally get to play on her own terms next season.

"Saw you talking to her," Charlie Conway said to Adam, who nodded. "What'd you say?"

"Just that you guys would warm up to them," Adam shrugged.

"I hope you were looking at her eyes," Charlie said. Adam said, "Dude you must have noticed."

"I noticed," Adam nodded, "We were just talking, she's nice. She thinks we hate them."

"They were kind of obnoxious during that scrimmage," Charlie said. "And Connie really does hate them."

"They're going to end up rooming together," Adam said.

"Cat fight?" Charlie laughed.

"Nah," Adam shook his head, "I'd say Fulton and that Portman kid go at it first."

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