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Warnings: OOC for both boys. And guy on guy. Though it's only a fluff.

They had been chained together for several weeks now. Light hated every minute of it. But that didn't stop him from doing basic needs. Like his laundry.

'Why don't you let your mother take care of it?' L simply had asked. Big mistake.

'Because I don't like other people touching my clothing!' The little statement turned into what L thought to be one of Light's biggest rant.

"How many more loads of clothing do you have Yagami-kun?" L moaned.

"Only two more." Light reassured. Even though two was a small number to anyone's standard, L was still not happy about it. Because if you add that small two to the other previous four you end up with six. Six loads of laundry! L was amazed at how one teenage boy had so much laundry.

'I let it accumulate.' Light confessed guilty, as if caught with some big crime charge.

'Like being Kira.' L's thoughts trailed off. Not only did Light let his laundry accumulate, as he put it. But he also separated his laundry by the type of clothing. Normal households would have the regular whites, colors, and towels. Light had whites, colors, towels, and then it was broken down into socks, shirts, pants, and underwear. Though L would never admit it, he didn't mind the underwear part. Light had a pair of cute boxers with little ducks on them. It took everything the detective had not to start laughing and yell out 'Kaiwii' at Light. After his normal clothes he wore were done, he washed his sheets. After the last trip to the washing machine the sweet-tooth detective slid from Light's now naked bed onto the floor. The chain rattled and clanked as it hit the metal bed frame.

"What's wrong Ryuzaki?"

"I think this is the first time I've ever truly been tired." L admitted, looking defeated. Light laughed and look at L in disbelief.

"Seriously? You pull all-nighters for a week straight trying to catch a criminal but a couple loads of laundry wear you out?" Light couldn't help but laugh at the fallen, tired detective. L glared up at the college student and just wanted to yell out his window 'Light Yagami wears cute little duck boxers!'

"Mmmm." Light inhaled the scent of the newly washed sheets he just applied to his bed.

"Are you okay Yagami-kun?" L asked cautiously.

"Yes." Light turned onto his side to look at L. "Sorry, Ryuzaki, my sheets just smell so good. And I love to lye on them when they're still warm. You should try." Light scooted over and L reluctantly lay next to him. L had to admit, the warmth made the sheets seem a bit more cozy.

"You're right Yagami-kun. They are more comfortable." They both shared a rare moment and then Light leaned into L unexpectedly. L, not used to this much skin-to-skin contact was shocked and went rigid under the feel of the boy's soft lips. Somewhere in the midst of the kiss Light had scooted closer to L and they now had their bodies pressed against each other. L, now comfortable with this kind of contact with Light, moved so he was on top of Light. The chain rattled some more and pressed against the unmasked skin of where their shirts were raised. The cold metal seemed to sizzle against both boy's feverishly hot skin.


"Hey Light, I need help with these equations!" Sayu called, walking in the room. Both L and Light moved to see Sayu standing frozen in the doorway and the math book she held was now on the ground with the papers that were inside scattered across the floor.

"We're doing laundry." Light blurted, flustered for the first time in his life.


Hehe, I love these two guys. Especially my L-kun.

My inspiration came suddenly when I laid down on my freshly made bed. Comforter straight from the dryer. They really do feel good when warm.