Tales Of the Cosmic Wars Volume Two: A Star's Twilight.

Ah, sorry if it's a little hard to read. I like writing in the other style better, but I don't want to worry that my story will be taken down. Now, with this I am proud to declare Volume Two of Tales of The Cosmic Wars officially open! ( Cuts Ribbon)

Chapter 63: The True Terror Revealed! Imperial March of the Zannacross Empire!

It has been a week since the cruel Xehamaru, Sithantos's leader had been killed. Since then, both the Zeon federation and Sithantos have been keeping a low profile, besides having their fleet's cruise around key planets of theirs. But the Lylat Kingdom was not foolish enough to think that they had given up.

And sure enough, signs of both forces preparing for another assault could been found by the Enji's sources. But while the Enji Knights were always diligent, this week this story's main star, Ben Auro had been using the time of relative peace to get some much needed rest.

Thanks in part to Ben reaching down into himself and unlocking the second state of his Star Sword, the Bankai state, and for being the major player in running the dark lord's plans, Ben, among others was at last able to" Level up" from the rookie Genji rank to a true Enji.

Ben was overjoyed that at last his dreams to become the greatest hero were getting closer to reality. He was not going to be foolish enough to let his pride overcome him.

After gaining enough sleep so that he was not ready to doze off after a minute, and after at last finishing that annoying math requirement, Ben had decided the best thing to get his mind out of mindless amounts of numbers, was a training exercise in the castle's hologram simulation chamber, other wise known as the encephalon. Today he was going to try and beat the fast time of his rival Ezan Kaiba, on the hardest standard course that the virtual testing grounds could produce.

After Ben entered the settings, he was transported to the virtual reality battle ground. In a flash, he emerged from the door to see a swamp area, filled with three headed robot Cerberus like monsters who already growled madly at Ben.

However, as the brown haired man saw spit fall near his feet he just took out his powerful sacred Star Sword out of his sheath and took a deep breath.

The owner of the Star Sword then flatly quipped out a dry," This is the hardest course and yet they are just reusing monsters from before?

Oh well, they might have been something to worry about a few months ago, but not anymore. Time to show Ezan I can set records too! Here goes nothing!"

In the blink of an eye, one of the virtual monsters charged at Ben, just as a big red GO appears in the sky. And when Ben sees that it has begun, he surrounds himself in magic energy and has a blue aura of power surround him right as he readies his fighting stance.

A second later, he jumped into the air to avoid the attack of the giant three headed metal mutt, before a second later used his speed to dive back down, and with an arching slash, behead the monster. As its other two heads snarled, Ben then jumped back and saluted the robot beast, before bursting off to the fort in the distance that is his target.

Ben then shrugged as he speed up." Sorry, but, but I can't waste time. If I am going to beat Ezan's time, I have to focus. Well, if I blaze through all the annoying traps and poison fog and if I use my magic energy and move fast enough, it should not be a hassle. Alright, I can see the fort! Oh? Looks like someone is trying to get hurt."

What Ben was referring to is, as he was about to go into the fort's doors, a massive minotaur landed down on the ground with its large mace glowing with magic energy. It roared and readied to smash Ben, but he is about to see what happened to those that underestimate Ben. Ben then looked confident as he grasped his golden blade tightly." Oh, sorry, but I will finish you in one blow. Nothing personal, but, I'm in a hurry. So long...Shining Flare Slash!"

With that, Ben infused his sword of light with energy and charged at the minotaur drone. And as the monster struck, Ben struck back, and not only burned through the mace of his foe, but then proceeds to hit the head of the beast, and the power of the attack slashed it in half before it caused the entire monster to combust. Without saying a word, Ben goes into the fort ready to finish the course.

After a few more traps, like walls busting out with spikes all of a sudden, he saw the target, a flag on a statue of a knight. However, despite the apparent lack of opposition, Ben knew better than to think the hardest course was that easy and looked around."If the last course had a Dragon, ninjas and a swarm of flaming werewolves protecting the goal, there is no way this is going to be this easy. Let's see, it's most likely a trap, but I can't just stand here. Oh, I know! This will let me cover all the angles, Multi-Shadow Clones!"

Ben performed a magic spell to create three copies of himself, and as they materialized, they stood beside them before he gave them his orders. "Alright, guys, go and try and take that flag on the statue, but watch out for traps! "

Ben's clones all cried out," Right!" before dashing to beat each other to the statue. Finally, one reached out to grab it, only for Ben's suspicions to be confirmed, as from the ceiling a giant spike emerges to attack him in a flash! Ben gets on guard, as he sees the being fly down from the ruined ceiling. It was a warrior with red wings on its back and a dragon shaped helmet, not to mention a dragon shaped claw.

This was the most powerful of the "Destiny hero" virtual opponents, Destiny Hero Blood.

The foe descended and set his sights on Ben, but the Star Warrior was not worried. He then let out a uneasy chuckle."Ah, he looks more powerful than Destiny Hero Dogma, but it's not going to be enough to get me to back off. Alright, times a wasting, so let's do this!"

With that, he and his clones charged at the red foe. But in response, Blood's eyes glowed and while he was just a program he still stated," You dare to challenge me? Such impertinence! I, Destiny Hero Blood will knock all you fools down!"

With that he extended his wings, before firing a rain storm of energy blasts that caught Ben's clones by surprise and blew them away with its power. However, the real Ben was ready, and managed to deflect the shots coming his way and dodged to the side to avoid the rest before he let out a uneasy chuckle."Quite a powerful attack, lucky for me, I'm fast enough to deflect the attacks now. Sorry, but I have no time to drag this out."

Blood just retorted by yelling and having claws extended before charging at Ben. But Ben then powered up his aura and charged to greet the opponent. The two collided with blows that were strong enough to shake the room. However, after a bit, Ben is able to showcase the result of his training and begins to push the Destiny warrior back!

As his target got pushed back more and more each second Ben then stated," Alright, I still have about a minute left, just have to wrap this up and even Ezan will find himself not in first place for once!

Ben then kicked Blood in the chest and hurled him into the air, then tried to finish him off by throwing his Star Sword like a boomerang to go into Blood. But, just as Ben expected to see his opponent defeated, all of a sudden, Blood was saved by a massive claw break out of the wall and blocked Ben's attack.

As Ben was figuring out what happened, he got his answer, a giant centaur like golem droid broke out of the floor. Ben was not taking this very well and stated,"Oh, great, now he showed up too. Huh, looks like it's an improved model from the ones before. Heh, I remember in the entrance exam one of those were a pain. Time to see how much stronger I have become!"

Ben powers up his energy and jumps high into the air to avoid being stomped on, only for Blood to have a large blade emerge out of his dragon hand and charge at Ben.

The youth responded by firing a magic ice spell to freeze Blood in midair.

Unfortunately, the mark VI Golem had his chest glow right after, and to Ben's dismay, fired off a massive energy blast. With no time to dodge, Ben used his time to form a magic barrier right as the blast hits him. Good thing too, as the blast was powerful enough to blow away the walls of the fort.

As the dust cleared, Ben was revealed to be okay, though now he was annoyed. "Oh man, thanks to that, I'm almost out of time! Thanks a lot!"

He then powered up his aura and used his magic energy to move at full speed, thus he flash-stepped above Blood, giving off the impression that he just warped when it was sheer speed, before he kicked him in the face before he could react. Ben rubbed his jaw before he cleared his throat. "Ok, this is it, you're both going down, right now! "

He showed he was not bluffing by punching him in the gut, and then slashing him across the chest. Blood got angry due to this and charged up to fire his blood rain energy attack. However, Ben then prepared to charge up his most powerful energy attack of his own. "Not this time, time I show you my own favorite energy attack! Shinryukenha!"

Ben surrounded himself with power before channeling it into his hands, and then unleashed a massive blue energy wave that blasted through Blood's attacks. The blast then not only consumed Blood, but then proceeded to blast into the mark VI Golem as well, blasting them out of the fort before destroying them both.

Ben then took a deep breath before walking to the flag and thinking how the fight went. Whew, that took longer than I thought, oh well, let's end this.

The Enji Knight then tapped the flag and it glowed, showing that he had beaten the course. The word goal then appeared on the flag and out of the ground one of the castle's judge droids appeared to congratulate Ben. It then declared,"Well done! You have beaten the most difficult course, in a fast time as well."

" Heh, thanks, so , do I get any prizes for breaking this course's record?"

"Negative. You were close, but you did not break the record of this course that Ezan Kaiba made. "

"What!? After all that I still did not do it?"

"Do not feel too dismayed. Although you did not beat his score, you did tie it! You should feel proud; you still landed a time far faster than the majority of the other participants."

"Oh well, I suppose that's good enough. Okay, that's enough for today. Bye!"

"Come again". Ben waved to the droid, then took the elevator that appeared in the middle of the room to leave the chamber.

Soon enough, Ben was back in the hallway walking to the café to get some lunch and thinking to himself how his skills have improved.

One of those thoughts was, "Ha, it's taken a while, but now I am almost ready to show Ezan he has to take me a lot more seriously. Otherwise, next time when we have our rematch he might find himself losing! Heh, with my Bankai powers now it should be a lot easier. Still, Ezan is always improving himself, so it would be stupid to underestimate him. And anyway, before I settle things with him, first I'm going to challenge Brad. This time I won't lose to someone like him! His raw power was too much for me before, but he was the one who nearly got killed by Xehamaru.

And I was the one who put an end to his dark rampage for good! Brad was at his max too, and now he has no more tricks to catch me off guard with. Even if I still won last time, due to him being dumb enough to land outside the ring before I fell.

Still, I had enough of him acting like he is number one. After all that has happened, he is still the selfish glory obsessed brawler that he was the first day I saw him. Maybe when I finally beat him, maybe then Lacus will, oh?"

Ben was surprised to see Lacus walking down the other end of the hallway he was walking down. Ben saw that his long pony-tailed brown haired friend looked like she went through a work out even harder than Ben and seemed to be exhausted.

The new warrior of light attempted to say hi, but she barely seemed to notice him at first, due to her detached eyes being glued to the floor. However, before almost bumping into her, he was able to get her attention and quickly spouted out a eager,"Hey Lacus! How are you today? Looks like you have been doing some rough training."

Lacus then looked at Ben and gasped before she cleared her throat." Oh, hello there, Ben. Yes, I was just training with Miss Terra. In fact, it was training to suppress the White Dragon's energy."

"Oh, I see. Ah, well, training might not be fun, but in the end, it's for the best, right? What are you up to now? Want to get some lunch? I heard they are having a special on fudge Sundays today."

Lacus just looked past Ben and sighed." Sorry, but I do not have time for lunch. I have to meet my parents and my sisters; they are all taking me to lunch. In fact, I have to go now. See you later."

Ben blurted out goodbye as Lacus hastily walked off, leaving Ben slightly saddened. Oh, that's the third time Lacus just hurried off. It's odd, ever since the invasion she always seems to be too busy to talk for more than ten seconds. I wonder, is she mad at me?

All that's changed is I found out about her having the Blue Eyes White Dragon sealed inside her. She promised me to keep it a secret, but I haven't told anyone, so it should not be that. Oh well, hopefully it's just my imagination. Sigh, even after all this time I still can't get what signal women are giving. Oh well, maybe some lunch will clear up my stomach. Huh, Ah!"

Ben was about to enter the doors to the dining chamber, but out of the door jumped Ben's purple dragon Digimon friend, Hiryuumon. As the energetic friend of his greeted Ben by tackling him, he saw his teammates, the blond brawler Doug Fitter and the red haired wizard James Elrond walking out too.

Hiryuumon was the first to greet Ben by saying, "Hey boss! Where have you been? We just finished eating lunch."

Ben then replied with," Oh, sorry, Hiryuumon. I guess that course took longer to take down than I thought it would."

Doug heard this and flashed a half lopped smirk." Ah, so you tackled another course, huh? Which one?

"The highest level. I was trying to beat Ezan's top score. Almost got there, but thanks to that annoying new Golem, it messed things up a little. Oh well, still was able to tie with him though.

" Booya! Even tying with Ezan on the hardest virtual course is no small talk, buddy."

"Thanks, ah sorry I missed you guys eating. Mind if I get a quick bite?

James sighed before he looked around." That's fine, but try not to take too long. Don't you remember we are getting our new rooms today?

Ben had a light bulb in his head light off as he replied back with," Wait, that was today? Finally! I was wondering if it was going to happen or that promise was just something to yank our chains with."

Doug then threw in, "Nope, it's the real deal. Each Enji knight has a whole little apartment to his or herself.

James then added," Yes, me and Doug have already seen our rooms. It's quite an improvement."

Ben looked in awe before he nodded." Hehe, that's great to hear. Ah, I could really use my own room. Err, or at least me, Hiryuumon and Moz. I just about had it with sharing it with that guy."

Doug then raised a eyebrow." Oh you mean that, Yonitite guy?"

Ben then corrected Doug by saying, "Close, his full name is Yomitire Hutt, the fact that you guys still don't remember his names showed how little he has come out. Arg, I am glad I was where I was so I could be friends with you two, but that guy drove me, and is still driving me nuts! He only joined the Enji to research magic, and most of the time this whole year he was just doing things from his computer.

For some reason it was beyond him that doing research all night just might annoy me. Plus he's such a slob. I mean yah...he's no Brad by far but I mean, he's not making it easy to try and keep things stable. Oh well, now I can hopefully get better sleep now. I have been tired enough as it is lately with all the stress from everything. Oh well. Soon that will be in the past. All right, I'll just get some food and let's do this!"

Hiryuumon laughed before he nodded." Oh, alright, I still want more of those hot dogs before I'm full."

With this, Ben hurried off to chow down some lunch. A half hour later and Ben was back in his room transferring his stuff in the lower dormitory as his roommate Yomitrie continued to do what he always did, research on his new ideas for experiments.

Ben packed everything in his part of the room using the same type of capsules that everyone in Dragon Ball used for fast packing. As he had everything, he checked with his moogle buddy Moz to make sure he was not missing anything."So Moz, everything in check? "

"Yes." The moogle retorted." Not a single thing left unpacked, Kupo! All ready to go!"

"Alright, then time to go upgrade. So, Yomitrie, it's been real. Are you changing rooms too?"

His yearlong roommate did not say a word, just merely chewing on his pen and typing things. Hiryuumon saw this and was annoyed at his lack of response before saying," Hey! The boss is saying good bye! Aren't you going to say good bye? "

At last turning his head the chubby man responds by saying," Oh, yes, but no, I am staying here. I do not mind the radius of my working space. As long as I can conduct my research, that's what I came here for."

Ben then stated," Oh, I see. You really only cared about the Enji Knights to do research? Well, whatever, See you. Come on guys, time to go to our new room, our own room."

Ben and his two pals leave the lower dorm section. Flash forward to a bit later and Ben, Moz, and Hiryuumon are in the new Enji exclusive dorms. Ben was impressed at what he saw, and he should be since his room looks like something from a fancy hotel. Doug and James were helping him get his things settled and they saw their friend was quite happy with these new living quarters.

James was the first one to go up to Ben after a bit and ask," So, Ben? Think this new space is enough for you?"

"Oh yes. Heh, it's much bigger than my entire apartment at home. Though, that's not too hard to do. Sigh, all these years and my dad still has yet to fix that door. Oh well, soon I will have my own house. Ah, it's been a while since I talked to them."

Moz turned around and flew over to Ben with his purple wings before saying," Oh yes it's been since before your fight with Ezan, Kupo."

"Well, it's not like I have not talked at all. Just been so busy that I had to use E-mails. I do suppose I should call, show them my little upgrade. You guys mind if I call my parents briefly? It should be short. "

Both of his pals said they don't mind and Ben used his room's new hologram phone to make the call.

After half a minute his mother appeared on screen and she seemed happy to see him. The first thing she said is,"Hello Ben! I'm so glad you have called. Oh, is that your new room?"

Ben smiled before saying," He he, yup! It's quite the improvement, as you can see. Looks like I already have a bigger house than dad."

In response, his mother glanced behind her before she winked." Oh Ben, you know your father's stance on that kind of stuff. Oh, speaking of him, he is out at the moment, but he wanted to know if your being an Enji Knight would increase your pay."

While he was not there, Ben could almost hear his dad nagging across the planet before he closed his eyes." Tsc, the same as always, yes, tell dad I will be getting a pay raise. But, he better not be thinking about asking to give more money."

Ben's mother looked embarrassed and responded with," Err, well, yes, that's what he had in mind. However, I am sure I can convince him you have already paid your part for this family and deserve to keep a little bonus to yourself. Ben, you have really become an Enji Knight. Both I and your father are so proud of you."

The brown haired man then looked embarrassed before Doug stepped in front of the screen to wave hello while saying," Yo miss Auro!"

Ben's mother looked amused at this and nodded."Oh, there are your friends! I'm glad you were able to make nice friends in the order. I was worried about you, but I am so proud at what you did. You're such a fine young man."

At first Ben was embarrassed at this, but then saw she was looking odd, and then also noticed his uncle is there as well."

Um, Mom? Are you okay? And why is Uncle Dave there? I thought he was on a business trip on Macbeth?"

His Mom got teary eyed and took a deep breath. "Ben, you knew your grandmother was not doing so well, right? "

Ben tensed up before he walked up. "What, I thought she was out of the hospital? "

"Yes, she was improving. But when the invasion force attacked she thought it was Armageddon on the news. She was terrified at what she saw, and had a heart attack as a result. "

Ben saw his friends get alarmed before he tensed up." What? How is she doing? "

"Sweetie, your grandmother, my mother passed away this morning. She was so proud of her hero grandson!

His mother broke into tears, as she went in to her brother's arms. Ben was shocked as he realized his grandmother was dead.

He stumbled for a few seconds before muttering," Grandma...is dead? And, the last time I saw her, was, I'm so very sorry, mother."

His Mom then regained her composure." It's okay, Ben. We all know you are fighting hard for all of our lives. Don't worry, I will tell you when the funeral is. I should go now; your aunt needs to be picked up. Love you Ben."

"Love you to mom."

As the screen faded. his friends saw he was upset and Doug was the first to speak by saying," Hey man, you going to be alright? My own grandma kicked the bucket a few years ago and I know how much it can screw you up."

"Yah, thanks, Doug." Doug uttered wearily." I'll be fine, I guess relatively speaking at least."

James then stated," I'm sorry for your loss."

Hiryuumon then followed up with," Hey boss, I don't think I ever met your grandmother, I mean I met your parents at that parent's day thing."

Ben answered that with," Well that's because my mom's mom was in a very poor state for years. In many ways, I was expecting this. For years she has been barely able to do anything but live in a retirement home. She needs, or needed help just to eat.

It's funny, even with all the magic and technology we have these days, and without enough money to pay for those ways to extend your life, it's meaningless. Sigh, now the only one of my grandparents alive is my dad's mom, and she can't move and can't remember anything after a minute. Damn you Xehamaru, even in death you still got one last laugh."

Doug then stated," Don't feel too bad about that, Ben, we gonna make sure it was not a waste. "

"Thanks guys, that means a lot. Sigh, I remember how my grandfather was one of my role models when I was growing up. He was not much for physical stuff, but he was great at both magic and technology. He was one of the people who first got me the idea of being a hero.

Too bad, that grandmother was not as inspiring. Her whole life, she did not really accomplish anything at all. Yes, she was a very kind person. But, in the end, will history just remember another kind person? I, I don't want to be just, someone that no one will remember."

Moz then rubbed his head before he flew higher. "What are you getting at Ben, kupo?"

Ben answered with," I will fulfill my dream; I will be the greatest Hero, the one who saves the universe from the ultimate darkness! And when I do, then I don't have to worry about fading away to nothingness, or being forgotten in the history of the universe."

James answered with," Wow, pretty deep. So, do you want to be by yourself or something?"

" Thanks, but that will just make me more depressed. Come on, now that we have the time let's try out that Super Bash Pals game. You never know when there will be another attack so the best way to get rid of bad emotions is for some fun! Or at least that's my way of thinking. Oh, and I call Hyper Guy!"

As his pals give off an excited response, Moz got the game ready, and they begin to enjoy the new room. As they play, everyone notices Ben has a detached, sad look but everyone, even Hiryuumon understands Ben is trying to not let his sadness show through and focus on the game.

The rest of the day goes okay for Ben. After a few hours of fun the gang went to dinner. There Ben met with his other friends from the Enji order like Luke, Guy, Lloyd, Kyle, Vivi two and Zidane. All of his friends that had advanced to the rank of true Enji knights were also enjoying their new privileges and all of them are sympathetic to Ben's loss.

Ben was dismayed that he does not see Lisa at dinner, especially since they are supposed to have the long postponed date any day now. Ben also noted that Lacus was not there, but when he saw her boyfriend Brad was absent as well, he sadly figured Brad had taken her to his hang out in the slums of Neo Arcadia, or the under sector.

Apparently, Brad was still the champion of the illegal under ground fight group, the Power Club. And since he was denied advancing with the rest of his group, due to his severe behavior problems, he had spent even more time there surrounding himself with, as he once said to Ben," My group of homies! The people who know what it means to keep it real! They are the only people that are smart enough to see who truly the best is!"

"Anyway, Ben also notices Cloud and Ezan are among the people absent at dinner, but Ben knew Cloud was going to be with Cid Highwind that day, testing modifications on the Neo Highwind.

And as for Ezan, well he had the lone wolf role down pat, so no one was shocked he was not there that night. Any who after an okay dinner Ben was tired, and went to bed early. As he tried to fall asleep, he was thinking about his Grandmother and realizing she was dead.

As his moogle and Digimon pal already fallen asleep he wondered to himself about what he learned.Huh, so grandmother died, and the last time I saw her was half a year ago. Even if she did not do much, she was one of the few people who always believed in me. She always thought I would be a hero and I won't let her down. Yes, I will fulfill that last wish she had, the wish for a peaceful universe! Sigh, that's the second important person that I knew. It's only been a few months since Rick died.

Rick, we use to be best friends. Why did you have to be so stupid? To think someone who was my former friend made so many stupid mistakes. For one thing, thinking he could beat me with all of my training just by using a curse seal crystal. Well, he did seem to be regretting his actions and had a chance. Too bad that blasted bounty hunter Janus had to pop in just to kill him. Damn him, its been a while but I still did not forget him dying in my arms.

I'll make him pay when I find him.

Sigh, I have been to so many worlds since I joined the Enji. The Mushroom world where I met Mario and the others along with the Maverick hunters. Sonic's world of Mobius. Hyrule, SR-388 , even if that one was not planned, at least I met Samus from it. And even Cloud sensei's world of Cetra. I never thought I would be able to visit other worlds only five years ago. Yawn, ah, might as well get some sleep.

At first Ben does not think he will fall asleep so easily. But a few minutes later, he is already dreaming. In dream mode, Ben is walking down a dark hall way, with a door of light at the end.

Ben was trying to figure out this dream when he looked around. How did I get here, wait where I was before here again? Whatever, wherever I am going, might as well go to the place that looks like I could get somewhere.

The warrior of light opened the door and a flash of light surprised him. When the light faded, he saw he was on what appears to be an island, an island that Ben remembered. It's night time at this island, as Ben recalled where he was. Hey, this place looks familiar. Oh I know, this place is where I had that vacation with Lacus and her family, Destiny Islands. This place, that's where she got kidnapped,. All thanks to my father. Arg, why does he always have to be so cheap? Because of that, oh never mind. How did I get here again? Huh, is someone there?

Ben saw a person walk out of the bushes, and it was none other than Lacus. Ben ran over to Lacus trying to make sense of what is going on, "Lacus? What are you doing here? And for that matter what's going on?"

Lacus just walked forward while muttering a monotonously," So much to do, and so little time."

"Lacus?" Ben blurted out." Are you ok? What's wrong? "

"Your destiny, your fate has just begun to unfold. Are you ready to face your fate? "

"Um, of course! After all, I am the chosen hero, the wielder of the Star Sword and the guy who is going to save the universe from the darkness! "

Ben was slightly disturbed when Lacus turned around and sprouted a wicked grin at Ben." Do you truly believe you have a powerful enough light to save the universe from the supreme power of darkness? "

At this point, Lacus was starting to creep Ben out. The new Enji eyed his child hood friend carefully before he ran in front of her." Lacus, why are you acting like this? Was it something I said? Lacus, whatever I did to make you act this way, I am sorry. Please just tell me what's wrong so I can help."

"Do you really think you can help me. You think someone like you can really save me? Do you forgot what happened last time we were here?"

A puzzled Ben responded with," Hey this is a illusion or something so it can't count...right? Lacus, I promise, whatever is going on with you, don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you. I promise you don't have to be afraid!"

Lacus just kept walking, but as Ben tried to walk up to her, he heard a rumbling noise. Before he could figure out whatever it is, all of a sudden the boulder to the left of him broke open and a large hand grabbed Ben by the throat before he could react. Ben at once knew who the large guy is. Wearing jeans and a black vest, he had black eyes and a crew cut hair.

He was none other than Brad Fowltror, the very aggressive and protective boy friend of Lacus, not to mention the self- proclaimed Unstoppable Juggernaught. Brad threw Ben to the nearest wall and shouted," HA! You think you have the guts to save Lacus? Face it Star Loser! You're weak! A girl like her will never love you!"

" All this time and your still this thick, Brad?" Ben bitterly spat out." You know I am going on a date with Lisa and day now. I just want to help Lacus because she is my friend."

Brad then spat on the ground before snarling out," Shut up! Annoying goody two shoes, you can't do anything. I'm the number one fighter in the universe and I'm the only one who can help her! Since you're always butting in, I'm going to remind you what happens when you keep annoying me!"

Ben thought of how brutal Brad was last time they fought before the bitterness in his eyes increased." Enough of this! I'm not sure how I even got here, but I'm not going to keep letting you think you're better than me! I will show you, that I am the true hero chosen by the Star Sword to protect the universe."

Lacus...or at least whatever was taking the form of Lacus then closed her eyes." I wonder, just how adamant your resolve will be when you see just how insufficient you are, worthless mortal."

At this point, Ben took out his Star Sword and angrily cried out," That's it; I know you're not Lacus. Whoever you are, what do you want? Uh oh, AH!"

Before Ben can do anything, he was swept up by the massive wave. When Ben finally landed back on solid ground, he saw that somehow he was now in a completely new location.

Both Brad and Lacus had vanished and now he seemed to be on a giant tower with nothing but darkness in sight. If that was not weird enough, Ben looked down and was shocked to find that on the floor of the tower were images of all his friends. In essence the room around him looked like those dream areas in the Kingdom Hearts games, like the place where Sora and Roxas dueled.

Ben saw Doug, James, Hiryuumon, Moz, Lacus, Ezan, Cloud, Lisa, and all his friends he met on his journey like Mario, Sonic, Link, Megaman X and more. Ben stayed on guard while he noticed the whole area is beginning to be filled with an aura of the dark side and groaned." Sigh, whatever I ate to give me this nightmare, I'm not eating it again!"

To his shock, a deep ominous voice laughed from the darkness. This is much more than a dream, wielder of the Star Sword. Ben Auro destined to bring light to this cosmos. How ridiculous. A fool like you cannot save anything. Your fate is only to be devoured by darkness!

Ben then got angry and started to power up his aura and the whole area lighted up with his energy." I'm not sure if this is a dream or not, but if you're another Sithantos nut trying to mess with me, you're going to regret it! Xehamaru made the mistake of underestimating me, and that was his final mistake. Do you want to make the same mistake? "

The voice just responds coldly with, Inferior trash, it is you who dares to underestimate the true powers of darkness. In the end, all will be consumed by darkness, including your pitiful light!

A large flash of red light blinded Ben's eyes, and a large dark sphere that acted like the area's sun appeared above.

At once large amount of fragments break off and drop to the ground, before Ben sees they begin to take shape. Soon enough, they are the forms Ben knows well. The minions of darkness that serve Sithantos without question, the heartless monsters of many shapes, the Necrocalcous.

At once, they surround Ben, and extended their claws. But as their eyes glowed red, Ben just looked annoyed." You guys again? You never learn, and in that case I will just send you right back to where you came from! "

With that one of the Necrocalcous charged to slash at Ben, but the brown haired man was far faster and caught its claw before punching him in the head, with a blow so hard it exploded on impact.

Ben then jumped high into the air and gathered his magic energy. He then fired a barrage of blue energy blasts that spread of like a shotgun to blast all the Necrocalcous at once, and managed to blast them all to bits in the process. Ben then landed on the ground and smirked."When will you bad guys learn that the darkness will never win?"

You are foolish, the darkness will never be destroyed. Yes, there have been setbacks, but the patience of the dark side is everlasting. You will never destroy us, you will only fail. The power of hope against the power of the true form of this cosmos. Time you know your place!" The dark large globe shoots out more dark fragments that are larger this time. However, while Ben expects more Necrocalcous, he sees that the figures are quite different.

One of them took the shape of the red haired spiked shelled King Bowser, the number one pain of the Mario Brothers.

The second being took the shape of a larger brown skinned man in armor. He was Ganondorf. The Gerudo warlock known as king of evil and Link's archenemy.

The third shape took the shape of an overweight man with a mustache in a giant battle mech that is an advanced version of the Egg Emperor he, or at least a clone of him used in Sonic Heroes. He was Doctor Ivo Robotnik, the long time foe of Sonic.

The fourth shape turned in to a giant vicious purple dragon with rabid yellow eyes. He was Ridley, the enforcer of the dreaded Space Pirates and the one who killed Samus Aran's parents.

The fifth shape took the form of a bald-headed large figure with green eyes, a cape and a red dot on his head. He was the cruel Sigma, the former leader of the maverick robotic rebellion that caused X and Zero so much misery.

The sixth figure was a brown-haired man in a red coat of sorts. He had a red rapier sword and a large black wing out of his back. He was Genesis Rhapsodos, a mad former first class SOLDIER from Cloud's world that had joined with Sithantos.

As bad as that was, Ben is even more shocked when he saw the new figure appearing behind Genesis. He was a man with long silver hair and a black armored trench coat. In his hand was the long powerful sword the Masamune. Although Ben had never seen him before, he knew from the history files and Cloud's constant talks, he knew he was none other than Sephiroth.

As the group of villains surround Ben the worried warrior stated, "What the, how did all you guys get here? And why are you all after me?"

Ben then got his answer with a mocking voice from someone he did not expect." Oh, is it not obvious star clown? You're the legendary Star Warrior. And it's time you disappear from our sight!"

Ben grit his teeth as he stepped back." No, it can't be! You're supposed to be dead!"

Ben was then horrified to see a coffin, with the Sithantos emblem broke out of the ground, around the group of bad guys. A man with hair like Sephiroth emerged out of the shadows within it, but unlike him this man's hair is more spiky. He was wearing a fancy outfit and was none other than the insane ruler of Sithantos, Xehamaru!

Ben then blinked a few times before he narrowed his eyes." You! Xehamaru, I killed you!"

The dark lord replied with," Now then, Ben Auro, did you not listen to what I kept saying? You can never destroy the darkness! This is your final moment, you wretched maggot! At last you will be rid of the master's sight!"

"No, no matter the odds I will never give in to you freaks! I'll defeat all of you at once if I have to!"

Saying that, all the villains laughed in unison as the seal of Necrocalcous appeared on their foreheads. Ben noticed that all of them are acting zombie like, but he did not have time to think much of that, as Xehamaru waved his hand and the bad guys all went into attack.

Ben saw a barrage of claws and swords heading his way, and did everything he could to avoid fatal harm.

However, after a while, he is too overwhelmed and is hit in the back by the tail of Ridley. To further the assault, Robotnik punched him in his mech, sending Ben hurling to the ground.

Showing no mercy, Bowser then did his famous ground pound on Ben to add further injury to the young Enji. Ben fired a blast at Bowser to get him off, only to find himself seeing the Masamune blade heading right for his head.

Ben was able to block the killing blow from Sephiroth, but the so called one wing angel just give off an evil grin before firing a Shadow Flare magic spell at Ben from point blank range.

Now, in serious pain, he was once more launched into the air, and the rest of the group took this time to open fire as well, with their various long range attacks. As a massive blast shook the area, the specter of Xehamaru laughed madly." Hahaha! See fool? Luck can only get you so far."

From the smoke, Ben responded by blasting it away with his magic energy. The young hero then emerged from it looking bruised, but not out. He then got angry." Blast it, if this is a dream this is getting annoyingly hard to wake up from. Still, I won't be defeated even in a dream!"

Xehamaru then responded with " Oh, but this is a dream, my dream! This dream of mine to have the light's champion deleted for good! Look, I even brought your friends! "

As Ben was confused at what he meant, Xehamaru snapped his fingers and where the glass images of his friends were emerge the people they showed, but Ben was horrified to see they are all in stone.

Ben then shouted at Xehamaru saying," You! Leave my friends out of this! I won't let you get away with this. I'll show you jerks not to gang up on me! And Xehamaru, I'll send you back to hell. No point dragging this out, time to go all out! Bankai!"

Ben unleashed even more of his power, and it was enough to shake the entire tower. His Star sword then glowed and first it split into two, as it transformed into its Shikai state. At once, it shined a multitude of colors and engulfed the area in light. When the light cleared, Ben's sword was more regal looking and its arm guards were now a golden color.

Ben's energy had now massively increased, as it also has changed to a golden color. To top it off, his muscles increased slightly and now that his power up was completed he was ready to continue the fight as he stared down the group of villains.

Xehamaru just snickered before throwing out a wry," You never do know when to quit, finish him!"

Ben responded with," Alright, who wants to get beaten first?"

After hearing this, Ganondorf and Genesis both charged to slash at Ben, but the warrior of light blocked them with his sword. He then blew them back with his magic energy, only to find Sigma charging to slam his own giant green glowing saber at him.

Ben then proved who was fastest by, in a blur, kicking Sigma back right into a charging Ridley and still had time to drop kick Bowser into Robotnik. Ben then got ready to finish this, as he jumped into the middle of the room and had his Celestial blade glow." I had enough of this dream, so it's ending now! Senkai!"

Ben's Star Sword glowed before lots of beams of light come out of it. In a matter of moments, the villains saw that the tower was surrounded with hundreds of spirit swords. Xehamaru still seemed to be the only one willing to speak." Ah, an impressive power indeed. But it does not matter. You can't save the universe, no matter how hard you try. "

"You're pretty smug for a dead person. No matter who tries to kill me, I will defeat any one of them to save the universe! Now, you're all through! Divine Millennia Slash!"

The villains then charge at Ben, but it's too late, and at Ben's command, the wall of swords dive into their targets, inflicting severe damage to all of them! Ben then waved his sword downward and the spirit sword within the evil ones all explode.

However, even as all of them seemed like they were finished, not to mention in pieces, Xehamaru, though impaled all over, just laughed as he walked towards Ben. " Ha, is that all? You're still doomed. "

"Now I know you're just a ghost, face it, you're all beaten. And even your boss does not stand a chance."

"Ah, you still understand nothing. Defeat me; defeat all the foes you know. But you will never get rid of the darkness. You can never win against the powers of mortal's hatred!"

"No, you don't understand anything but the dark side of mortals! Guh! "

Just as Ben finished saying that, he felt a sharp pain, as a small energy blast went through his shoulder. In pain, he turnd around to see the one responsible. He was a man in a large black raincoat of sorts and had a mask on his face. He was one of the most insane members of the Dark Enji of Organization XIII, the crazed Ravxen.

The dark figure laughed as he saw Ben screamed out in pain." Ha-ha! Sorry I'm late to the show. I was just getting ready for the grand finally! Ha, like Xehamaru said, darkness is the only script the worthless creatures of this cosmos know how to follow! All your meaningless ideals and dreams are just things for me to wipe out! Now, it's time to end this show!"

Ben then yelled out a defiant," No! I won't let you win, I'll show you all what is truly the strongest power. Shinryukenha!"

The chosen warrior then fired off his most powerful energy attack, with no delay, at Ravxen. But Ravxen just kept laughing, as the blast blew him into the giant dark sphere. However, this did not cause the reaction Ben was looking for. Instead of destroying it, the dark sphere glowed and then transformed into a giant blazing red eye.

The eye then looked down at Ben and released a massive amount of energy that pressed Ben down to the ground. All the other heads of the zombie villains then started to laugh, before dissolving into dark fragments and flying into the giant eye. The eye then boomed out," BEN AURO...WORTHLESS CREATURE. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP THE TRUE DESTINY OF DARKNESS!"

"What are you? What kind of dream is this?"


Ben slowly came to a conclusion and turned pale." Wait, you're the guy Xehamaru talks about, you're the god of all darkness, Chaos Zannacross Necron?"



Ben paused for a moment before he narrowed his eyes and yelled out a defiant," No! I won't let you win; I'll stop you! I been having nightmares like this since I joined the Enji and they keep getting more and more clear each time. There is no running from this, and I'll face this destiny head on! Celestial Burning Shinryukenha!"

Ben then fired off his energy wave attack at full power and it shattered the glass in the tower he is still in. The massive energy wave collided with the sphere of Chaos's will and hit it, only for it to be absorbed into it! Zannacross then started to laugh even louder, causing the entire area to shake. As Ben looked horrified, the supreme being of evil boomed out,"


Ben did not even have time to say anything, as the eye of Zannacross flashed red and the entire area was set ablaze. The entire tower was destroyed in an instant from a massive energy blast and Ben only just missed being reduced to atoms along with it, when a second later, he saw dozens of spears of dark energy coming at him and slam into him.

The spears belonged to Zannacross, and he laughs as he dragged Ben to right in front of him and continued to laugh as Ben yelled out." This, this has to be a nightmare!"

The Shin Emperor of darkness retorted with,"




As he finished his rant a large red and black energy beam blasted right into Ben.

However, right at that time Ben at last woke up. Panting hard, he tried to figure out what just happened. He then blurted out," What the? That, which felt so real. Man, that's the last time I let Doug convince me to try " Hyper" nachos. Man, it felt like it really could have been the master Xehamaru kept ranting about. Still, no matter what they try to do to me in my dreams, they are not going to get me to back off! Oh? So it's morning already? Well, at least that nightmare was nice enough to not come too early.

Ah, well, that nightmare may have been unpleasant, but I am sure today is going to be much better than that dream! Huh? "

Just then, Ben heard a loud emergency alarm system go off that's only suppose to go off when major crises were breaking out. The noise then causes both Moz and Hiryuumon to wake up by jumping off and Moz, frightened, grabbed on to the rooms light before blurting out," AH! The house is on fire, Kupo!"

Ben then reassured his moogle friend by saying," No, don't worry, Moz, it's just the emergency alarm. I suppose something important has just happened."

Sure enough a voice can be heard that loudly cried out," Attention all Enji Knights! A major development in the war effort is breaking out at this very moment! It is urgent that all Enji come to the nearest briefing room at once!"

With this Hiryuumon yawned and wagged his tail." Oh man! Why did they wake me up! This better be good."

Ben chimed in with,"Come on now, Hiryuumon, you know that a hero can't let his personal moods interfere with his duty. Let's see what's up."

The three hurried from their room to the nearest room with a hologram TV. In the common room of this area Ben saw several Enji already looking at the large wide screen TV. Some of the people he knew were Luke Fon Fabre, Kyle Dunamis, and even Lisa Alister.

Ben went up to the elegant blond haired women and threw out a wave," Hey, Lisa, everyone. What's going on that is such an emergency? Don't tell me Sithantos is already back to invading more worlds even with Xehamaru dead?"

Ben's hopeful future girlfriend looked happy to see Ben, before winking." Hey there Ben! Oh right, the boys told me about your granny's passing. I'm sorry for that."

Ben nodded before he solemnly responded with," Thanks Lisa, I appreciate it. What's going on, did I miss anything?"

"Nope! Looks like you came just in time for the big scoop!"

Before Ben asked what exactly is going on, his fellow comrade Luke went up to him," Well, it's interesting. Sithantos and Zeon are not invading another planet; no they seem to be butting heads with each other! Seems the reports that are coming in say that a Sithantos fleet of Nova Crushers have jumped out of hyper space on the Zeon world of Castion."

Kyle then joined the conversation by adding, " We had sources saying Weil was really mad at Xehamaru failing to bring down Corneria, and with his death, Weil had asked to meet with Sithantos to demand a reevaluation of a business deal or something. However, it seems that the Sithantos fleet arrived today, some reports said that they were to negotiate with Zeon admiral and sister in law of Weil, Kycilia Zabi on the world of Ormus! Seems Sithantos has other plans."

Ben shrugged as he looked at how everyone's faces were." So, what's the big deal again? "

Lisa cleared her throat before adding," To put it simply, darling, it's that it seems our two main forces have had it with working together and are about to turn on each other! This could also mean we might be able to win this thing a lot faster!"

"Hey, that's good news!"

Hearing this, the armored Enji Dragoon Kain Highwind cleared his throat and went up to Ben."That is not for certain. This could make both sides act even more rashly and destructive. For now, let's see how this event unfolds. "

Everyone focuses their attention on the screen. It seems they are viewing a hacked Zeon cameraman or something, as the screen changed to the view of a large amount of Zeon solders lined up in formation with a large group of battle droids and mobile suits behind them.

They were behind a red haired women in charge that was wearing a fancy Zeon military uniform and had her hair in a bun. She was Kycilia Zabi, the sister in law to Weil Zabi and one of Zeon's top military commanders.

As the screen widend, the Enji saw that they were in what appeared to be the landing bay of a large military base, and saw why they were all alert as a large group of Necrocalcous were in front of them.

Giving orders is a large armored knight with a massive evil sword that Ben had no problem recognizing. It's the original Inquisitor of Sithantos, the" Azure Knight" Nightmare.

However, he was not the one everyone is staring at. To the Enji and the Zeon soldiers shock, a column of darkness appeared in front of Nightmare, and out of it stepped a new figure.

This being was covered in a fancy Sithantos outfit. His face was covered with a mask, but it's clear he was not human, due to having giant demon wings come out of his back and horns on his covered face. He held some sort of magic staff in his right hand that had a Z on the top of it.

This being was Darth Damonus, the demonic being that had been commanding Xehamaru.

The being of darkness walked up to the Zeon commander. Kycillia just looked angry, from what Ben could see, and walked over to him and shouted out,"Who are you? Whatever Sithantos fanatic you are to take Xehamaru's place, you have some nerve! President Weil demanded a meeting at your cathedral in Ormus to discuss the place Sithantos has in the remainder of the war. But you dare to belittle us and come to me a day early? Do you know what position you people are in?"

Hearing her finish, Damonus eyed the women like one would eye a creature in the wild before he snorted, one full of raw malice before responding with a ominous," The insolence of humans never fails to be so very...very irritating. Your mistaken...it is you fools who fail to understand the situation you are in, Zeon clown. You dare to presume you can get away with threatening us? For someone who was relying on us to keep themselves from being soundly crushed by the Lylat Kingdom, you have a lot of nerve to not realize what position your in."

Hearing this, a furious Kycillia walked right up to Damonus and shoutted out," This is just the attitude the president has grown tired of. While all you magical beings have been acting so smugly, you fail to know your place! It's true that it was because of Havoc and Xehamaru that several victories were achieved.

But, for all the powers your order possesses, you still forget a critical fact. For all your magic and secret technology you are still just a small bunch of religious fanatics. Without our funding...Sithantos would be nothing!

Now, it's time you pay for your constant bundling to Zeon's ultimate victory! Although Xehamaru is dead, we still count Sithantos accountable for the failed invasion of Corneria, and with him dead you will pay his debts!

That is why...as ordered...I am now demanding Sithantos hands over all its warships and technology to us. In addition, I am taking charge of all Sithantos' planets and making them possessions of the Zabi family. It's time you all see that Zeon is the one dominating force that will concur all of space and liberate the universe from fools!"

Seeing that, Damonus just glared at the Zeon women and used his magic energy to lift Kycillia up in the air and, with a flick of a finger, threw her magically to a nearby pillar.

All Zeon troops then pointed their guns at Damonus, but in response the masked demon cracked his neck." Bah. I am glad I came here myself. It's been so long since I put pathetic mortals in their places, and clearly they need quite the harsh lesson. You inferior beings dare to command me!?

You're all just useless bugs that my master's forces have been so graciously aiding. The United Federation of Zeon, what a gallery of idiots! After saving you from being wiped out, you then try and act like you're in charge. Xehamaru put up with you maggots, but now that I am taking command, I will no longer tolerate such insolence! You will get the independence that you seek, at least your souls will be liberated from your worthless shells."

Having heard enough, Kycillia got back up and took out her own plasma gun before her eyes widened with raw outrage." Enough! You think I should be afraid of you? You're just Xehamaru's replacement! One annoying patriarch of darkness for another! Your outdated ideals are nothing. We are the most sophisticated beings in this universe; therefore we will take care of all who stand in our way of total ownership of this cosmos! It's time you freaks die!"

The Zeon commander fired a round from her blaster right at the head of the Shadow Lord. Although it's a direct hit, it had no effect. This did...however wither away the last amount of patience Damonus had and the ground started to shake with his power as his eyes glowed bright red." Know thy enemy "Admiral", that's one of the basic rules of combat, and I see you are a poor commander for not even knowing that basic fact.

It's time I let you Zeon idiots in on a little secret. For one thing, for all you know about Sithantos, you in fact, know nothing! And second, I am not Xehamaru's successor. I was his master! Sithantos, for all its power is only the public face of our order. Since I know both your master and the Enji Knights are most likely watching us, I will take this opportunity to make an announcement.

After millions of years, the universe shall tremble with the return of the Zannacross Empire! You Zeon fools have wasted enough of my time. I am not nearly as willing as Xehamaru to put up with your annoying antics. That's why if you will not at once submit to the true ultimate power, I will crush all of you in an instant!"

Kycillia looked frightened, but saw soldiers were glancing at her and regained her composure before shouting out," Ha, you expect me to believe an ancient tale? Enough, soldier. What is the power level of this insane fool?"

One of her men tried to comply and pushed buttons on the advanced eye piece on his face to scan the amount of magic energy Damonus had. But the power was so great, it overloaded his scouter and exploded in a instant.

This shocked the Zeon admiral before she stepped back." What? It must be a failed product, there is no way that his power level could be great enough to overload it. The amount of magic energy he had would have to be higher than one million for it to overload. But, no being can be that strong, can it?"

As Nightmare heard this, he snickered with disgust," Foolish curs! You have no idea what true power is! Master Damonus. Please allow me to make these Zeon idiots pay for insulting you."

Damonus responded with, "It is alright, Nightmare. I will make an example of this woman, as well as the entire planet! It's been a while since I had time for some fun, so I will destroy them all, single- handedly. Is that clear?

" As you command, my master" before bowing.

With this, Kycillia snapped before shouting to her men," Enough! It's time to kill all you fools who dare command the will of Zeon! Kill them all!"

Nightmare and his troops jumped back to their ship, as all the Zeon forces opened fire on Damonus. Even though he was being barraged with energy blasts and missiles, the vile lord of darkness just walked forward, taking no damage from any of the strikes. After a minute of this, he waves his hand and storm clouds appear in the sky. He then begins to power up his own fierce magic energy.

A large aura of darkness forms around him and the ground around him is blown away, as the parts of the buildings near him are broken apart. He then held up his hand and gathered magic energy into it, while being indifferent to the attacks heading his way." Foolish beings, it's time you feel what true power is, before I size your pitiful souls! Evil Inferno!"

From one hand, Damonus fired a storm of black fire that, in seconds, consumed the whole group of soldiers and droids firing at him. He spared Kycllia to prolong her terror, but everyone else was burned to ashes in moments. Kycillia was shocked at the power of the second in command of the Zannacross empire and says," His power, his magic, it's not something to be mocked. But even so, we have advanced so far, even your magic is nothing before us! Release all five of them, now!"

She then snaps her finger and Damonus is amused, as he sees five massive mobile armors break out of the hangar bays around him! These mobile armors were massive and walked on two bipedal legs. They all had one standard mono eye and were loaded with weapons. Ben saw them from the screen and had a painful memory surge across his mind." No way! That's, the Big Zam mobile weapon that caused so much destruction on Cloud Sensei's world! They already have five more of them made? "

Back on planet Casion, Damonus saw the five Big Zams surround him and just scoffed.," Bah, your toys will not save you from death. "

Kycllia had a deranged look as she staggered back." Ha, you will be forced to show some respect at the hands of the ultimate weapon! Don't waste time, blast him to dust!"

Obeying their superior officer, all five Big Zams charged up their Omega Particle cannons, and at once, the masked demon was hit with five massive energy beams that caused a huge explosion, which formed a giant light to the sky.

However, before Kycllia could begin to gloat, she was terrified to see Damonus emerge unharmed, as he appeared to have covered himself in a magic barrier of darkness. He then glared down at the member of the Zabi family, and had his magic energy surged to such heights that the entire planet shook and the area was coverd in fire, he gnarled out a damming,"You have no limits to your idiocy! You cannot try and match the ultimate power with your machines! No power can match the will of the god of darkness! Before I allow you to die, I will make you witness just how foolish you were to try and think you could conquer us!"

With that, he showed he was not kidding, by flash-stepping to right above one of the Big Zams and tapped it with his Z shaped staff, so hard that it exploded. Two of the other mobile weapons open fire with a barrage of missiles at him, but he just waved his hand and had them forcefully go back into their senders. He then extended his magic energy and caused one of the Big Zams to be crushed like a tin can.

He then had a giant scythe form in his other hand and in a flash warps in front of the third Big Zam and, even though it powers on its barrier, the power of Damonus was great enough to slice right through it and the mobile armor as well.

He then felt the impact of one of the other Big Zam's beam gattling gun and responded by turning around and unleashing a massive destructive blast from his staff. Its power was so great that it not only blasted through one Big Zam, but it continued until it hit the fourth one and destroyed that one with its power as well.

The fifth and last Big Zam tried to blast Damonus with its Omega Particle Cannon again, but Damonus turned around again and just knocked it into the sky with his hand.

He then fired a blast from his eyes to destroy the last mobile armor. The last Big Zam tried to evade and uses its boosters to jet into the air. While it was able to avoid the blast, it's not enough to evade the dark masters wrath and Damonus showed his power by having his eye beams turn around in mid blast and move up to blast into the mobile armor.

Kycllia was horrified as she saw the last Big Zam explode into burning scrap! She then sees Damonus glare at her and she trembles with fear, before saying," No, it's not possible! Everyone of them had the power to wipe out entire fleets! He, he's a demon! Monster! "

"Why, and what's your point? Bah, enough, your sniveling existence ends now! Yes, today marks the countdown to the revival of the Supreme Being and the true ruler that will bind the universe in darkness!

"With that, Damonus flew higher into the air and powers up. Soon it turned into a giant sphere of red and black magic energy." Now...witness the fate of all who defy Chaos Zannacross Necron! Now I will destroy this planet and harvest its souls to speed up the resurrection. Die traitors! "

Damonus threw his giant death ball at the planet.

Kycllia then looked horrified before screaming," No! This is impossible! Sieg Zeon! GUH!"

The blast hit her instantly. She was evaporated, but the attack from Damonus did not stop there. The ball of death continued to blast through the planet. It's not long before a massive explosion occurred, one so massive that the whole planet was wiped out! Back at Hallow Bastion, the Enji were speechless as the screen went blank, due to the spy camera they had, obviously being destroyed.

At once, a worried Ben gulped." Hey, what's going on? Did that guy really just destroy an entire world?"

Lisa looked at Ben and cleared her throat." Looks like it, doll. My, that was quite the way to tell Zeon they were fired, don't you think?"

Behind her, an outraged Kyle yelled out," Damn that Sithantos monster! It's true that was a major Zeon world where they built a lot of their weapons, but there were millions of innocent people there as well!"

A calm but angry Kain responded with," His wrath makes Zemus look sane. And it seems the whole point of this was to remind us it's no longer Sithantos we are dealing with, not like how Golbez was the front for Zemus' actions. It seems Xehamaru and the order of Sithantos were just a public face for our true enemy , the Zannacross Empire.

The stakes of this war have just risen even higher than they were before. No doubt that the fate of the entire universe will depend on the outcome. Would someone try and get the backup satellite up? Maybe we can see just how bad it is."

Sure enough, the backup spy satellite, hovering over the world, comes online and the Enji gasp when they see just how powerful the attack from Damonus was. For one thing, he really did blow up the planet, now there is only space dust visible with the Nova Crushers flying around it. The satellite zoomed in and they can see Damonus cackling in the same spot where he was before the planet blew up.

It seemed he did not have to breathe nor did the extreme drop in temperature effect him. Ben and the others then saw him open his hands and draw the energy of what can only be the millions of souls that died by his hands.

The Enji then heard him shout," Ah, the energy from this world will speed up the process nicely. It's good to be back in the game of death! Ah, one more thing! I know you wretched Enji Knights have some way to listen to me, so listen up! Warriors of light, your powers are futile. Nothing your pathetic band of heathens can do will stop the return of Chaos Zannacross Necron! You're only delaying the inevitable.

In the end, no power is greater than the true ultimate power, the power of the god emperor of all the emotions of mortals! Your destruction will come soon, and you will all regret ever standing in our way! Ah there it is, with this I end this declaration of the all powerful Zannacross Empires glorious return. You may now return to, as you mortals say, regularly scheduled programs!"

Before he rejoined with Nightmare on board his ship, Damonus spoted the spy camera from afar and fires a beam from his finger to destroy it.

All the Enji were speechless from this display of power. And with his nightmare still fresh in his mind, Ben was more than a little shaken up. Lisa saw something is troubling Ben and she raised a eyebrow." Ah, what's wrong, tiger? Don't tell me you're having a freak out?"

Ben paused before he grasped the Star Sword tightly." He, he easily tore apart five machines that were designed to wipe out countries with ease and then destroyed a planet with one blow! That dream, maybe it was really him that was taunting me? No, I won't let him get to me. Just like all the rest, we will stop them, no matter how much they try and scare us! "

Everyone agreed with Ben, and Lisa then went up in front of him and giggled." That's the spirit, Ben! Ha, you're acting like the chosen hero you're supposed to be. Don't worry, I know something to take your mind off this nasty monster's death threats. You know what's happening in two days, tiger?"

Ben thought for a second and turned red." Our date, right? Why, you're not busy again, are you?"

, "Bingo. Yup, it's going to be a fun time, I promise, Ben darling. In fact, you could say it will be one of the most memorable times of your life. So, what time do you want to go? "

Ben responds with," Oh, how about, say, seven pm?" Lisa then winks and says," My, an early bird we have here. Fine, then, I'm ready to party any time, so okay. In that case, I better go and get my report in to captain Stan. Till then, so long tiger. I look forward to see what a hero does for a date! "

With that Lisa laughed and darted off, and Ben's face turned red . The other guys in the room see Ben blushing and gather around him to see what's up.

Guy threw out," Wow, Ben, you're pretty lucky to get a date with Lisa. After all, she is one of the most popular gals . Not to mention, she always has a busy schedule. "

Luke then laughed and looked at Ben,"Hey Ben, what's with your face? It's almost like your dreading this!"

Ben then laughed nervously as he looked down." Oh, believe me, I am very happy that it's finally happening. I'm just kind of nervous, because I have no idea what to do. Err, I think she thinks I have this big evening planned, but I have no idea at all what's going to happen.

Oh no, if I mess this up, then she will never want to go out with me again. And then she will tell all the others and then no one will want to go out with me! Arg, I think I am more nervous about this then before I fought Xehamaru! Hey guys, anyone have any good dating tips?" With this, all the guys in the room laugh.

Accept Kain, who after being reminded about his painful experience, left the room.

The others being to tell Ben what they know, some with more helpful stuff than others. Moz just put his hand on his head and sighed." Poor Ben Kupo, he can face a room of monsters with a smile, but has extreme difficulty with this kind of thing. Sigh, I hope this goes well; he deserves to find happiness, after all the tough luck he has gone through."

And on that note, the first chapter of volume two ends! Can Ben face his destiny and be able to stand up to the true merciless wrath of the Zannacross Empire?

Will he be able to find a way to gain the power to overcome Darth Damonus and the rest of the followers of evil? Will he be able to handle his long awaited date with Lisa Alster? To find out, you will just have to tune in to the next chapter of Tales of the Cosmic wars! In our next installment, the Enji Masters go over the new threat of Darth Damonus and his more aggressive attacks on the universe.

However, Ben is faced with something that to him is scaring him more than any battle he has faced, his date with Lisa! Never having been on a real date before, he wants to make sure Lisa is happy, but is not sure what to do. Luckily, Lacus has some spare time and is able to give him some advice and a plan of action, so to speak. With that, the long delayed date at last happens in the city of Neo Acadia.

However, if you think this chapter is going to be lacking action you will be sorely mistaken. Yes, quite a large event is going to happen, and it's not the date. To find out what I am talking about you will just have to read

Chapter 64: The Challenges of Love? An Electrifying First Date! Till next time!