Hi everyone! :waves: You are all probably thinking that I should not be starting another story since I have like five already to worry about! But spotsunshine came to me and asked if I would write this story, we are working on it together, she feeds me the ideas and then I write them. It was too good of a storyline idea to pass up! So here I am, writing a new story! Come, I know you want to smile. Yah, there you go!

Disclaimer: Don't own nuttin'! If we did, season 5 would not have sucked as bad in the Leyton area, Nanny Carrie would have been a nun, Nathan would have grown a pair because he so oviously lost his between the four years, Dan would have never gotten out of jail, and Lindsey would just stick to doing what she knows best, editing books, and Lucas would have never left Peyton in the hotel room.

Summary: Okay, so basically this story takes place in the 'In da Club' episode in Season 5. They are all at Tric to see the Horary Title and Mia perform; and Lucas and Peyton 'talk' and then kiss. But what if Peyton talked to Brooke about said kiss? And what if Lindsey over heard that talk? What if Lindsey crossed the line? Who would suffer? What would be broken? Could it all be fixed?

Hush, Hush

9 Crimes

Chapter One

Peyton was sitting in one of her chairs in her office when she heard someone's footsteps walk in. Pissed that someone even walked in there she groaned and turned the door, shocked to see Lucas making a bee line towards her. She rolled her eyes and put her head in her hands. "You know what, just rip up the check; I am moving to a new office anyway." Peyton released her head and bit her bottom lip, patiently waiting for what he would dare to say next.

The footsteps stopped and were replaced with his voice. "Let me ask you something; do you have an alarm that goes off in your head every time I'm happy with someone else?" That caught the better side of Peyton's attention as she snapped her head towards Lucas in shock that he would say something like that. She opened her mouth to counter back but was rudely, not to mention loudly, interrupted by Lucas shouting at her. "What do you want from me?" His voice carried the song of rage, hurt, and rejection at most. "I flew out to L.A., I asked you to marry me, you said no so I moved on," Lucas paused briefly. "Why haven't you?" He asked incredulously.

There was silence as the two old lovers stared at each other. Peyton finally blinked. "Because I should have said 'yes'." Lucas was taken aback, he wasn't expecting that. "Luke," She began to move forward, towards Lucas more. "I was young, and I was scared, and I didn't realize that by saying I wasn't ready that we would never be together again, had I known that I would have said 'yes'." Peyton finally got out and watched as Lucas brought his hand up to stop her from talking anymore, pain in his eyes, "Peyton," But Peyton pushed forward with her next sentence, while choosing her words carefully. "No, Luke, I miss you every day. I have told everyone here that I didn't come back for you but I did, of course I did!" Peyton paused to take another breath before ending her speech. "I still love you, Lucas." Lucas swallowed hard, knowing deep down he felt the same way. "Peyton," He shook his head telling her with his eyes that it isn't going to work this time, he was with Lindsey.

Peyton didn't know what drove her to kiss him, but she did. It was short and quick. Peyton backed up, preparing for him to yell at her or walk away upset but he didn't. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her towards him forcefully and began kissing her like his life depended on it. Peyton ran both of 

her hands up Lucas' chest and through his short hair. She was about to deepen their kiss when Lucas ended it, taking a breath while resting his forehead on hers. Peyton raised her eyes to his and smiled. "You're still in love with me, aren't you?" Peyton breathed.

Lucas backed up from her but kept his hands on her arms. "I have to go see Lindsey," He furrowed his brows, hoping his excuse was as good as he was pretending.

Peyton swallowed and released her hand from the collar of his shirt and nodded slowly, letting him leave. She just stared at his back and bit her lip to keep herself from crying or screaming, or hell, throw a few more books at him.

Realizing that Lucas was out of her office a couple minutes later, she rolled her eyes at herself. How could she be so dumb? Is that all she did? Go after other girls boyfriends? No, she didn't always do that, just when Lucas came into play. I need to stop being so damn selfish, Peyton thought as she walked over to the chair she was sitting in before Lucas walked in. Letting a few tears fall down her cheeks, she pulled out her cell phone on from her back pocket and sent a text message to Brooke. Before sitting down on the concrete floor, leaning against her desk, sobbing.

"Oh hush you silly boy, you know you want me." Brooke giggled, a little tipsy from her drink 'Brooke Davis'. She was happy sitting at the bar flirting openly with the bar tender, Owen that she had met a few weeks earlier.

"You," Owen pointed his finger at Brooke's nose, lightly brushing it. "Should stop drinking before you get too full of yourself." Owen cocked an eyebrow at Brooke.

Brooke rolled her eyes and was about to say something when her cell phone began to vibrate. She looked up at Owen who was already at the end of the bar serving three women drinks, she smirked and then unlocked the keypad on her iPhone to read the text.

'Meet me in my office. I need to talk to you. Please…-P. Sawyer'

Brooke downed the rest of her drink and pulled her purse off the back of her chair and began walking towards Peyton's office but not before she stopped by Nathan and Carrie. Hearing what Carrie was saying and scoffed before bending down; Brooke wrapped one arm around Carrie's bare back and one arm around Nathan's broad shoulders, turning her head towards Carrie with a forced smile. "You know if you wanted to get in a married man's pants all you had to do was stand on a street corner somewhere." Brooke's smile turned to a frown. Then she turned to look at Nathan with disappointment on her face, telling him that they'd talk later with her eyes.

Brooke smiled to herself at the state of shock Carrie's face showed.

"Something is seriously wrong with that nanny of Nathan and Haley. We need to do something about that with the quickness." Brooke said once she entered Peyton's office. She stopped walking, looking around when she heard someone crying. "Peyt?" Brooke walked over to where she saw some blonde curls shaking. "Honey, what is going on?" Brooke asked as she lowered herself down to the right of Peyton, laying her purse behind her. "Talk to me P. Sawyer…" Brooke said as she wrapped her arms around her best friend of fourteen years.

"I think I messed up Brooke, like really screwed up royally this time." Peyton said through her tears.

"Stop, stop crying honey and tell me what happened so I can fix it for you." Brooke soothed.

"I kissed Lucas, Brooke…" Peyton cried before putting her head in her hands.

Lindsey, who had followed Brooke to Peyton's office in hopes to talk to Peyton and apologize for what she had said before covered her mouth before she could gasped out loud. Anger clouding her vision she hurriedly backed out of the office and walked back out to the club, walking straight to the bar.

"Then he kissed me back." Peyton mumbled through her hands and then looked up at Brooke who was smiling sympathetically. "I told I still loved him, I feel so horrible Brooke. What am I suppose to do?"

Brooke wiped a few tears off of Peyton's face and then cupped her cheek. "You stand up, brush you skirt off, and go on. This isn't high school anymore Peyt. It sucks, it does, but you said your peace now you need to wait for him to do the same. I know you two are meant to be together."

Peyton sat up more on her own and fold her arms across her chest. "Well, it doesn't matter now; he's with Lindsey."

Brooke rolled her eyes and looked closely towards Peyton. "Honey, Lindsey doesn't stand a chance, trust me. I have been the Lindsey between the Lucas and Peyton and it is not a great place to be." Brooke laughed and looked at the door to Peyton's office that she could have sworn she left open.

"Well, neither is the place I'm at." Peyton mumbled, pouting slightly.

Brooke looked at her in amusement. "Are you kidding?" Brooke paused for Peyton to look at her. "You're Peyton Sawyer; the guy wrote a whole book about how much he loves you."

"You think he still does?"

"It has always been Lucas and Peyton, you guys are meant to be together." Brooke hugged Peyton once more before pulling them both up off the floor.

"So what is this about us needing to put Nanny Carrie in her place? It sounds fun; I have hated that bitch ever since she got here." Peyton said while grabbing the Jack Daniels bottle from her desk drawer while Brooke grabbed two coffee mugs from the side table by the coffee pot.

Lindsey practically threw herself down at the bar and pounded the counter to get Owens's attention for a dry martini-dirty. After she received it she also ordered two shots of tequila.

"Whoa," Lindsey turned around to face the deep voice that spoke. She cocked an eyebrow at the man. "Jason? Aren't you that bad-ass, bad boy Peyton fired?" Lindsey asked, slurring at 'Peyton' and then finishing off her last shot.

"Yeah that would be me, who pissed you off?" Jason asked as he too finished his last shot.

"Who do you think?" Lindsey glared at Jason, not really caring that she was having this conversation with such a scumbag. It was a scumbag that would listen and that's all she needed right now.

"Curly blonde right? The bitch fired me…god I hate that bimbo." Jason shouted, ignoring the looks from the other people sitting around him.

"I just wish she would disappear, like poof and she'd be gone and everyone could go back to their lives." Lindsey ranted, not noticing the crazed look Jason got in his eyes.

"I can take care of it; wait here make sure Peyton and Brooke stay here." Jason said right before he got up and began his stroll to the exit.