Indiana Jones

and the

Honeymoon Adventure

Summary: Indy runs into a couple of old friends. Mutt runs into some BIG TROUBLE. Paris may never be the same again.

Author's Note: Mutt is just fifteen. Sequel to: Indiana Jones 4: 1952 Version.

Warning: spanking later on.

Disclaimer: I don't own Indiana Jones or any of these characters. They belong solely to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Paramount Pictures.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Summer of 1952.

Paris, City of Lights.

At least, that's what the captain on the plane had called it.

After fourteen hours on a plane, Henry "Mutt" Jones didn't give a damn what the stupid city was called, he just wanted off the stinkin' plane!

He still couldn't believe his parents had dragged him along on their honeymoon.

Only the infamous Indiana Jones would do something that crazy!

His father, Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. was a world famous archeologist/adventurer. He had traveled extensively throughout the world, finding bits and pieces of lost history and returning it to modern man.

Right now, I just wish he'd find our hotel room!

In his faded brown fedora, suit, and bowtie Indy (as he was called by his friends) stood taller than everyone else. Linking arms with his recently wed wife, though he had known and loved her for well over thirty years, he latched onto his fifteen year old son's arm so as not lose him in the ground.

"Stick close, Junior," he told Mutt. "I'd hate to have to put you on a leash."

Mutt rolled his eyes. "Very funny," he said, scowling. "Can we get outta here now?"

"What if I want to stay?" Indy asked him, smirking. "What are you gonna do then, wise guy?"

Marion rolled her eyes at her husband and son. "Would you two stop it?" she told them, hands on her hips. "You've been bickering the whole time. Can we please just enjoy ourselves?"

Indy grinned. "Of course, honey," he told her, pecking her on the lips. "You're the boss, after all."

Mutt rolled his eyes. I think I'm gonna be sick.

"Hey, hey," Indy told him, swatting the back of his head, "none of that."

Mutt looked at him innocently. "I didn't say anything," he told him, shrugging.

Indy leveled a pointed look at him. "Doesn't mean you weren't thinking it," he told him, and then went to collect their luggage.

Mutt scowled. How does he do THAT?

Marion just chuckled and kissed her son's forehead. "Please try and cheer up," she begged him. "We want you to have fun."

"Yeah," he said, sarcastically, "before you ship me back to the salt mines, right?"

Marion sighed. He was still not accepting the fact that he was going back to school in the fall. "Henry," she told him, firmly. "Enough."

Mutt sighed. "Fine, Mom," he said, and the decided to change the subject. "Do you think we could get something to eat?"

"I'm sure they'll have something at the hotel," she assured him, and then grabbed his arm and dragged him through the crowd where Indy stood waiting with their luggage.

Indy hailed a taxi and they piled in. He spoke to the driver in fluent French and the man nodded, headed for their destination. When they arrived at their hotel, Mutt was stunned at the sheer size of it. How could his college professor father afford such an expensive place?

"Hey, Pops," he said, getting Indy's attention, "I think we need to talk about raising my allowance."

Indy looked puzzled. "You don't get an allowance," he reminded.

Mutt gave him a look. "My point exactly," he said, and then gestured to the hotel. "How can we afford this? You said teaching doesn't pay all that well?"

"It doesn't," Indy told him, gesturing for him to help unload the luggage from the car. "My old friend, Marcus Brody, left me quite a bit of money when he died. I using a little bit of it for our trip."

"What about the rest?" Mutt asked, curious.

"That's gonna be your college fund," Indy told him, grinning.

The teenager scowled. "I already told you," he said, "I'm gonna be…"

"A mechanic," Indy finished for him, "I know. Well, maybe it'll go to help you start your business. We still got to get you through high school first, remember?"

Mutt scowled. "Don't remind me," he grumbled, though there wasn't much feeling behind it.

Indy smirked. "Come on, Junior," he said, gesturing to where Marion was waiting for them, "your mother's waiting."

Mutt nodded. "Right behind you, Daddy-O," he said, following the archeologist/adventurer up the steps of the hotel and into the lobby to check into their room.

On their way to the front desk, Mutt noticed a couple girls about his own age staring at him appreciatively. He grinned.

Maybe this won't be such a bad trip, after all.