Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

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Honeymoon Adventure

Summary: Indy runs into a couple of old friends. Mutt runs into some BIG TROUBLE. Paris may never be the same again.

Author's Note: Mutt is just fifteen. Sequel to: Indiana Jones 4: 1952 Version.

Warning: spanking later on.

Disclaimer: I don't own Indiana Jones or any of these characters. They belong solely to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Paramount Pictures.

Chapter 21: The Departure

They made it back to Paris alive.

The mercenaries decided to vamoose once they saw that their employer wasn't returning to pay them.

Indy and the others hijacked one of the vehicles and drove back to the ship that was waiting. It took some talking and a little bit of bribing, but the captain took them back to Crete, where they boarded a plane for Paris.

A week later, after retrieving little Indy and informing Donovan's wife of his fate, the Songbird was handed over to one of Willie's friends and the Jones' family, plus four, were ready to return home.

As they waited for the others to come out with their bags, Indy and Short Round stood outside the nightclub beside the car.

"I spoke to the Ox," Indy told his foster son, "and he said he'd be more than happy to share his house with you and the kids."

Short Round nodded. "I don't really like imposing," he started to say, but Indy stopped him.

"Ox's lives by himself in a house right next to mine," he told him, "and he said he'd be more than glad of the company."

Short Round nodded, his eyes never leaving the building he and Willie had shared some of their happiest moments in. "I miss her so much, Indy," he said, blinking back tears.

Indy nodded, placing a hand on his foster son's shoulder. "I know, son," he told him, sadly, "but that's the Price all men pay when they fall in love. We love them too much, and so when their gone we can't even hardly function anymore."

"Like your father," Shorty reminded him, sadly.

Indy nodded. "Dad didn't know how to really gone on without Mom," he told him, "so he buried himself in his quest for the Grail to keep from thinking about it. He just never realized, at the time anyway, that a part of her was still with him. You're lucky; two parts of Willie are still with you."

Shorty nodded. "I know," he said, "but I still worry."

"That you'll miss her so much you forget about your kids?" Indy asked him, knowingly.

He nodded.

"I won't let that happen, Short-stuff," Indy told him, "want to know why?"

Shorty Round nodded, again.

"See this foot?" Indy asked, pointing at his left boot. "That foot will gladly find its way up your ass the moment I even think you're starting to drift away from Freddie and lil' Indy. Got me?"

Shorty grinned, not quite a smile but it was a start. "I can always count on you," he said, and then paused, "which is why I want to ask a favor of you."

"What?" Indy asked, curious.

"I want you to officially adopt me," Short Round told him. "Not so much for me, like I told you I don't need your name to know you're my father, but I want Indy to bear the Jones name, so that he can always be proud of his grandfather the same way I'm proud of my father."

Indy felt a lump form in his throat. "You got it, pal," he said, pulling the younger man into a hug.

Shorty hugged him back, and allowed himself to grieve a little bit for the love he had lost.

Indy just held him, rocking him back and forth gently. Nothing needed to be said, the embrace was more than enough.

Finally, they separated and Shorty smiled his first genuine smile in nearly a week. He scooped up the reason for the smile a second later, as his young son came running to jump into his arms.

"Papa," Lil' Indy said, "Freddie took a long time to pack."

"She did?" Shorty asked. "Well, son, that's just how girls are?"

The little boy wrinkled his nose. "I don't like girls then," he said, crossing his arms. "They take too long."

Indy and Shorty exchanged a knowingly look. "Don't worry, kiddo," Indy told his grandson, "you'll change your mind in a couple of years. Trust me." He smiled as Marion and Freddie came towards them, with Mutt and Belloq Jr. trailing behind carrying the luggage.

Shorty handed Lil' Indy to his father and then went to help the two teenage boys load the car.

"You know," Mutt said, grinning at his older brother, "you could teach me how to pick pockets.

Shorty grinned. "For purely educational reasons, right?" he asked him, smirking.

"Of course," Mutt told him. "Dad won't care."

"Think again, Junior," Indy told him, coming up behind them and smacking both of them on the butt.

"Ow!" they hollered at the same time, both grabbing their rear ends. "What was that for?"

Indy smirked at them. "For even considering it," he told them, placing the last of the bags into the back of the trunk. "Now, let's go. We have a plane to catch."

He went around to the other side and opened the door for his wife. "Some honeymoon, huh?" he asked her, smirking.

She just smiled at him. "With you, Dr. Jones," she told him, "it doesn't surprise me in the least."

"Oh, really?" he asked, grinning suggestively. "Well, just wait til we get home, Mrs. Jones, and I'll show you a few surprises you haven't seen before."

Marion chuckled, and then kissed him.

"Do you two mind?" Mutt said from behind them. "There are children present." He was holding little Indy, so he had the perfect excuse to use that particular saying.

Indy rolled his eyes and took his grandson from his teenage son. "Just get in the car, Junior," he told him, "before I strap you to the top of it."

Mutt saluted him. "Aye, aye," he said, and got in.

Marion shook her head and followed after him. Indy looked back one last time at the Songbird, an image of Willie flitting into his mind, and then he too joined his family inside the car.

With his grandson in his lap, his wife and son beside him, his foster son, his soon-to-be granddaughter, and his new foster son sitting opposite him, Indy couldn't help but smile.

I really am a lucky man.

He closed the car door, and the driver headed for the airport.

In the Temple of the Fates, the Mother finished a particular segment of the Tapestry and smiled. Everything was going to be all right for the Jones.

She would see to it.

The End.

(A third story "The Greatest Adventure" will be coming soon. Stay tuned to see what happens.)