A look at what would have happened if the fight on the gondola from 'The Boiling Rock' was supposed to be a death match.



"That's a problem." He said in response to Hakoda's question. "It's my sister and her friends."

He saw Ty lee jump from the gondola docking station onto the metal wires. She started running. "That girl really is a circus freak." He thought.

They heard the roar of flames, and saw Azula rocketing along the cable, seemingly from a wheel of some kind.

"This is a rematch I've been waiting for." Suki said from next to him.

They both landed. Suki turned around to take on Ty lee, Zuko and Sokka went for Azula.

He tried to read her eyes. They where emotionless. He had no way of telling what she was planning. Was it a fight to the death? He thought so. She took a stance, putting her hands in front of her. False alarm. She spun, sending a wave of fire at them both. Zuko jumped to disperse it, blocking the blue flames with his own wall of fire. She sent another ball of blue energy at them. Zuko blocked that, too. From behind them they could hear Suki fighting Ty lee. Another ball came. The same result happened.

Sokka stepped out from behind Zuko, swiping his blade. Azula ducked, and then threw a counter. Sokka retreated behind Zuko, and he dispersed these flames also.

For the first time, Zuko fired at her feet. She jumped. Landing, she turned around with a smile on her face, thinking she was unbeatable. At the last second, she saw a sword flash up. She tried to react, but to no avail. The sword lanced through her throat, cutting through bone and sinew. Blood bubbled from the wound. She fell to the ground. With a last attempt, she tried to push herself to her feet. She couldn't. From the ground, she sent a week fireball flying at Zuko. He caught it. After a moment, it turned from blue to yellow.

Sokka looked shocked at what he had done. He heard Ty lee send an audible gasp their way. Suki turned around, trying to figure out why her opponent had stopped fighting. "Oh." She whispered. Ty lee started crying, and jumped off onto the passing gondola. Suki saw her crawl up into the fetal position.

Zuko leaned down to his dying sister. "Goodbye, Azula." He closed his palm. The fire went out.

And she died.



Sokka heard the warden yell out underneath him, "Cut the line!"

The carriage jerked to a stop. Everyone on the roof jumped back in.

"They're cutting the line!" Zuko yelled. "The gondola's about to go!"

"Then I hope this thing floats." Was Hakoda's reply.

After what seemed like an eternity of tense waiting, they saw a blurred figured moving strangely fast where the guards where. They figure flicked her arm, and the guards were flung back to the walls. The gondola started moving again.

"Who is that?" Sokka asked to nobody in particular.

"It's Mai!" stated Zuko.

Down below, they saw Ty lee jump off the carriage. She ran over and hugged Mai. After a few moments, Mai sagged, and hugged her back.

"Shh, it's okay, Ty lee." Mai tried to comfort the crying girl. She just cried harder. "Common," she insisted, "We have to get out of here before more guards come."

Ty lee just nodded, and let herself be tugged away.



"We can't just leave her here." Whispered Zuko. "She may have been evil, but she was still my sister…"

"We can't do anything now," Hakoda said. "We have to leave. The guards will return her body to the Firenation, and they will give her a proper funeral."

"But I won't be there…" he whined.

"Sorry, Zuko." Sokka said. "We'll have a funeral for her tonight. She may not be there physically, but you still carry her spirit in your heart."

"Okay. She would have come here somehow. There's probably a balloon on this volcano."

They found the balloon, and took off. Zuko looked back down to the ground, out the window, and repeated, "Goodbye, Azula."