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This chapter's just a short intro to whet your appetite for the rest. :) On with the show!!

Tommy was staring with dismay as the prices rolled up on the gas meter when Dil leaned across the front seat and tugged his sleeve through the open window. He turned, still rather depressed as he imagined the new balance on his bank account.

"What?" He asked, somewhat moodily.

"Check out that guy over on pump four." Dil said and Tommy smirked.

"You batting for the other team now?" He teased the seventeen year old who only rolled his eyes. He grinned and glanced over. The man was leaning against a beat up Civic (the car probably older than its driver)in much the fashion that he was, arms crossed and practically glowering at the meter, and except for his spiked, dyed black hair with blue streaks, there was nothing truly noteworthy about him and he looked back at Dil questioningly.

"He doesn't remind you of someone?" Dil asked insistently. Tommy turned back, squinting at the man this time. He was now taking the pump from the gas tank and replacing the gas cap and Tommy was able to get a clear look at his face. He stared a few more seconds and then the man glanced up. By chance, they caught each other's gaze and his heart simultaneously jumped to his throat and dropped to his stomach. He felt goose bumps crawl up his arms and a strange chill raced up his spine.

"Chuckie?" he managed, barely over a whisper and the other man turned abruptly, breaking eye contact and practically running to his car door. Tommy simply stared, eyes wide as he watched his old best friend peel out of the gas station.

"Tommy?" Dil's voice broke into his semi-trance and he turned back to his brother, struggling to regain focus, "The gas is done."

"Yeah, yeah okay." He topped off the tank and pulled the receipt from the machine. He glanced one more time at the spot where he'd seen his best friend for the first time in six years. He sighed and slid back into his seat where Dil watched him expectantly.

"Let's get you to class." He said.

"Damn, I hoped you'd forgotten." Dil said, half-jokingly, and then, "So… was it him?"

"Cant've been."

"You'd know better than me." Dil said, although he seemed unconvinced.

He dropped Dil off at school and drove back home, still thinking about the encounter. He was nearly certain that it was Chuckie, but the more he thought about it, the more he doubted it. Chuckie, with dyed hair? Dyed black and blue hair? Spiked? In what universe would that happen? Besides, he hadn't been wearing glasses. Plus, he was too tall and there was no way he'd be back in town. And then he was halted by images of the mans green eyes, the freckles on his face and he glared at the wall in front of him out of frustration.

Stu walked in while he was sitting in the living room, digging through a box of photos from years before, pulling out ones that Chuckie was in. He had just found one that had Kimi and Chuckie, ages 12 and 13. Right before… It. Stu paused as he took in the scene. Two photo albums and three shoe boxes full of pictures from their tween years.

"It's uh…. almost the anniversary, isn't it?" his dad asked and Tommy looked over at him.

"Yeah, I guess it is." He said, and then a realization came over him and he jumped up, a lap full of photos sliding off him onto the floor, "I've gotta be somewhere." He grabbed his jacket and headed toward the door.

"Work?" Stu asked.

"Can you pick Dil up from school? I'm not sure I'll be back in time." He said.

"Uh, yeah, sure. Are you headed to work?" Stu persisted and Tommy thoughts were too whirlwind to pay much attention to anything else.

"Don't forget, otherwise he'll be mad at me."

"I wont." Stu said, rather affronted.

"Never mind, I'll just call and remind you." He started opening the door to leave but Stu's voice followed him.

"Tommy, are you going to be okay?"

"I'll be back when I can, see you later!" He waved at his dad as he left and was in the car and on the freeway before he realized that he still had the photo crumpled in his hand.

Kind of short, I know, much more to come.