An Angels Kiss

Summary: There was nothing but war in the streets of Japan. Schools instead of teaching students; math and history, they teach them how to fight. These kids that are taught have abilities, and have tournaments to see who the strongest is. What if a boy from America comes to Japan only to discover that the strongest ability is in him? How will he react? Most importantly who found out?

Warnings: This rated M not because I wrote a lemon here, I suck at writing those, its M because of the very detailed death and corpses that will be written. And the language even I can't understand. Sorry no song band addiction here.

Chapter 1: Boy in Arms

I've seen so many deaths already…too many to count. Bodies here and there…I watched as my family fell apart.

First it was my brother; he joined forces with those with abilities. He had none…he was butchered. We watched him die, at least, I watched him die. I was the only one there. I was with him when he died; I couldn't do anything but look at him.

Pathetically looking at him being cut to pieces, watching him, while watching me while yelling, "Nigete! Ryoma, RUN!" I helplessly looked at him, finally collapse to the ground.

The man, looked at me, smirk…everything went black. The next thing I know, the man was dead, in a pool of blood at my feet. His face showed disbelief. I looked at my brother's body, scattered around the place. I looked helplessly around to look for the right ones that belong to him.

I didn't cry, why should I? I had absolutely no right to cry for him. I was the cause of his death, he died to defend me. So why…why should I cry?

Mother was next to go. We were walking down the street after buying the ingredients for that night's supper. People came out of no where, attacked me and mother. Mother put quite a fight, but still defeated.

She was brutally killed in front of me. I could hear them sneering at me as if, taunting me to fight with their weapons made form their abilities.

They came closer and closer, blocking out the light. I don't know what happened, as I just saw nothing. I heard everything. Screams, pains and blood. I blinked, and then I could see. There was blood everywhere, just like before, the men were dead. I sat besides my mother's corpse, as the rain descended on us. Absentmindedly stroking her hair.

There were only two of us in the family left. The rest decided to remain in Japan and help with the problem. We left for America after mother's funeral.

Everything was painful as I saw the streets nearly covered in blood. The rain just kept falling as we left, washing all the stains that were visible.

Japan was like a bloody rose…they fell into desperation. At least it was when I lived there…I trust it had changed. Hopefully, it changed…

But the fact that it would change just like that is if….

An angel would kiss their cheek…

7 years after…

"Oi, seishounen! We're here!" a loud voice brought me out of my thoughts. Who would have thought I'd be coming to this God-forsaken land named Japan. I swear I'd go crazy if I saw any of those with abilities on my first day here. I'd certainly have a breakdown.

I reluctantly followed my dad out the plane. I was with my father and cousin; Nanako Meino. These are the last remaining relatives I had. At least that's what my dad said. The whole clan died those that decided to stay here in Japan. They died one by one, as if being targeted.

We got to the waiting chauffeur and car. On our way, we saw people out on the streets, kids playing around, women gossiping. It wasn't like these years ago. At least now…it all changed.

And a large BOOM sounded coming from a park place. And everyone screamed.

Or…maybe not…

I sighed as I ignored everything else. My cousin asked the driver what was that noise. The driver merely chuckled and said, "Oh remember the kids who had abilities? Well, the government decided to make a competition out of it. It's legal, no one gets hurt and best of all they can release their stored energy. It attracts tourists too…"

We drove on, I didn't really care. As long as I don't see one today, I wouldn't care.

But unfortunately…fate had a different idea.

We arrived home earlier since we decided to take the shortcut home. I sighed for the nth time today. Geez, all this sighing will make me grow old faster

I went to my old room; apparently the servants cleaned it before I we arrived. I set down my cat's cage, and called her out. "Karupin…"

I smiled as she went out. She was my only comfort; I've had her a year after my mother died. She was still a kitten then. Now she's all big and fat.

I got bored looking around the house, if you call a mansion a house. So I yelled I was going out for a walk, bringing Karupin with me.

I left before I could hear their reply, and if I did, I was sure dad yelled, "Take someone with you!" like hell I would and get that person killed for my sake.

I decided to roam around, quite aware of where I was going it was not like I came here before, I grew here. I also noticed some people about two-three Years older than I was silently following me. Oh the hell with it.

I walked into the town park, luckily no one was there. Karupin and I sat on one of the benches, and I stroked her fur. The people following me came up to me and I could see the lust in their eyes. Shit! Me and my anatomy!

I sighed and said in straight English, "May I help you?" they looked shocked for a moment either to contemplate on what I said or because they found a foreigner. I raised one of my brows when the guy smirked.

"You know, your SCENT is all over the place." The guy spoke perfect English, I was now definitely impressed. I didn't get what he meant by scent though. "SCENT? Care to indulge me?" I mused as he smirked once again and I could tell he was definitely amused. "Of course, I can never say no to a pretty lady."

Okay…I was officially pissed the guys at his back laughed. They definitely weren't idiots if they understood English. I smirked and said, "Well, mores the pity since, I'm no lady…" he smiled at me before replying, "I'm sure you aren't. But I will indulge you anyway."

Did he doubt my gender? I sighed, "Please do so." He looked at one of his comrades and then a guy with blue hair and glasses moved forward. "SCENTS as we refer to it are just merely…signs that you have THE KISS. You can hide your SCENT to avoid conflict with other people with THE KISS."

Okay, this was seriously messed up. THE KISS? SCENTS? What the fuck? What are they talking about? This is so fucked up! "THE KISS?" I asked.

The other boy with them smirked at my words, "You really are a foreigner aren't you? I can see though you know our language. I can't read anything else. Gekokujyou." They looked taken back at what he said. The guy who called me a lady; man I hate him, looked really angry. "What do you mean by that? Hiyoshi explain!"

The Gekokujyou dude shrugged and said, "He can empty his mind and therefore I cannot read anything, except that he can speak about a lot more languages other than English." A hyperactive redhead spoke, "WHAT? How can he empty his head if he can't even hide his SCENT?"

I was now officially lost. I got up and started to walk away. The overrated diva who called me a lady yelled, "HEY! Where do you think you're going? You'll attract more KISSES!" that…was plain odd…attracting kisses? What the fuck? I looked at him and spoke again, "You're the first person to actually make me talk more than one word. And I have ABSOLUELY no idea what you guys are talking about. And I can only speak English, yet I can understand other languages but never speak them. Later, Monkey King and co."

I started to leave. With a cat in my hands. Then I suddenly felt a cold wave of energy pass through the entire park. I turned around…

And the sight made me freeze. Literally.

End of the first chapter.

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