An Angel's Kiss

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Chapter 2: Rearing Pain

Ryoma froze. He didn't want to see a man covered in ice, glaring at him… or from what he can see…

That was a glare right? He felt Karupin bit his arm as he noticed that the "Monkey King" was headed his way. "Shit!" he cursed, and dodged before him.

He stared at the said monkey before his eyes brimmed with tears. The images of the past were playing in his head. He could help it, he felt the fear.

His cat, feeling her master's emotion, attacked the Diva. Clawing at his "perfect" face and biting at him.

Atobe screeched as that cursed cat bit him. He tried to freeze the accursed cat, but then, felt his Kiss stop. He turned to see someone and his company, walk by. So that was the reason. He threw the cat away.

The kid screamed. "Karupin!" he ran to the injured cat. "Karupin!" he continued to yell. His eyes showed fear, but right now, he had bigger problems than the kid and his cat.

"Anh…Tezuka." He greeted. The other nodded, "Atobe." A smiling guy looked at them and said, "Harassing women again, Atobe?"

Atobe glared at him, but shrugged anyway. "Unfortunately, he's no female. We came barking at the wrong tree today. But we found something more interesting."

The smiling freak opened his eyes, showing his cerulean eyes. "Oh? What would that be?" Atobe smirked. "Oy, stupid brat, come here." The kid's face flashed fear before submitting.

"Scan him." Atobe told him. The smiling freak raised his brow but complied, after a couple of seconds frowned, heavily. "…"

Tezuka looked at him. "What's wrong, Fuji?" Fuji closed his eyes and frowned more. "I can't."

"Can't what?" Tezuka asked. "I can't SCAN him, Tezuka." Fuji said and continued to look at the frightened boy in Atobe's hands.

"Eh? What's that suppose to mean? Tezuka, no one's impartial to Fuji's Scan." Oishi looked worried. A redhead started to yell. "Nyah! That's impossible! Fujiko's Scan always works nyah!"

The boy in his arms stared to feel more and more heavier. "Oy! Brat!"

Everyone stared to stare at the boy and suddenly Tezuka yelled. "Atobe! Let go of him." Atobe quickly did so. When he did, the kid fell to the ground, but quickly stood up. His eyes were the same golden ones, but, they were sharper than usual. Like a tiger out for hunt.

Tezuka's POV

Something was wrong with the child's aura. From the usual golden aura, it became a menacing black, slowly covering the golden one. "Atobe! Let go of him!" I yelled. Thank Kami-sama, he listens. For right away, the aura completely covered every part of the child.

He smiled at all of us. His entire eyes were golden, like a lion, no…a tiger.

"What the…" I heard Momoshiro gasp behind me. The child looked at all of us in an irritate expression.

"Who of you, idiots, scared the hell out of Ryoma?" the child spoke. We all glanced around. "Ryoma?" One of Atobe's team asked.

"The kid before me! Idiots!" he growled. This kid had double personalities, rare, but also very dangerous. Especially if they were as dark as this one. "If you aren't Ryoma, who are you?" I asked.

The child grinned examining his nails, he answered. "Ryoka. I'm his Guardian Kiss." Everyone gasped. "Guardian Kiss? That's impossible, no such person can exist!"

Ryoka smiled cruelly, "Ryoma lives doesn't he? So which one of you idiots scared him!" I looked at everyone. "Scared? We didn't do anything, stupid Tiger!" one of the Silver Pair yelled. His partner tried to placate him, "Shishido-san!"

"Tiger? You may be right…" he paused. "Ryoma has too strong a Kiss for me not to exist."

"Ryoka-san…why do you exist?" Oishi asked hesitantly. Apparently, this was the reason everyone was waiting for.

He sighed and muttered, "Apparently, he got scared out of accident. Well, since I'm out anyway, might as well."

He looked at all of us and grinned. "Ryoma…has the strongest Kiss there ever will be."

Everyone reacted. I held my ground. "Why?"

Ryoka shrugged. "Genetics. Ever heard of Project Angel's Kiss?"

"Isn't that what the tournament is?" Fuji spoke. He shook his head. "Before, Project Angel's Kiss…was a government funded project that genetically alters ones Kiss."

"Like changing one's soul…" Ootori paled. "But they decided against it, since most of the specimens died because of the alteration except for one; who was perfect, and two half-finished specimens."

"Ryoma…" everyone whispered. Ryoka nodded. "Correct. Ryoma was the Kissed Angel; the perfect altered Meister. He can pass down his strength with a kiss to another." "Wouldn't that deplete him?" Kaidoh asked then he hissed some more. This was getting more and more ridiculous as the minute went by.

Ryoka laughed. Kaidoh looked menacing and was about to strike, if Kawamura and Inui weren't holding him back. "Sorry. It's just that, haven't I told you…he's the Kissed Angel. His reserve is infinite." Then he added, "That's why he's afraid."


"Of Kisses."

"…why?" I couldn't help but ask. Ryoka looked downcast. "His entire family was butchered because of Kisses. They wanted him, the perfect weapon, back."

Everyone grew silent. Even the chirpy Kikumaru was silent.

"I am a Guardian Kiss. I serve only one Meister. Heed my call, today I set you free because you truly meant no harm on Ryoma, but if we meet again, and you set me off, I will…kill you. No question asked." And just like that he was gone, Ryoma was back.

"Karupin!" Ryoma called out to the motionless cat. He wept. "Karupin!"

"Ryoma…right?" I asked. He nodded, not looking at anyone but his dead cat. "Let's bring you back. Where do you live?"

He didn't answer. Atobe peered closer to us and looked at the tag on the cat. "Anh?! You live near me, come, let Ore-sama bring you home." The kid shook his head, and took out his cell phone.

"Ouyaji…" he whispered. The voice on the other side was loud. "Ryoma! Where are you?! You said only for 20 minutes! Its now…23 minutes! Where are you???"

"Oyaji…Karupin's dead."


"Okay. Where are you…? I'll come pick you up."

Atobe took the phone. "This is Atobe Keigo speaking; you and I have a lot to talk about. Echizen Nanjiro."

"Are? Keigo? Hello, where are you now?"

"At the park where your other son was killed."

"That's a nice way to put it, Keigo. Five minutes." Click.

"Keigo…?" the boy looked up, shock was in his face. "You're Keigo?"

Atobe smirked. "What do you think brat?" Ryoma looked up to him for awhile before he jumped into his arms and cried.

"Atobe…" I said, demanding an explanation. He held the child and said, "I am also once part of the Project Angel Kiss. Remember that most Japanese kids have Kisses. Twenty years ago, Project Angel Kiss was a project to create a perfect bioweapon. It was accidentally let loose in the air all over Japan."

He paused; he glanced down at the weeping child. "Every child in a certain area, were taken if they showed any sign they had abnormalities. Many died because they wanted to see if they tweaked and turned our Kisses."

"Ryoma was brought in only a babe. He was tough, by the time they were shutting the Project down…only three out of thousands were still alive. Ryoma was 3, I was 5 and the other was also 5."

He shook his head. "We were returned back to our parents whom we couldn't trust. Even after years, Ryoma was different…he was still a child."

Atobe grinned when he saw a man with the same defiant golden eyes walking towards them. "Ahn. It's six minutes, Echizen." The man frowned and pried off his son Atobe.

"It's kind off far from my district. I drove recklessly…" he hissed, and saw the cat on the grass. "Did you kill her?"

Atobe shrugged. "The cat's lived far too long."

Echizen nodded. "Fifteen years…too long. It was finally time she went off to sleep."

We all chocked. 'Fifteen?!'

"It stayed kitten form till Ryoma was six. Then, she just grew fat." Nanjiro spoke, he turned to us and said, "thank you."

Kikumaru grinned. "We didn't really do anything…"

"Thank you for sedating Ryoko…this was the first time she came out that she didn't kill anyone."

Silence. "EH?!" everyone but Atobe and I screeched. "Her?" Atobe's acrobat companion yelled. "Ah…she takes form of Ryoma's deceased twin sister…" he explained happily. "I'd like to invite everyone to our home for some tea and snacks as a show of my appreciation."

Everyone; unfortunately, agreed. I sighed and rubbed my temples. I'm going to have migraines because of this.

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